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Salvation Army lists a strict Godly "Sanctity of Marriage" policy, and also says it's adamately against Domestic Violence. My husband abandoned our family after much abuse and violence, now the violence is the cancelling of all my financial accounts and access to any finances, cancelling all our medical access, abandoning us leaving us penniless and on welfare. Even though his new employer, the Salvation Army knows about this, they are not calling him on his sinful behavior. Strange that he is "helping the poor" in California while he has left his own family to fend for themselves, forcing us to go on welfare, having our utilities shut off several times. Why aren't the Godly men in this ministry requiring him to live a life of integrity and take care of his own family? Why haven't I heard from them - why aren't they requiring him to begin a Restitution and Restoration and Healing Process. Why don't they require him to get proper treatment? I'm am near foreclosure of our home of 21 years now also. This is so discouraging and confusing since I thought the Salvation Army was a very different organization than this.


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      Nov 16, 2009

    I used to work for the satanic army. They dont care about anyone but them selfs. They only care about the free trash and money, thats their god MONEY...

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      Feb 07, 2010

    I'm sorry to say I've discovered the Salvation Army is not what it advertises itself to be. My husband is abusing & terrorizing the children & I. My husband has been violent & deceptive during our entire 30 year marriage. He has been a Pastor this entire time. When I got brave enough to tell some close friends about the violence in our home, my husband deceptively & secretly began planning & plotting his new job at the Salvation Army - with the help of another Executive at the Salvation Army - quit the Pastorate, ransacked the house, and moved three States away. I have been a Mom & Pastors Wife for 30 years. Now I am poverty stricken, about to get my house & car reposessed. He is pretending to be somebody else - earning $6500 per month at the Salvation Army in Sacramento. His bosses & several other leaders in the Salvation Army know all about the violence, abuse & abandonment as well as the Financial Abuse - and they don't do anything about it. They say they are advocates for the poor, suffering, women & children, but apparently they don't care about my children & me & the suffering we are going through. And they don't care that they have a wife abuser & child abuser on staff, a man who lies constantly & is lying to them as well. SO SAD. -we are alone in our suffering-

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