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S Nov 07, 2019 Review updated: is a fraudulent brokerage scamming buyers and sellers all across the country. Route Consultant was founded by the Scam Artist Spencer Patton, His Scam Brokers include Butch Butler & Livo. Spencer started his career with Routes For sale LLC. He stole leads, clients, contracts, and money from Routes for sale LLC. He is a thief & the lawsuit attached shows it. He admits to stealing the information from the company and paid $72, 000 to settle it.
Route Consultant is illegally operating and selling Fedex Routes nationwide. They do not hold Real Estate Licenses in California or Florida yet they are selling routes in those states & illegally collecting fees.
Route Consultant has been sued for Fraud several times for misrepresentation of financials, inflating them and re creating them to commit get loans approved. Many buyers have failed in their 1st year because the numbers were not accurate.

Route Consultant is in the business to make money and it shows by their inflated asking prices for Fedex Routes. Their prices ad multiples are the most expensive in the country. They do this so they can make more & leave the buyer over paying for a business.

Route Consultant is doing business illegally and scamming contractors and buyers nationwide. If you are a Fedex Contractor you can and will be sued if you hire Route consultant.


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      Dec 06, 2019

    Slusser - Yikes. I was literally in the process of listing my $4, 800, 000 Texas FedEx P&D operation with Route Consultant when I started searching for reviews and read this. I've been a FedEx contractor a long time and I am ready to SELL! My experience with Route Consultant so far hasn't been anything like what you've experienced, but given your feedback, I will just list it somewhere else. Would you recommend that I list it with KR Capital or RoutesForSale instead? Do either of those companies do P&D listings in Texas?

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      Dec 07, 2019

    I have never used Route Consultant and/or Spencer, Annalee, etc to sell routes I owned, but I would never use them personally given the other options out there nor would I ever, ever buy any routes they had listed. There would be people with my opinion so it could limit a Seller's buyer pool. I sold successfully with KR Capital. There are numerous venues to sell out there now. We Sell Routes, KR Capital, Capital Routes, and many, many others. There is even a flat fee company called The Route Hub.

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      Dec 09, 2019

    I cannot believe what I am reading here, Slusser. Patton is a thief and a scam artist? I have talked to him personally a number of times and didn't get that impression. I was even just at Route Consultant's Expo in Nashville. Where did he admit to stealing and then when did he pay you $72, 000 in a settlement? I see the attached Dec 2018 lawsuit/settlement agreement from Tampa that you included with this complaint but I'm really confused as to who paid who.

    I currently have a listing with them for over $1, 000, 000 and your whole post honestly scares the [censored] out of me. My whole life and financial future is tied up in my business, I cannot afford to have this sale go anything but perfect. I don't have a choice but to pull my listing away from Route Consultant as a result of your statements. I cannot take this risk. I've also referred a lot of business to Route Consultant, at least five other contractors just from my district that either have listed their business or were about to. What in the world am I going to do now? It's the middle of peak season and now I'm starting over from scratch.

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      Dec 09, 2019

    @HopperMM Go here and do a case search for his name or firms names... Its case number 19-CA-007665 if you search by that as well. A complaint (key word complaint, not conviction) against them was filed for violating Broker Licensing laws under the state of FL under Chapter §475 of the Florida Statutes as well. I heard a CA and CO are checking next.

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      Dec 09, 2019

    Check Case number 19-CA-007665 via a public records search via Hillsborough County, FL Circuit court online search

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      Jan 02, 2020

    based on December 2019 public record, Route Consultant Inc accused on counts of
    *Fraudulent Misrepresentations and Omissions
    *Negligent Representation
    *Breach of Fiduciary Duty
    *Civil Conspiracy

    Case 3:19-cv-01398 United States District Court Southern District of Illinois East St Louis Division
    Route Consultant Inc as a named Defendant in the fraud case

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      Jan 10, 2020

    might be true!

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