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I bought a 3d tv from comet in december then 5 month later watching tv it just suddenly blew up with a big bang and yellow spark coming from the on button so phoned comet they Said no one could come out till for a week so when the day arrived they phoned up to say engineer was I'll so they changed appointment for end of the week that day comes and they ring up to say they ordered a part and it won't be in for another week without even looking at the tv how can they tell what needs what so the engineer finally comes out week later and tkes one look at it and says it needs to go work shop but I had to wait another 3 days before somebody came out to pick the telly up now I have to wait a couple more weeks for it to be fixed I've been waiting 2 and a half weeks for them to come out now I have to wait a couple of weeks for them to fix which I don't even want the tv back in house in case it blows up again specially with young children in the house ready to have a new baby and this has bought nothing but stress having to keep ringing them fibbing me of on the phone they say I carnt have a new tv because I only been waiting without a tv for over 2 weeks you have to wait 28 days what a joke I will Never buy anythink from any comet store again because when it comes to being repaired it's a total nightmare they are quick enough taking your money for purchases but coming to repair it is just not on

CometIllegal Software

Anybody thinking of going to Comet ANYWHERE - think again! After Sales Services stinks! Doesn't even exist - dreadful staff who think its funny that they have sold a dud computer!!! I bought laptop for £400 - said software was illegal - fraudulent something along those lines. Took it back and they said ...TOUGH, not their problem! Wouldn't listen to me in any way, shape or form and told me to go to trading standards if I didn't like it!!! This I reported but no idea if anything was done.
Everytime anyone mentions Comet now I tell them not to go anywhere near friends are passing onto their friends etc etc and I wanted to share with as many people as possible. HOW DARE THEY TREAT CUSTOMERS LIKE THIS!!!

CometAttitude of the sales manager

Attitude of the sales manager when I had gone to enquire, about LG Smart TV I had purchased the evening before. The Tv did not have a wiFi connection and there was nothing in the manual to inform the users about this function. I had spent over£1200.00 in the store and wanted to ask the person who sold me some details as it was not clear.
The sales manager whose name I shall with hold was just rude and curt and was not helpful. This was witnessed by some of his staff who politely apologised to me for his behaviour.
The sales person who is well known to me apologised to me later.
I hear he is curt and rude to most customers and gets awaynwithnitnbecause Comet does not deal with such indisciplined staff members.

Comettumble dryer repair

in November my tumble dryer, heating element went and the gasket needed replacement, the engineer arrived took 2hrs to replace, both item with a lot of banging about and a considerable amount of grumbling, when he left I used the dryer only to find water all over the floor, 2 days later 2 guys turn up, an engineer and an assessor to ### the repairs the 1st guy Had done. I was told the 1st engineer had split a pipe and damaged my condenser unit, so they ordered spares the following week, the engineer called to say they'd ordered the wrong parts, despite several phone calls and being told different things by each operator I'm still waiting for repair to be sorted out.

Cometadvertising wrong prices

On the 4th of August Comet ran an advert in the Daily Mail offering a 40% discount on Dyson cleaners. On Wednesday 10th Aug I went to Dumfries a round trip of 70 miles. The cleaner was sold out & they expected a new deliver on Friday, after agreeing all this & the price quoted in the paper & a large display placard above the display item of £215.99 with the salesperson Eric. I proceeded to yhe cash out & was told the cleaner was £227.00, when I questioned this I was informed take it or leave it.
So I did just that, came home went on amazon & purchased the same Dyson for £215.99 & free delivery.
When Comet starts closing branches perhaps it will dawn on them about customer service.
I have also informed trading standards & raised a complaint with the cosumer council.
As I browsed through the internet Comet is still advertising the same cleaner for £215.99 with dealtime.

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CometFaulty laptop still under warranty not being repaired

