SafeCo Insurance Companyclaim denial based on "independent agent" information

W Jul 15, 2019

I was recently denied a claim to my RV trailer based on the information received from their "independent" estimator. The estimator never arranged a timeframe for me to meet with them and after contacting their company (Liberty Mutual) they stated that they couldn't disclose any of their information and that I would have to discuss directly with my Claim agent. I left multiple phone messages without a callback so I contacted my Insurance Agent and he escalated to her Manager. I received an email days later stating that they were still reviewing my claim. In the meantime, the RV company that I had taken it to for an estimate called me and stated that Safeco had dispatched a local salvage company to come and pick up the trailer!!! Cannot believe the irresponsibility of this company.
I have finally retrieved my RV and am working with my Agent to drop Safeco immediately and receive a refund of my money.
They will never get another penny of mine and I will continually warn my network of family & friends regarding the poor quality of service & insurance that Safeco provides.

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