SA Home Loansinability to obtain settlement figure

K Aug 20, 2019

My account number with SA Home Loans is 2188778. On Friday, 16 August 16, 2019 1:26 PM, I sent an email to [email protected] to request a settlement figure so that I could cancel my bond. I received no response. I then forwarded the email on 20 August to [email protected] for a response. I received no response. That same day, I phoned SA Home Loans in Durban about it. It was a bad line and the woman to whom I spoke at around midday (I didn't get her name) promised to email me the information right away. I received nothing. I then forwarded the email to the Fourways branch as that is where I signed up with SA Home Loans ([email protected]). I have still not received a response. I then tried to phone the Fourways office and was cut off.

The desirable resolution of the complaint is that I want to cancel my bond by paying it up in full and I need to know what this involves. For example, I think I need to obtain a settlement figure and then to complete and return a Paid UP Home Loans option form. Is that correct? Please could someone contact me on [protected] to provide me with the settlement figure and whatever else is required. Thank you. Best wishes, Karen Paul

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