Rich Dad CochingEntrepreneurial Coaching RIP-OFF


Rich Dad Coaching Rich Dad Company Is a Total Rip-Off/ No Refunds Ever if You Don't Cancel within 3 Days/Entrepreneur Coaches Are NOT Entrepreneurs Themselves/Everything a Coach Could Teach You Is In Books/Don't Fall for The Sales Pitch

I talked with my assigned enterpreneur coach for the first time after being made to wait a month before that session, and it was clear that the entrepreneurial coaching services were not what was described and that the coaching program was not going to be able to help me work through my specific issues related to building my online business. I told them on the initial sales call that was what I needed, and was told when I signed up that the coach would be able to help me tackle the details.

In the sales call, I was also led to believe that my coach had actual experience building a business, but after the first coaching session when I asked him about it, he said, and I quote directly from his e-mail, "What makes you think that you need someone that has done your exact business to coach you through the steps you need to take to become successful? Success is a process, a mind shift if you will. It is not business specific. It isn't education specific. It is a process of changing from where you are now to where you need to be." I agree that a mind shift can be a part of success, but that's not what I told them I needed or they said I would receive when I signed up for coaching.

Being within 1 business day after my first coaching session, I called to cancel my program and requested a refund of all charges made by Rich Dad Coaching (a total of 3/4 of the total in the first 31 days, or an outrageous $4, 350 with less than one month into the program).

Again, I have to say that the services offered by Rich Dad Coaching were not as described, either on their web site or in the initial sales phone conversation. I was supposed to have received the written materials (basically, just two books, as I was told during the sales call) via regular mail about 10 after signing up and about three weeks before my first scheduled coaching session.

The cancellation policy was not clear in the written materials that they sent me or on the web agreement that I had to agree to. I called within 10 days, but then was told it was only three days after receipt of materials. The coaching program is one year long, and I had had the materials in my possession less than three weeks at that point, and the coaching is the main program, not the materials that they sent.

After putting me off and ignoring me for a week, Chad Coles, a "quality manager" at Rich Dad Coaching, finally got back to me to try to convince me that their services were exactly as described. After deflecting my questions about a refund, he finally admitted that they were going to give me NONE of my money back, even less than a month into a supposed one-year program.

Unless you need some serious hand-holding and you want to review all the materials published in the Rich Dad books, don't even think about wasting your money on their coaching program. Their entrepreneurial coaches haven't even started their own businesses.

I did ask them on the inital sales call why, if the coaches knew how to build a business and become financially independent, were they working as coaches for Rich Dad? The sales rep, Chris Totterer, fed me some crap about how they do it because they want to give something back or just for fun part-time. I'm such an idiot! Please learn from my mistakes and don't repeat them.

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