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Millennium Insurance Corporation I bought this plan thingy from Millennium Insurance in May

I bought this plan thingy from Millennium Insurance in May . The lady at the place in Kelowna, BC said it would give me "total peace of mind" if something went wrong with my car. I spent over three grand on it! Then in October, my car wouldn't start, so I had to get it towed to a place in Calgary. It was super cold and it took ages for the AMA to come and get it. I even got a winter tune-up a couple days before it happened. So now I'm out a bunch of money and don't have my van for ten whole days. Millennium won't pay for the $520 repair because they say the busted part wasn't on their list. But get this, their policy says that if the busted part isn't on the list, then it has to be part of something else on the list. But the part that busted isn't part of anything else. The guy I talked to was a total jerk and didn't want to listen to me. He even said to write a letter if I didn't like it but didn't even give me a name or tell me how the review and stuff would go down. I complained to someone else but Millennium didn't say anything about mediation or nothin'. They're just trying to push me around because I'm a lady over 50 and think I'm easy to discourage. It's not cool and I'm super mad about it.

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About Millennium Insurance Corporation

Millennium Insurance Corporation is a reputable insurance company that provides a wide range of insurance products to customers throughout Canada. The company is dedicated to providing exceptional insurance coverage and outstanding customer service to clients.

At Millennium Insurance Corporation, clients have access to a comprehensive range of insurance products, including home insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, and travel insurance. The company's team of seasoned insurance professionals works diligently to ensure that clients' insurance needs are met to the highest standard.

With many years of experience in the insurance industry, Millennium Insurance Corporation has built a strong reputation for delivering personalized service and quality insurance products. The company has a vast network of insurance providers, enabling them to offer their clients competitive pricing and a range of customized insurance solutions.

One of the hallmarks of Millennium Insurance Corporation is their commitment to ensuring customers have a pleasant experience, both on and off the claim process. The company has a dedicated team of claims specialists who work diligently to ensure claims are processed quickly and efficiently, minimizing stress and inconvenience for the customer.

In conclusion, Millennium Insurance Corporation is a top-notch insurance company that has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality insurance products and services. With their depth of experience, extensive network of insurance providers, and dedicated team of professionals, the company is best positioned to meet the ever-changing needs of its clients in the Canadian market.
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    +1 (780) 467-1500
    +1 (780) 467-1500
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    340 Sioux Road Unit 201, Sherwood Park, Alberta, T8A 3X6, Canada
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