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I remember years back, visiting Rochester store often. I saw a bedroom set and dining room set which i dreamed of having in my home one day. I loved the items. i have sadly had to banish the dream of buying those items because Rochester has disappoint us with the items we have purchased.

Dealing with Rochester has been a nightmare, esp 2 of the staff members at Strubensvalley, one of which has left the company. The manager, Dante, is still there. A very sarcastic person and not very interested in good service.
He also assumes things without asking us, just to find out he is completely wrong. And to think we took them milk tart, when we went in to choose fabric colour, to say thanks for helping us. Well, ay least we tried.

As for their quality check, they dont even spot the most obvious problems.

We sent lounge suite in for recovering as the leather changed orange instead of staying the nice brownish colour it was, which we paid a 3rd of to recover and paid for collection and delivery. (Just a note, when in process of arranging for recovering and if possible, my calls were not returned, my emails apparenyended up in the trash mail etc. and thats why no reply)

I lost 2 days of work waiting for collection of the couches, and not even a phone call to tell me they cant collect. I ended up asking for the transport service contact number, which was hardly answered, but then they communicated via email. I dealt with the transport people so that i knew when collection would be.
When they collected, i even helped cover the couches, hold the trolley, take the trolley to couches...because i appreciated the help.

We waited almost 2 and a half months for our couches. I had to constantly phone to find out whats happening and i got different stories...basically i was lied to. Between Dante and the other ex-staff member, neither knew who was in charge of our couch process, saying the other one is dealing with it and neither actually knowing whats going on.

About 2 months after collection and being without couches, we got offered a couch to use in the mean time...that was so funny...a little late to offer, but appreciate the thought.

After about 2 and a half months, couches ready. Day of deliver...i waited and waited, losing another days work... i phoned Dante to ask if couches still coming...he said yes, but he has the strangest manners.
Our couches were delivered the evening, about 7:30pm. The 2 gentlemen were very nice people. They had something to drink, were the first 2 to sit on our newly covered couches, even took photos of them and sent photos to one of the gentleman. Also gave them pack of biscuits as we were concerned they may have not eaten and also to show our appreciation for them coming out so late.

This is such a long story, let me cut it a bit short...the couches have damages, one arm rest is much smaller than other, missing valcro, etc...
Dante then has the cheek to tell me that we damaged the couches. I have sheets over couches since we received them.
I spoke to Dante on the phone, i was crying, angry, and sad...he couldnt have cared less. Not an ounce of compassion.

Also, Dante and ex-staff member said the 2 doors of our wall unit will be fixed and no charge. Dante said the doors have cracks because the Kiaat wood was not dried properly and that why it cracked. Guess what, now Dante says its not covered, will be charges etc...

I knew when Dante said we must pay remaining balance before receive the couches, it would be a mistake. I even told him on the phone that i am afraid to pay, and when couches come and there are problems, they wont care because we have paid. And yes...we paid and have why shouls they care.

My aunt had problems with Rochester...she purchased a lounge suite...what a story.
I have family that wants to purchase from Rochester, and i feel bad not to tell them how scary Rochester is.

So my dream of getting the bedroom suite and dining room set from gone. We are too scared to purchase anything more from Rochester. If only we first read all the complaints on the internet...but now a little late.

I tried calling a number i was given by Dante to take matter further, just goes to voicemail. I tried head office... voicemail. I left messages for both. Will see if i get a response.

If only Rochester could have some compassion. I like to look after things. Before purchasing an item in a shop, i check to see if any damage etc... i like things to be perfect. Its because i appreciate what i am getting, what we get... now to have a lounge suite look like this. I am so sad. Husband is not happy at all. Says he will not leave it like this and neither will i.

Please please please be careful when purchasing from Rochester...your relationship with them will never end...if it were a good relationship, fine...never end... but its sadly a negative, battle of a that makes you cry, feel frustrated and completely sad.

I hope Rochester will have compassion and sort all out

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