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Sold my house, loan was paid off on june second. Even though the account should have been closed as the loan balance was paid in full the still took another months worth of loan payments out of my checking account on june 5th which is 4 days after the etf is to take place.

When I called to get this resolved I was told it would take 20 days even though this was their fault because if the loan was paid why are they still taking my money?!???

First customer service agent hung up on me while saying ma'am I will try to expedite your claim but our policy is 20 days.

Second agent put me on hold for over 20 minutes whole waiting to talk to a supervisor. Maybe they were trying to get me to hang up I don't know. Little did they know I had the day off and time to kill.

Finally I talked to a supervisor, she was as much help as the second agent. There was no resolution. She did give me an email address that I could submit proof to that said money did come out of my account.

In the end I called my credit union and explained the situation and about 1 hours later the money was back in my account.


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