On the 23rd of february this year I had to take my fujitsu laptop in to my local comet store in kirkcaldy fife as I had noticed it was starting to melt at top left hand side and also on some of keys at the same area.Was still under first year warranty until 23/03/09.I was asked if I had put anything hot on laptop to cause the melting I replied no, was asked again and told that if I had it would not get repaired under the warranty again I told the woman no nothing hot had been near or on the laptop it was used on desk with cooling fan under it.Was told it could take up to 18 days.On 06/03/09 I had heard no more about it so called store, was told they had not heard anything about it would call engineer and call me back, got call saying engineer was still trying to determine if laptop had been damaged and might know more in a week, had to call again on 16/03/09 as had heard nothing was told they had not heard anything either would contact engineer and get back to me.A day or two later I got call from a woman who said the engineer had asked her to call me and tell me the melting was not covered under the warranty, I told her that there had to be something wrong with the laptop in the first place to cause it to melt she said she would tell engineer what I had said and he might have another look at it.Later got call from comet store saying engineer said yes melting was due to it overheating but that this was because I had been using it while it was placed on a carpet and there were carpet fibres in the fan, told her this was not possible as I do not have carpets, she told me she would tell the engineer what I had said, then got email since hearing I did not have carpets they were now saying fibres and dropped the carpet bit.I made enquiries with two people who repair and build computers/laptops and was told that there was no way that fibres would do this especially in a laptop that was under year old, got told what I was being told was rubbish and never heard such a poor excuse, also laptops are meant to have a safety mechanism where when they get too hot they shut down, also told there had to be fault with processor, cooling system or both for this to happen.On most recent email comet have now went back to carpet fibres again and now have added dust aswell as now saying the power connection point was damaged.This laptop was never in any area where there were any fibres, do not have carpets and there was definately nothing wrong with the power connection point when I left it at the store.If the laptop had been damaged in any way I would not have taken it in to the store and definately would not have left it there.I am getting nowhere fast with comet who are now wanting me to pay one hundred pounds for me to have my unrepaired laptop returned to me, I am told that if I do not pay this my laptop which cost me 349.99 will not be returned to me.I have told them that I want what I am entitled to the laptop repaired under the warranty and returned to me.So far no joy they are keeping something which belongs to me which I paid for.I also got told on 16/03/09 that the laptop had not went away to engineer until 12/03/09.Yet was told on 6th he was still trying to determine if it had been damaged also got told on 16/03/09 he had not started on it until 13/03/09.Also comet are saying that they sent the laptop to a fujitsu engineer and it is fujitsu who are refusing to repair it and demanding the money for it to be returned unrepaired.In my opinion for the laptop to go like this in such a short period of time under the sale of goods act it was not fit for the purpose and not of satisfactory quality.After numerous emails and letters I have today received a letter from comet head office on which there are now other things added to the reason for the laptop overheating and melting, I have been told that if I want my laptop back repaired I will have to pay them two hundred and fifty three pounds and fourty six pence, or to have my own laptop returned to me unrepaired I will have to pay ninety nine pound and fourty nine pence.Be warned never buy from COMET or FUJITSU as you may end up having goods you paid for kept by them unless you pay to get them back.I will NEVER buy from COMET again and I will not by anything that is made by FUJITSU again either.

  • Js
    JS007 Aug 19, 2012

    After having a Fujitsu laptop that lasted under 1 year I can confidently say that Fujitsu is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I was warned by the store I purchased from that Fujitsu would say that the fault (internally broken screen - no visible marks/cracks externally) was not part of the warranty as they had had the same problem a couple of weeks before and Fujitsu would not accept the fault was with the laptop and wanted to charge the customer for return of the laptop. I decided to contact Fujitsu myself but from the outset it seemed whatever description and explanation I gave them they were determined that whatever the fault with my machine it was not something that would be covered by the warranty or caused by anything other that 'user misuse'. After finally conceding that they would not replace my laptop or repair it without a very high charge I brought a new laptop and have had it for over 2 years without any problems, it is far superior to my previous laptop and was a far cheaper price. I would never buy a Fujitsu product again after experiencing their Customer Service and product.

