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Right Turn Construction Complaints & Reviews

Right Turn Construction / they replaced our gutters and we have a bigger problem than before and they don't care

Jan 02, 2019

we made the mistake of returning a call to Right Turn Construction to have them give us a bid for new gutters. We have leaks in three places. We now have a major problem of leakage and drippage around 75% of the house. Right turns says it's not their problem and they want to be paid...

Right Turn Construction / Cold calling

Sep 08, 2016

They called me twice on the afternoon of September 6, 2016, requesting to make an appointment to come to my home in SE Portland in order to give me estimates for work that I told them upfront I wouldn't be having done until at least May 2017. Phone Number: [protected]

Right Turn Construction / Sales call

Jun 22, 2015

Right Turn ConstructionWas cold-called though our number is on the Do Not Call list. Woman knew my name and wanted to confirm my street address. I refused to confirm or deny fairly private info like that to someone I don't know nor had been invited to call. She got huffy and repeated who she was. "I said...

Right Turn Construction / Illegal Cold Calls

Jun 20, 2013

Company employs a person to sit and make cold calls via phone book looking for miscellaneous work without checking the National Do Not Call list nor any local do not call list, in both Oregon and Washington. A co-owner has confirmed this, as well as a prior salesman. They will attempt to...