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Peach DirectRip off

I ordered a computer from this company on April 30th. I never received the item from this company and yet they are billing me for it. They are ruining my credit. I called them 5 times, and emailed with no response. They have reported my account past due to credit agencies.

I am now trying to save what's left of my credit score.

Peach DirectAwful company

I purchased several items from Peach Direct over a one year period and every time I paid for an extended warranty, it was like pulling teeth to actually get a copy of said warranty. They would say it had been mailed, but it hadn't. I still have two warranties I paid for and never received (even after contacting them several times). Now the company website has disappeared and there is no way to find them.

Peach DirectGreat shopping experience!

After I placed an order last week, I went online and somehow I found this forum. I was upset after reading the complaints and I was worried it would happen to me. I emailed Dean Kim with my concerns and he emailed me back within the same day and told me he would look into my order. He did exactly what he said and he even called my home and let me know that my order was on its way. I have read on here that people say that the only people with positive things to say about Peach Direct are the employees. I am not an employee, I am an actual consumer and I have had a great shopping experience. Two of my items already arrived and my XBox360 will be here on Monday. I will continue to order from Peach Direct because I feel they are a good company and they do care about their customers. Not too many people would call you personally and tell you about your order status like Dean did. Basically, don't pay attention to everything that you read that states something negative. I have had a very positive shopping experience and I just wanted to post this in support of Peach Direct!

  • Lu
    lucy bourque Apr 15, 2008

    Delivery did take a while but I did recieve my merchandise and I am happy with it. I figured if it is original it would have to be ordered by PD to the distributor for me to get the original items. One thing they did not do was send me a certificate for the diamonds and had someone evaluate them and they are smaller but the certificate would have to say it yet I never got it. I am happy with the rest of the merchandise.

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Peach Directinvestigation underway

to inform the public that i have filed a lawsuit into peach direct corperate office for fraud and deception.I further contacted the producers of 20/20 ivestigative television to investiate who in fact these people scamed the wrong person this time my friends. jeff selser directer of consumer affairs for the state of nj.

  • To
    Toyia Washington Oct 25, 2007

    These complaints about Peach Direct are very crucial in my decision on using the card. I too was sent a catalog and a pre-approved credit offer for Peach Direct in March. Because I am rebuilding my credit I wanted to see who the finance company was. I found out it was GE Bank, who I have sought financing before for a sewing machine and an Old Navy account. I was denied for both which shocked me that I was approved for the peach direct consumer account with a $2000 limit. They didn't even want to finance me for a $1000 sewing machine! Needless to say, I pondered on it and figured that I could use the card. After all, I had been wanting a LCD telly for a while and thought it would be a good investment for my new home. I waited and applied for the credit account and once I got the card, it took months to activate. I decided to go on their website and check out their products and ran across a slew of customer complaints. I have activated the card, but I have never used it in fears that what has happened to some customers like you would happen to me.

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  • Di
    Dianne Herz Feb 20, 2008

    We are in the process of being sued from Peach Direct for a TV we never recieved, they have distroyed my son's credit and now taking him to court for $800.00.

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Peach DirectNot worth the trouble, buy local or elsewhere!

Take it from me, DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY, unless you don't mind endless e-mails and telephone conversations in an attempt to finish your business with them. Someone please contact me if you know anything about a class action lawsuit against them, I will gladly take part. I'll leave it at that, my decision is based on my experience with them, which can be viewed in my complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

Complaint Details

11766 Wilshire Blvd Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA [protected]
Contact: Ahmad Shaker, Operations Manager
Phone: [protected]

Zane Longden
727 NE Riddle Drive
Grants Pass, OR 97526

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Complaint Classification: Selling Practices

Complaint Description - Posted [protected]

Placed order on April 22nd for 3 items. Received first 2 items ok. The 3rd, a camcorder was delivered on Friday, May 11th. Upon opening, I was sorry to see they had sent the wrong model camcorder (not a Canon Elura 100, but a Canon DC-220). I called that evening and was told return labels would be printed and sent out to me within two weeks. (I was told this was the process because they ship product from several fulfillment centers) I have proceeded to call every week several times. Near the end of May, I found out that the camera I had ordered was on "backorder" and expected it to be instock June 5th. I was assured return labels would be to me by then and my incorrect product would be on its way back by then. This did not happen. Since then I have had no luck in getting them to produce return labels for me and I am upset that I have been charged on my credit account with them and have been paying interest on this purchase for several weeks.

