Ruby Tuesdayfood and flys


Not long ago we went to Ruby Tuesdays and we had a wonderful quiet dinner and decided to go back again, Oh well, the Asian ribs I ordered were so dry I could not swallow them without water and most of the time during dinner we had to swap flies so they would not land on our food. even thought we made a comment to the waitress there was nothing but a smile as a solution to the problem. we will not go back again, we can have a picnic with flies we don't need them in a suppose to be great restaurant,


  • Ga
    gatortracks Aug 06, 2012

    Who were you swapping flies with? The people at the next table?

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  • So
    SonOfDad Aug 06, 2012

    I was expecting the Rollingstones to come out and play a tune.

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  • Mc
    mchankov Aug 06, 2012

    Really? Flies can be in a restaurant.. what did you expect them to do for you? Im sorry your food was bad but it does happen at times even at great restaurants especially if they are franchised.

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