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I purchased one TOM-FORD Eyewear from Rivoli Eye Zone Mega Mall.

SR. NO : 12114BJO000270.

I purchashed this on [protected], after 2 to 3 weeks I had to take back the frame seeing a discolouration happening on the side of my frame, when I communicated the same to Rivoli staff, he said he is coming across this first time, then he took my frame and he told we will put some balm provided by company. again after tat next month I had to go with same issue they told I will send it to service centre and try and replace and then after from service centre they did polishing and provided the same frame, but again now its getting discolored when I enquire in diffrent eyezone Tom Ford is a massive brand they are hearing for the first time.
my concern is after buying an expensive frame from an authorised dealer, I should take the frame to the same outlet every 3 weeks to get polished, if it happed with around 1 year could understand. but what is the exact cause, I dont want to come every evertime and just do polishing, do u think its a customer satisfying way to approch this.
I have mont blanc frame but dont have any issue. I really want this to be taken into consideration. rivoli have all the track records of me coming with the same thing.

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Nov 18, 2021 8:36 pm

Purchased Mont Blanc eye glass frame and Zeus glasses used hardly for 6 weeks and the frame screw started to become loose. Had to visit 3 times to get it fixed. Still unresolved every time I visit they ask me to leave the glasses for 7 days to get it fixed. It seem this is their company policies minimum 7 working days for repair glasses. No follow or calls from the store. Knowing the brands that they sell this kind of services is unexpected. They need to fix their after sales service this is crucial.



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