Complaint Summary

Sent me the wrong product (camcorder, correct brand, wrong model) Been contacting PeachDirect for over 5 weeks to return and receive correct item.

Resolution Sought

Send me the (wrong) product return labels (they said would take upto two weeks to get, it has been 5+) so I can send it back. Then I want the correct product that I ordered sent. I would also like to request a refund of shipping charges on this item. I want this done now, not next week, not next month.

Additional Information
Date Problem First Occurred:

Product or Service:
Model Name or Number: Canon Elura 100
Date Purchased: [protected]
Order Number: 106109
Amount Paid: $549.00

Company's Response
Initial Response - Posted [protected]

Sent return label on 7/9/07,for:canon 1.33-mp minidv camcorder (15098), expires 7/24/07, tracking info# 1z577y0e9045353583

Initial Response Summary

Sent return label on 7/9/07,for:canon 1.33-mp minidv camcorder (15098), expires 7/24/07, tracking info# 1z577y0e9045353583

Consumer's Rebuttal
Rebuttal - Posted [protected]

According to the tracking info from UPS on 7/13/07, 5 business days after they were supposedly sent, all they have received is billing info for the shipment but not an actual shipment yet! The return labels have an expiration date... so they better get them in UPS's delivery system! Also the company lists the return labels as "for:canon 1.33-mp minidv camcorder (15098)", this is incorrect and causes some concern. That is the CORRECT product that I ordered and never received. The return labels should be for "Canon DVD Camcorder with 35x Optical Zoom (16450)" as this is the INCORRECT product that was sent to me. They had better accept the return even with this discrepancy.

Company's Final Response
Final Response - Posted [protected]

The tracking info are for the Return Labels we sent to the customer, which by the way were activated on 07/16/07, with estimated delivery on 07/19/07, as soon as the item is received on our warehouse, then customer will receive appropriate credit.

Still not resolved as of 8/6/07, have received wrong item back but have not sent me the correct one yet. I have e-mailed Dean Kim as others have suggested too... planning on filing another BBB complaint on 8/10/07 if I still have not received my camcorder I ordered nearly 4 months ago! IF YOU HAVEN'T PLACED YOUR ORDER, DON"T, YOU"LL MORE THAN LIKELY REGRET IT!

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Peach DirectFraudulent business practices!

I placed an order with peach direct on 3/25 for a gucci watch for my sister, at which time i was told the product will be shipped within 2 to 3 weeks. I waited and waited and finally by 5/15, i ran out of patience and i called to find status. At which time, i was told to expect the product by the end of the week. I waited and again nothing. So i called them and i was told to call after 5 days as they had no information. I called after 5 days and told them, i needed the product by 6/10 if not, i did not need the product as it was a birthday gift for my sister. They told me, if i had a problem then cancel the order but at present they had no information and i was asked to call after 5 days. This went for a while and finally on 6/13 i took their advise and canceled the order on 6/13. I asked customer service to give me verification # etc to confirm my order will be canceled. But i was told, no such thing will be provided and peach direct will cancel the order. I accepted this in good faith.

On june 15th, i came home to find a package from peach direct, i did not open the package and immediately called peach direct to find out where i can send back the package, but i was told that since i accepted the package i was liable. But i told them, i did not accept the package, since i was not here when the package arrived which clearly shows on the ups log that i did not sign for the package. But the customer care person did not care for my explanation and kept repeating it was company policy.

I again called today at 5.59 am -6/16 and told peach direct, as per the satisfaction guarantee statement, it clearly states, that the customer can return the goods within 15 days upon receipt of package, in which case they will be provided with a refund. So i asked them, where should i courier the package to? They told me, they will send return labels and only upon receipt of return labels can i return the goods. When asked when will i receive the return labels, they informed me it will take 2 to 3 weeks!!, but then i would have missed the 15 day deadline. Since, so far this company has not exactly given me confidence in their ability or professionalism, i informed them, i would rather ship it at my expense and asked for confirmation of address. But they refused and was told to wait for return labels!!

So what happens, if i don't get the return labels? Also in the of chance i do get the labels and return it, and then i am told that i missed the deadline? Has anyone gone thru this before? How do i resolve this situation? Any help will be highly appreciated!!! I wish i had never heard of this company!!!