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On Monday 20/06/2011 we were asked to the comet store in purchase a Panasonic fridge freezer model NR-B54X1-WB. We attended the store and purchased the £1, 299.99.fridge freezer. We were promised the delivery date of the 26/06/2011. On Sunday the fridge freezer was delivered by two male's one of the males then threw the trolley down onto the road where it bounced, because the day was hot and I thought both males looked STRESSED. I offered them a cool drink both male declined one male then took the doors off the freezer to take into the property. as they tried to lift the trolley over the first stop they chip away the ornate concrete which was on the step as they took the fridge over the door step the fridge lifted away from the truck the trolley then damaged my front door step, the bottom of the trolley went into the side of the fridge and scrape up the side of the fridge. One of the males then subjected that it would not show as it would be up against the wall, I informed this male if I had wanted second hand goods I would have bought second hand. Both males then left my house I contacted your customer service department, where I spoke to a female called ANNIE. I explain to this female what had just happened, then I witness one of the drivers put the sleeve of the fridge onto my vehicle which is a soft top convertible at this stage I had lost my temper and removed the sleeve from my car and explained to them that they will pay for a re-spray if there was any damaged. I received a phone call from a female called PAM from the store to say that the goods would be delivered on SATURDAY. I also received a phone call from head office at my works who took the details she said: the men would be spoken to: but was not interested in what happened only to state that when the next fridge WILL deliver on SATURDAY. A male will write down the damaged .TODAY SATURDAY 2ND OF JULY WE AGAIN PHONED YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE TO BE TOLD THAT WE WERE NOT HAVING A DELIVERY. My husband spoke to a female called SOPHIE. (NO HELP) just kept repeating herself stating that it’s not being delivered. ASK TO SPEAK TO A MANAGER NONE AVAILAIBLE??????? Spoke to a supervisor CALLED PHIL??? Who did nothing but patronised me. he then told me that I had to speak to the store as they had phoned me to say there WOULD BE no delivery I explained that no one had in fact phone. He transferred me to the shop and I spoke to PAM the same person who had informed me of the delivery?????? SO I ASKED HER WHERE MY FRIDGE THAT I HAD PAID FOR WHICH THEY CONNOT SUPPLIE WAS. PAM THEN TOLD ME THAT SHE WOULD PHONE UP THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AS IT WAS DOWN TO THEM?????????? I EXPLAINED THAT THIS PHIL HAD SAID IT WAS DOWN TO YOU????? PAM then said: that PAUL would phone back????? PAM phoned to say that they CANNOT???? Get another fridge and subjected the money refund... THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THAT WE HAVE PURCHASED THINGS FROM COMET AND YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO FULFILL THE ORDER. I AM NOW REQUESTING FROM YOURSELFS THAT YOU PUT THE DAMAGE TO MY PROERTY AND MY CAR RIGHT .NOT VERY HAPPY WITH YOUR SERVICE. WE HAVE HAD TO TAKE TWO DAYS OFF WORK FOR YOUR INCOMPUDENT COMPANY.


I bought a DVD player. It did not work properly. I returned it to COMET. They sent it back to Sony. Sony say it is water damaged. ( No it isnt - they just cant be bothered with it). Comet or Sony will not repair it, replace it or even return it unless I pay £34.00. I told them it has been nowhere near any water. The store manager called me a liar and implied that all customers are basically dishonest. So that is what they think of their customers. If you expect to be treated fairly and not insulted by stores where you spent your hard earned cash - dont go to COMET

  • Br
    Bristons92 Mar 24, 2011

    it is not up to comet to repair your dvd player. It has to be sent to sony. Only sony has the right to repair that product. If comet tryed to repair it and f**ked it up you would be pissed right? Just lay off comet, The brand has has had a tough time, but don't let this little mishap make you shop somewhere else. Comet is a great place to shop, all there staff are trained to your needs, and they listen to you, and will only give you want you want !! Please dont blame comet.

    Remember: Come and Play at Comet.

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CometRepair £99

I heard about Comet doing a £99 deal where they can repair yout tv for £99, I thought great as I had been to 2 different tv repair men who both told me to repair my tv would be in the region of £200 - £250. I thought great but at the same time a bit wary! I had every right to be!
Anyway...I call the 0844 number and tell the guy that I have already had my tv looked at and its the inverters that are away on it and that has been told to me by 2 different people so are you sure that yous can fix it for £99, I was told yes, I said ok and the guy will reapir my tv that day? yes! And if not in stock they will order it in. I thought ok this sounds too good to be true. I was right!
The guy comes out today humming and hawing mmmmm I wonder if its the power supply, I said No No its the inverters trust me I have had the tv well checked over so I know what the fault is, he said ok I will just open it up and see for myself. Ok you do that!
He makes a call to Bobby at Comet parts who says Oh no John that tv is economacally unrepairable im afraid coz the inverters come as part of the screen. I said no they dont as I discussed this with the very first tv repair guy I had in my house and he was saying thats the good thing about my tv is that you can order the parts seperate! Not in Comets eyes you cant!!!
He said im afraid we will need to refund you £50!!!EXCUSE ME???????????????
No No john, I want the full money back, this was never told to me, yous assured me that my tv would be fixed today, so dont sit there and say it cant be fixed when 2 other people have told me it can!
I am now fighting with Comet to get my full money refunded! I am sooooooooo angry and hope that no one uses comets repair service its a complete farse!!!

