Rotech Healthcarelack of in home service and "no show" appointments


I schedule three (3) different appointment for the Service Technician to come to my home and service my O2 concentrator. The tech was supposed to call between 8:30-9am to give me an approx. arrival time. NEVER did the Tech call and when I called Rotech they had the Tech call me back. I was told that Rotech was short on Service Techs and since my O2 concentrator was not broken they are just too busy to service it. However the Tech did reschedule another time, did not call or show up for that appointment either. Finally after the 3rd time I said enough is enough. Since my lease is expiring in Sept anyway (3 months away) I will just wait and replace my leased machine. However the new lease will NOT be with Rotech. They are unreliable, lie right over the phone to you and don't care about servicing your equipment unless it breaks down. O2 concentrators are important for COPD patients to be able to breathe. A dirty machine will release toxins into my lungs and cause even more problems. I guess Rotech just don't care about my health needs or yours either unless they can install a new machine. I understand that Medicare only pays the equipment supplier for the first 3 years, pays them a higher rate during that time to make up for the last 2 years on the lease. Well Rotech is now going to lose the renewal on my lease.

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