  • St
    Stefanie Parulis Jul 16, 2007

    I don't even know where to begin-as this has just been a nightmare for me. It all started when I decided too quickly to order a tv from Peach Direct-My credit was screened and accepted immediately-the order was taken. Three or four weeks later-no notice of delays in shipping-I checked for tracking-The whole system has holes-no information besides your order can be found-everything is automated- NO REAL PEOPLE TO TALK TO. I spent enormous amounts of time talking to NO ONE and getting NO WHERE. I did find this board and got in contact to DKIM at Peach Direct-He said everything an upset consumer would want to hear-he canceled my order which had not shipped as of that day - assuring me it was canceled and gave me GE Moneys phone number to cancel the card.

    Well-Trusting him-I thought all was well-and 2 weeks later I received a call from a freight delivery-I declined shipment of the Tv and had them return the order. Today I received a bill from GE Money for $1,149.00-yet I have received NOTHING. I have gone to Peach Directs site to contact them-you click on contact and all you get is their 1800 number-When you call that it runs you through a computer that gives your information on how much you owe and where to send $$-no one to speak to-I tried to phone GE Money-and THE SAME THING-NO people to speak to-all computers telling you where to send your $$-this is so frustrating I can't believe they can do this to people. We are trying to refinance our house right now and close in 20 days...This is going to ruin my credit if I cannot contact someone. I will try and contact DKim-he just seems to tell people what they want to hear-Do not believe it-he even tells people at the end of the conversation to please write to this board and write some good of Peach Direct and how they tried to resolve any problems that may have been.

    This is a huge mess-I am going to have to write a dispute through the mail-but even so I just see myself at a Legal Office very shortly...Most of all-this is just a huge waste of time for me-DKim-the freight Delivery company who tried to deliver a tv I canceled shipment on and GE Money Bank. Peach Direct will not see a cent from me so this transaction was nothing but a loss to them...They will fail in the end and will try and pull as many people down with them. Do not order from them-Do not even fill out the application for credit-You know that saying-"It's too good to be true" well this is one of those cases.

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  • Cl
    Clint Holes Aug 13, 2007

    I am sorry everyone seems to be having problems with the company. I for one ordered a 42in Philips on 8-6. Was given a tracking number for a and the package will be here on 8-15. The site is not a scam. GE MONEY BANK is indeed a real bank out of Utah. The company used to have problems due to understaffing and over-orders, but all kinks seem to be worked out. If you need ANY assistance from PeachDirect, contact [email protected] and he will FOR SURE help you out.

    Hope this helps! Hopefully everyone gets what they wanted...

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  • Na
    nancy paige Nov 04, 2007


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  • Lr
    L Raby Feb 02, 2008

    I agree with the issues with Peach Tree, it appears they don't keep the items on stock, but order them from the provider. Well I did as Mr. Holes suggested and contacted [email protected] and he indeed got things moving. He made personal phone calls with regards to the delay and status of my order. There was even a problem with the system upon receipt and he says we will send it back to get a new one....Now that's Class A service. So I am hear as a pleased consumer of Peach Direct.

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Peach DirectCustomer service issues!

I ordered an HP computer and an LG monitor on 4/17/07. I was excited that the payments would be low as my husband and I are starting 2 companies with no capital, so money is rather tight. 7 Days later, I received the tower and the office 2007 packages, but not the monitor. About a week later, I called customer service, and was told that I had to wait 3 business weeks, and since I had a business to run, decided to switch to an HP monitor thinking it would be delivered sooner. Well, it wasn't delivered in 7 days, or 12 days, so I called customer service, who couldn't provide me with a tracking number. Since I was anxious to get to work, I used my husband's computer one day, and came across this website. I took the advice to email D. Kim, and explained my situation. You can't run a business these days without a computer. Well, I got it the next day, and it did have a UPS shipping label that said it was scheduled to be delivered just 2 days later. The computer works great, and I haven't received my first bill yet. As I explained before, I am self employed, and work as the Client Services Director for our telecommunications company. Customer Service IS my profession, and I did address the issues I felt were hindering Peach Direct's success. I believe that they are growing at a faster rate than they can keep up with, but every company does go through those issues. Call D. Kim, tell him what your issues are, and give them a chance to make it right.