  • Ra
    raf786 Dec 03, 2011

    I agree with you.I called Comet over and they said it would cost £400 to repair my tv as the screen had gone.They charged me £60 just for coming over and giving me a false estimate.I later got the tv repaired from another Tv repair shop for £120.It seems Comet are running this scam where they will repair your tv if there is a minor fault but if its going to cost them any thing around the figure of £150, then they wont repair it and just give you a false estimate.Im suing them through small claims court and would welcome any comments from any one else who has had similar experiance with them.The court case is due in Jan 2012.


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CometMy repair hell with Comet

My Kenwood slimline dishwasher recently had a problem, only 2 years old we called a private engineer out who could fix the problem, a faulty circuit board but this part would be £160. I decided not to continue and began to search Comet online for a new one. I came across a advertisement for £99 repair & parts and gave them a ring.
The repair service team assured me that this was correct, I explained about the private engineer, £160 and gave the details of my Kenwood dishwasher..
two days later i was visited by a engineer from Comet whose first comments were pertaining to the fact that Comet do not sell Kenwood dishwashers and it would be difficult to get the parts.. And yes my circuit board had indeed failed and he would call it through to the repair service...
A few days later I called Comet who informed me that they were in fact unable to source parts for Kenwood dishwashers and therefore I had been refunded £50.
Obviously I queried what happened to my other £49 but that had been deducted for my call-out.. They have admitted that I should have never received that call out as they were never able to source my parts but I did see an engineer so they had to charge me for that.. So as far as I can see a lack of information in the repair call centre concerning what parts they can source and ey cannot has cost me £49.. But I have been assured that this would not happen again... Is it me or is that bordering on fraud

  • Na
    narnia28 Aug 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This has just happened to me - I am not accepting it! They know what they are doing and are robbing people left right and centre!

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  • Ke
    kem bodee Sep 04, 2010

    The "Kenwood" dishwasher is not made by Kenwood it is branded Kenwood and is made for Comet "somewhere" .

    I have one of these dishwashers and it does not clean the pots, if you wash them first and put them in clean they come out dirty.
    This is due to the fact the water filter doesn't work, all other dishwashers have a filter that becomes really full of gunk if you don't clean it. No matter how long you leave this filter it never gets dirty or blocked which means it rinses with dirty water.

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  • Na
    narnia28 Sep 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have written to The Sunday Mail - The Judge, they are dealing with this for me as it seems they think they can tale the money and then run! NOT ON!!!
    I cannot believe such a big company is scamming people! I would love to hear from people that have had this £99 deal????

    I have been told by 2 independent tv repair men that to order the part and for them to fit would be between £220 - £250 and that is ordering the part from Samsung. Comet come out and say "Oh"...The part that we need to order comes from Samsung but it comes as the inverters with a new screen and in this case we have to say the tv is economically unrepairable, I DON'T GET IT!!!
    I am not accepting it either and I say you should fight your corner like me. :)

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  • Na
    narnia28 Sep 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi there, just to let you know after speaking with the Sunday Mail who sent a letter to Comet along with my complaint. I received an apology letter from Comet along with a cheque for £99, my money back :0)
    I will never ever use Comet again! Good Luck x

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  • En
    enyawb Oct 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This has just happened to me, i bought my samsung 42inch plasma from comet just over a year ago cash!!! Last week my tv went off, so i took the option of the £99 repair and parts, and there was problems from the start, i asked the guy on phone do i need to take tv off wall for the enigneer, he said "NO" so the engineer comes out goes in room and rufuses to even touch tv because its still on wall, i explained and still refused, so by sitting on my bed he says "i think its going to cost about £700 to repair" how he knew that i dont know, he books my tv to be collected to go work shops, the day it was being collected comet leaves a answer message on my mobile to say they cant make it to collect tv but will collect the following day, now by this time ive taken 2 days off work for dad comes home told him about the Tv being collected next day, he says "no ive had a phone call to say they are collecting in 2 days time...No further to do i contacted comet to cancel the whole thing and get my £99 back as my tv wasnt looked at and failed to be collected, they wouldnt have it all they gave me was my £50 and even then had it on there records i had a toshiba tv. So i paid a guy £49 to come my house sit on my bed and say its going to cost about £700 to fix. TOTAL SCAM...Any one know how i can claim this back please???

