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Rivoli Group review: Unresolved order with indefinite status

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I have placed an order of watches online to your store on the first week of this month but I just waited for over 5 days without an update. I have to follow up on my end only to find out that my order was on hold due to quality condition issue. Though, there was an alternative replacement being offered which I have agreed. However, another 5 days have passed seems my order is still on indefinite status.

Why does the customer have to go after the company who failed to fulfill its service to its loyal customer, instead of it shld be the one going after the customer to resolve the issue right away. Rather than receiving a loyalty reward or compliment, it is the unreliability that I am receiving in return.

I might be one customer only, but when it will be spread for a review and be optimized all across different channels in the internet with high traffic for sure it will be impacted on your credibility as being one of the biggest leading watch distributor in the region turned out can not resolved a not so complicated customer concern. For whatever technicalities you might reason with, I don't mind it as long as you fulfill what you have told me on the process of resolving this issue. I will be happy enough if you can fulfill it without any more delays. But if I will not received what I have ordered for and end up on a full refund that will take 14 days to be credited back to my account, consider it that you have lost a loyal customer that you can never gain back.

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