D. Kim

  • Su
    Susan G May 19, 2007

    You're trying to convince the internet population that you purchased a computer system (that is undoubtedly costing you over $1000) and it didn't come with a monitor... Yet you waited ONE WEEK to call the company - AND that you work in customer service?

    You are lying and it won't be tolerated. I am fortunate enough to have read all of these postings before purchasing anything from this company. I advise everyone to listen to the majority of people who have been burned by this company. The very few who have "received their items... But..." Are paid by the company to ease the mind of people who are in desperate financial times. Maybe even targeting your grandparents who won't have access to the internet to research this company. It's not fair and I will do everything in my power to shut this company's loose credit policies down. Taking advantage of the poor and uneducated is wrong and those of you who are reading this are obviously the targeted audience (along with me!).

    This company won't survive if everyone boycotts the company!

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  • Li
    Lisa R. May 24, 2007

    Wow, I hope aren't always so judgmental and vindictive. Who are you to tell me that I am lying, when you have no clue what you are talking about. You don't know me, and you don't know my character. I find it alarming that you would blatantly condemn someone you have no knowledge about, of something you can't verify. Is that your normal behavior?

    This computer was not advertised as a system-but as the tower. It is a common practice- Circuit City, Best Buy, and all the major dealers sell both towers, and packages. Regardless of your opinion, packages are shipped separately ALL the time.

    It saddens me that you are so quick to judge me without knowing me or the facts. I am not receiving any compensation of any kind from Peach Direct, nor am I employed by them. I really do appreciate the time you spent researching this company, but why are you still here if you "know better"? BECAUSE I own my own business, and BECAUSE I have 18 years experience in the Customer Service Industry, I know that shipments are not always delivered at the same time, and it is not ALWAYS the company that is to blame. I am reporting on my experience with this company, and with the corporate representative. I am not asking you or anyone else to buy anything from them. I am giving those that may have had a problem with the company some information that may help them correct it. If the information I provided doesn't apply to you-maybe you should stay out of it. Sometimes, people do things just to try and help others-without ulterior motives.

    I understand that you are trying to help "the cause" - and that is fine - but don't accuse me of lying unless you know what you're talking about.

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  • Mi
    Minnie R Jul 06, 2007

    I ordered a camera from peachdirect back in October. I was told that It can 2-3 weeks. It was fine because there was no rush. To my surprise the camera came 1 week later. I did not have an issue with the product, except that I did not like it. So I called and advise that I would like to return the camera back. I got my return label, I am not sure how long it took for them to send it, but when I finally got the return label I sent it back and they received the camera 11/22/2006. I called them after thanksgiving was was advise that It can take 2-3 billing cycles for the credit to be issued. To make the long story short, It sis not happen that way, because it took 8 mos for the credit to take place.

    This happened witht he assistance of Dean Kim whom I emailed.
    I got his phone # and email address on this site. I emailed him on 06/22/07 and that night I received an email from to call him at 10am Monday 6/25/07. I let him know my displeasure and advised him that I was very unhappy with their customer service. That I had to go online just to get this information.
    He was nice and He told me he was going to help me and issue the credit. By 07/02/07 it was issued to my card.

    This is from anyone that has issue with peachdirect contact this person he will help. He touched base with me the whole time to make sure I was satisfied.

    Dean Kim
    Customer Care
    Corporate Office
    Tel: (310) 478-3984
    Email: [email protected]

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  • Dk
    D. Kim Sep 06, 2007

    Thank you all for your comments and thoughts.

    Peach Direct is a great way to treat yourself and your family to luxury you deserve, but can't always afford. The truth is that we, as consumers, will always pay some form of interest on any type of loan or line of credit whereever we go.

    We, at Peach Direct, take great pride in the opportunity we provide our customers whether they choose Peach Direct due to a limited credit history or simply want to finance a purchase in order to invest their money elsewhere. Either way, our goal will always be to ensure the best possible service and products.

    If you have any unresolved issues or your experience has been anything less than positive, we want to know about it. Please contact me directly at [email protected] and give us the opportunity to make things right.

    We look forward to hearing from our customers.

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  • Ko
    Komie Bumpers Sep 13, 2007

    I opened an account a couple of weeks ago. I have done research on this company and have only heard negative things. I want to order a big screen television but I am very concerned about all of the complaints and the time in which the complaints are resolved and how long it takes to receive the items.

