SABC / TV Licencest. v licence payment

H Mar 08, 2017

My id [protected] request a refund
I am in credit with you for my tv licence to the tune of + - r 2 000.00 as over the years both my husband & I paid this.
I am now asking please for a refund only to be told I have to prove to you that I actually paid.
I was told I must give you the last 5 payments. This going back 5 years.
I do not have these records & i'm sure you can imagine what it would be like trying to get this info from the bank - never mind the cost.
Surely the fact that I am in credit with you is proof enough that these payments were made??
You surely have records as credits were passed.
Please help me resolve this issue
It does not make sense that I be in credit with you for the next 10 years & in fact more as my fees will reduce for pensionable rates
Thank you
Hillary murcia
Email [protected]@maraisroadshul. com (work)
[protected]@mweb. Co. Za
[protected] (work)

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