Rita's Floristfloral delivery

I Placed an order for this floral arrangement, I went and added additional flowers for 10.00 more. I was sent an invoice for 98.70 but my credit card was billed 135.00. They do not mention it's US funds at all. The arrangement was for the funeral home and believe me you "DON'T GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! I'm surprised this company is still in business. I tried phoning the company 4-5 times, all week with no return phone call, not even once. I left several emails throughout the week, Once this company gets your money, they don't bother returning phone calls or even caring that you are not at all happy with the service. This company RITA'S FLORIST should not be in business because they lack customer service and common courtesy. Customer complaints don't bode well for business owners, this company should care more about their customers not scamming extra dollars. I will never order from Rita's Florist EVER, EVER again. I definitely will never recommend this company to anyone of my family or friends. You blew it Rita's Florist. As the saying goes" One and done" I'm done with Rita's Florist and their poor business practices>

Sep 27, 2019

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