    I would appreciate if you could answer why it takes so long to receive the items?

    Hopefully a satisfactory answer could ease my worries and allow me to order with this company.

    Last why so many complaints about customer service. The price are comparable and the credit terms are fairly reasonable why so many unhappy customers. Also the BBB gave this company a B rating. Not the best but also not nearly the worst.

    Thank you for your time

    Komie Bumpers

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Peach Direct — Rip Off Direct should be new name!

First I received a letter telling me I was approved for $2300.00 credit limit from GE Money Bank and offered...

Peach DirectPeach Direct customer service response

On behalf of PeachDirect we would like to thank you for your feedback. Please be assured that we are truly committed to resolve any issue you may have.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please email me at [protected] with you name and phone number and I promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

Thank you for shopping at PeachDirect. We appreciate your business.

Ahmad Shaker
Director of Operation, Peach Direct

  • Mi
    Michael Hannah Mar 30, 2007

    I have an order from Peach Direct that still hasn't shipped to this day!!!

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  • Je
    Jeff Bridge Apr 09, 2007

    I emailed D. Kim about my issue of canceling the order and the order still ships a week after my cancellation. I did not sign for package of cologne nor accept it but now must pay GE Money Bank $63.00 in order to keep my credit in the good. They say it says it will take 1-2 billing cycles to see the credit. My grandma can walk faster than that! D. Kim makes it all look good but never got back with me after a week. I contacted the executive offices of Peach Direct and no return call. I contacted the Indiana Attorney General office and submitted a report on Peach Direct. I will keep posting my situation until it is resolved.

    Jeff Bridge

    P.S. Peach Direct - I want a simply credit for the cologne and no 20% restocking fee or shipping charge either. I want a full $63.00 refund and I will shut up.

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  • Pa
    Pat Isaacson Apr 10, 2007


    I am writing to you because I received an invitation to your website and a pre-approval credit line. I had been looking for a portable DVD player for a trip. I placed the order on March 21st and kept checking on the status. Today I called again and got the same story, I was asked to wait until Friday. That is not acceptable to me. I have been patient and polite on the phone. I order online all the time, I have never had such a problem. Then I stumbled onto this complaint board that was enough for me I called today and canceled my order and my line of credit.

    I was told it may take a few days to cancel my order that is NOT acceptable, if you do not have the software or the network in place to offer better service you shouldn’t advertise like you do. I also sent an email off three days ago to your customer service dept. I never got a response. I don’t expect I’ll get one from you either.

    I will just have to take my complaint to someone else.

    Pat I

    This email bounced back

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  • Zi
    Zian Hooseen May 01, 2007

    Motherf*ckers are ripping off customers. I ordered a plasma TV a month ago. and i still haven't got my stuff. PILOT (shippers) those B*tch as*hole telling me lies every day saying that" oh in order to ship your item we need to get a 2man authorization from PD and bla bla" WTF i payed for it and thats my stuff!! Who tha f*ck in the world have to get an authorization to get your stuff to your hose??? What kinda bllsh*t SHIPPERS are they? Plus when i call pitol they asking me to call PD, when i call PD they telling me to call ALMO and GE money bank. ALL MOTHER F*CKING COMPANY.

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  • Ka
    Kathy Gustafson May 08, 2007

    I have been trying to get a computer issue resolved since Oct 06. They shipped me a totally inferior computer. The hard drive wasn't even installed. 1,800 computer that is over 4 years old. They went for approx $300 then. The computer monitor that I ordered was a 21" plasma screen, they sent a 17" computer screen but were billing me for a 15" computer screen, they even screw themselves. The printer was supposed to be an all in one with fax, this was a all in none! All products did match HP, but with out a drive I can't even pretend to use this product. I call weekly. They said it was so close to Christmas shipping was slow. Then they said they would send out return labels, received one for the hard drive but not for rest of computer. You had 3 days to return. They did not allow me any of the time they took to ship etc. I have called every week between PD and GE, both promising resolution until today GE told me that they would send on the billing to a collection company if I did not keep my payments current... His name was Mike (no last name...supervisor would not speak to me) I am contacting 60 mn, Ralph Nader (Consumer Report), Goodhousekeeping (seal of approval and consumer/product complaints). This has been going on for over 8 months. Now we get dirty! contact [email protected] for helping me get together enough dirt to stop these people!

