Ordered a whirlpool dishwasher online from rona, paid $900, waited three weeks for delivery. Had it installed by certified plumbers right out of the box. When they turned it on to test the lines it made a horrible noise, the plumbers looked at it again and told me its the dishwasher not the plumbing. The brand new, right out of the box dishwasher. I called Rona and told them that they sent me a broken, right out of the box, dishwasher I would like to have it replaced please. They made me call the warranty people to confirm it was broken, so I did, they showed up, checked it out and indeed it needs a new water pump. Never been used, out of the box. I call Rona and proceed the get the run around for a week. Rona received a broken dishwasher from their supplier and then passed it on to me the customer. I would like to start out with a dishwasher that is not broken. After several phone calls to Amanda at Belleville Rona she tells me that the regional manager ( Ali Lofti) said that the return policy is within 30days in perfect condition and working order. What!!! I was shocked! I received it broken! Verified, out of the box broken! how can I return it perfect. Is this a joke?
I then called head office was told they would look into it and have not heard a thing back. I cannot believe that at my first call I did not get a " We are very sorry Mrs Tammel for the inconvenience, we will get that dishwasher picked up and get another one to you" As mentioned above this dishwasher was delivered to Rona broken and then passed on to me. Rona needs to pick up the dishwasher, give me a new unbroken one and then deal with their supplier.

Oct 11, 2019

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