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C Aug 01, 2019

***For all who left good reviews, I implore you to double check your tax filings or have another professional do so. If R&G Brenner made a mistake that causes you to owe interest and penalties, they will not refund you for that nor your preparation fees.***

Dennis Grogan made a mistake on my 2018 return. It was quite an egregious oversight, though I understand accidents do happen. What really has me concerned for other clients is that it was only my own thorough review of my return months after it had been filed that caught the mistake. In addition, the company's response was extremely lackadaisical, uncoordinated and downright rude. I reached out to Dennis several times over the course of a month questioning the discrepancy with no response. It wasn't until I contacted corporate that I received a response. The issue was resolved through an amended return, which resulted in me owing additional taxes as well as interest due to the original error.

As a follow up to my lack of faith in RGB's return preparation, I requested that a new preparer review my previous three years returns to see if there are any other issues. His process let me with even less faith, as I received a call saying "someone asked me to look these over, what specifically do you want me to look for?".

To add insult to injury, the company's management was incredibly rude throughout this ordeal. Here are a few email excerpts from Louis Arena, General Manager (keeping in mind that I was the one who found their error months after they had submitted a faulty return on my behalf):
- "Your current tax return was amended, as you stated, therefore that issue has been corrected and no refund is merited. I am not even going to entertain the premise that we should pay for a 3rd party to redo the work we have done that is correct. If there is something specific with the prior year returns you want to review with us please let me know what that is."
- "The tax liability and interest is your responsibility, so there is nothing for R&G Brenner to do. In prior emails you were insisting that you were going to find another CPA firm to do your taxes. I strongly encourage you to find that firm and take your business elsewhere. Too much time and effort has been extended on this issue"

Although the company refuses to refund my preparation fees or interest penalties and reimburse me for a third party review of previous years returns (which I still worry could have similar issues lurking), my biggest concern is that ***hundreds or thousands of other R&G Brenner clients who don't review their own returns may have similar undiscovered issues in their returns and may owe a lot of taxes, interest and penalties to the IRS (which R&G Brenner will not reimburse).***

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