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  • Jo
    john Jul 24, 2007

    I order a 32" sharp hdtv since july 06, 2007 and its now july 24 an i'm still waiting i read that if you email this mutherKracer he well make things right but BUll... I email him 6 time an no answer i was like WTF i call and call and they keep giving me fake lines wait 2-3 weeks well ### date i want it now... Football is in season soon PD better give me my TV and i'm not gonna pay for what i didn't got...

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  • Dk
    D. Kim Sep 17, 2007

    We value each and every one of our customers and would like the opportunity to help with any issues that may need special attention.

    Should you have any outstanding issues, please contact me directly and I would be happy to get them resolved for you.

    Dean Kim
    Peach Direct
    Corporate Office
    Email: [email protected]

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Peach DirectNo merchandise ever sent!

I received an approval form in the mail from this company and ordered a computer. To make a long story short, I never received any merchandise from this company and they are billing me through GE CAPITAL and are ruining my credit. They are reporting my account past due to credit agencies when I have filled out numerous forms stating no merchandise was received. GE CAPITAL AND PEACH DIRECT ARE WORKING TOGETHER SCAMMING PEOPLE. They are in the process of ruing my credit. Whatever you do, stay away from both of these companies.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to handle this or the name of a good lawyer I would appreciate the help. Maybe we can file a class action suit against both of them. GE should be ashamed of themselves!

  • Me
    Melody Mar 19, 2007

    Oh my gosh. The same thing is happening to me right now and I don't know what to do. We ordered a t.v. from peach direct in January, but decided to cancel the order because of all the negative complaints. Customer service told us that the account was cancelled and closed and I thought that was the end of it. About 2 weeks ago I got a phone call from someone trying to deliver a t.v. to us. I told them that we cancelled that order and didn't hear anything else from them. Today, I got a bill in the mail. I called peach direct and they said not to worry about it that the item must be back at the warehouse and that it would take a billing cycle to credit my account, however ge money bank says that they will report us to the credit bureaus if we don't pay. They say I should make the payments until we get this settled. Like I'm gonna send them money for nothing. I never got the stupid item. I have no idea what to do or if i need an attorney. Any suggestions???

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  • Ev
    Evelyn Franzen Apr 08, 2007

    I ordered a lab top on 02/14/2007 and never received. I have e-mailed customer service 5 times, NO RESPONSE, I have tried calling 866-GET-PEACH, NOT IN SERVICE.

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  • Ma
    Margaret May 05, 2007

    Try emailing [email protected] He cares and he will help you if he can. Have you filed formal billing disputes with GE? Filed a complaint with your State's attorney general? That will get you noticed in a hurry. I have and all charges and payments were suspended until the issue is resolved.

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  • Su
    Susan G May 19, 2007

    THE COMPANY "GE MONEYBANK" IS LOCATED IN SWITZERLAND. Google "ge moneybank" and click on "contact information" and you will get it's main headquarters in Switzerland. Do you wonder why all of these people are getting the runaround? I believe in global marketplace, but it will only work if the business it trying to protect it's customers - Peach Direct is trying to pawn off their responsibilities of financial protection to it's "lending parter".

    Purchase from Peach Direct and be willing to pay the price - even if you don't receive your merchandise. You must expect that with such a small company such as PD that they will not protect you from the creditor.

    Remember - "they're just doing their job". Be a smart consumer and STAY AWAY FROM PEACH DIRECT. In fact, this is a good time to warn at-risk family and friends for credit scams. Tell your parents and grandparents to be aware of this easy-credit scam!

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  • Sa
    Sandi Cook Aug 03, 2007

    After reading some of the complaint forums, I felt that I had to let folks know that I received great service and the state of the art laptop that I ordered from Peach Direct. When I initially called to place my order, the customer service representative appeared to not know the answers to questions regarding shipping date, shipper tracking numbers, etc. I did some online research and came up with a corporate contact for Peach Direct, Dean Kim. I sent him an e-mail with my concerns, and he called me soon thereafter and he cordially addressed those concerns (my main issue was that I needed deliver to my business address rather than my home address). Mr. Kim was very proactive, and followed my order until it was delivered (which was in two weeks). I am very satisfied with my order, and I would encourage anyone who is planning on ordering from Peach Direct to contact Dean Kim directly, the service that he provided was excellent!!

    Sandi C.
    Chicago, IL
    [email protected]

    You can contact Mr. Kim at
    Dean Kim
    Customer Care
    Corporate Office
    Tel: (310) 478-3984
    Email: [email protected]

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  • Dk
    D. Kim Sep 16, 2007

    Our goal is to ensure the best possible shopping experience for all of our customers.

    If you have any concerns or unresolved issues, I would appreciate the opportunity to assist you personally.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Dean Kim
    Peach Direct
    Corporate Office
    Email: [email protected]

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  • Bj
    B. Jones Oct 16, 2007

    I placed and order with peach direct for a dell laptop. Well the laptop was shipped and the 1st delivery attempt was made on 10/10/07. I was not at home so an info notice was left on my door. That evening at 6:57 when I arrived chime I called UPS and have them re direct this to my work. Well the delivery was made that next bus day 10/11/07. I called UPS and they assured me that it would be delivered on 10/12/07. Well it wasn't delivered on 10/12/07 after calling UPS 3 times. Finally after the 3rd call I called UPS again and was informed that they would send the information to the local center and have the local UPS center call me. I received a cal from [email protected] UPS in Tallahassee. Kelsy informed me that the packages was missing and couldn't be located. I ask all the questions as to how the packages couldn't be located even informed Kelsey that I someone needed to deliver the package today because I have people coming to my house tomorrow for a 4 hr workshop for my 4 year old with Autism and that is the reason I order the laptop. Kelsey said she couldn't do anything about locating the package. Then I informed Kelsey that I dont care of a supervisor have to deliver it personally. Kelsey informed me that she would call me back in the hr. Well the hour past and no call..So i called UPS 800# and had a message sent for the local office to call me. I ask what time does the local office closes? UPS informed me 8pm. Well it was6:36pm. Ia gave them some more time. Well at 6:55pm, i drove to the local office arriving at 7:03pm. Well I was the second person. When I gave the lady at the front counter my tracking number she talk to someone in the back of UPS said this is the one Kelsey told me about and then informed me that my package was missing. I ask the lady to get me a supervisor because I would like answers. well I waited for a supervisor until 8:53pm. This is 53 minute pass the time UPS closes. Well a Mrs. Ann Banks-supervisor- came out and said i dont understand why you are still waiting here man because your package is missing. Again I ask them how can my package be missing. Mrs. Banks informed me that it's gone and everyone dont work on the honor system. People steal all the time and the isn't the first time this has happen with UPS. I Then ask Mrs. Ann Banks is she telling me my package is stole and she said yes that is why we are asking ou to put a tracer on it. I then talk to Mrs. Banks and recorded the entire conversation on my cell phone. I then call Peach direct on my way home and informed them of this. Even informed them that the tracking # they have on their website is incorrect, gave them the correct tracking #. Ask peach direct Catherine to put a tracer on the package. She informed me this was done and that th executive office would cal me in 24 hrs. Well Monday came and no call. so I called UPS and ask them have they received the tracer. They hadn't... I had to call UPS and Peach direct 3 times. After the 3rd time I was informed by peach direct that the executive office will issue me a temp credit pending the UPS claim, allow 24-48 hrs. Well i ask what happen to them calling me. I called executive office 800# and left my name and #. No call even to this day which is 10/16/07. I have called UPS 3 times Monday & Tuesday to ask about the tracer. They haven't received the tracer still to this day form Peach direct. I have the names of all the people I have talk to and the times and dates. Each representative informing me that the executive office handles this and they would cal me. It went from the ex office of Peach direct calling me back within 24 hrs, to 24-48 hrs, to 24-72hrs. Temporary credit will take 3 days now from the lasted rep. So I ask them where does this leave me with my laptop because this inst my fault a member of UPS stole my laptop. I even ask peach direct did they deal with anyone else with shipping. Was informed they have no expedite shipping and no other carrier to ship with and they have been having lost of problems with UPS. I ask the customer service Floor Supervisor since this has been happening why put the customer in this situation when you already know you are having problems with UPS I was informed that that is th only shipper at this time Come on now this makes no sense. How long does it take for UPS to get the tracer and how long doest it take for a credit on my acct. Now I have to reorder and wait again and PRAY this doesnt happen again. Come on is there no better customer service than this. Is this how Peach direct treat their customers?

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