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  • Be
    bellal Aug 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my brother bought an lg 50" tv (also another scam) he left to work in america and i bought it off him he had it a year and i had it a year the guarantee had just run out literally and it just shut off and wouldn't come back on, called lg they said i needed to pay nearly £400 to fix it nearly the same to buy a brand new one, i went to comet who said £125 up front which covers labour and parts it would take between 4 and 10 days to fix, engineer told us he would call the next day to let us know 1. cost, 2. when it would come in or if they had it in stock, no all back, a week later i called them 10p p/m line to be told it would take 14 WORKING days to order the part in not the 4-10 days total as in seeing and fixing as quoted i said where was my call, oh we don't do that until the part is in... i went mad they were going to leave me hanging 3 weeks before they bothered to call and then it would take anoher 4 days to book in an engeneer who would then say it needed to be taken away to be fixed drawing it out to over a month just to fix my tv i may aswell take it to america and get it fixed faster than them, they get your money and then don't care because if you change your mind they keep your money win win for them lose lose for us, this is not fair.

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CometSecond hand goods

I bought a Humax satellite receiver from Comet Lincoln
Changed my mind took it back. Comet claimed I had opened the box and used it. No such thing. Comet Refused refund.
Comet operate a culture of:- The staff think "I'll give that a whirl and we can still sell it when I've finised with it." The packaging is damaged and the unlucky customer cannot get a refund cos it's been opened.

Cometthere delivery vehicle

On the 2nd january approximately at 16:30 a delivery vehicle from comet, registration numer YG58 ROU hit an adjacent building i.e The Cottage, Lower End when attempting to turn his vehicle around. Whilst doing this he hit the top corner of the roof and guttering, the tiles on the roof have been lifted and moved and the guttering has been smashed.The neighbour Mrs Martin who lives opposite watched the driver of the vehicle do this whilst the passenger of the vehicle was directing him back., the man watching the driver reversing the vehicle looked up at the damge and just got back into the vehicle and they drove off. This occured while we were out.
I will be waiting for a reply urgently due to the current weather conditions the sooner comet gets this repaired the less damage will occur to the rest of the building.
many thanks

CometTerrible service

I recently bought a laptop and 42 inch tv from Comet. The first day i set the laptop up it had to be returned to the store as it had a faulty disc drive.
Three weeks after having bought the items the TV went on the blink and after calling customer services they advised they could only send someone out the next day.I explained i was working and would not be home until 4pm. They said they couldn't guarantee this, only that an engineer would call to arrange a possible two hour time slot they may come.

Unless i wanted to wait a week for next available appointment and when i was not working.

Having a brand new TV and not being able to watch is most frustrating as well as having to return my laptop.

The customer sevices dept. were not the most helpul either.

I strongly suggest to anyone using the Comet services to think carefully before doing so and don't expect to much help when calling customer services.

Two items bought and over £1500 spent in store i would have hoped for better service from a so called big company like this.

I for sure will never use their services again.

  • Za
    zactoms Dec 16, 2009

    i feel the same i hate them...arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • D9
    D9LVE Jan 19, 2012

    Agreed, has the same saga with my TV i bought on the 6th ... Same problems as you, I feel for you.
    Never again will I buy from Comet - I wish I'd have read these reviews before I did.

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CometBad service

I purchased an apple ipod nearly 2 years ago and paid for extended warranty to Comet's where i bought the ipod. On 28.1.09 it broke down and on 29.1.09 i took it back to the store, where, I thought they would replace the item. They said that it would have to be repaired. I received a customer repair document which said my product would be ready to collect on 18.2.09 and if not ready they would contact me. In spite of many phone calls i am informed that the repair was not completed. Today, 2/03/2009 Comet informed me that they had been advised by the repairer the ipod needed a new hard drive and didn't know how long before it would be returned - how long does it take to find out the problem!. Comet do not seem to be interested in giving good service or they would tell the repairers that they will loose customers if they continue to give bad service. I still have not received my ipod and nor any date for its return.

  • Br
    Bristons92 Mar 24, 2011

    This is not Comets problem, your Ipod has to be sent to Apple INC, in California to be repaired, as Comet is not able to repair this.

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Cometcustomer service

I bought a washing machine from comet at the end of march this year and soon after a leak started.3 enginers later and a number of costly phone calls later my machine dose not work at all. I have 2 chidren whom I have to wash for eveyday.I have now been using a laundarette since the anitial problem started and and still am and I feel there is no care even though I was in my 6 months of the store gaurante.I am now seeking legal advice

  • Ma
    Matthew Hart Jan 31, 2015

    Mr Matthew Hart, 31.01.12. Call duration - 12.32 - 2.00 p.m
    I am attempting to make a simple enquiry about the Tv I have recently bought from Curry's. I have now been waiting for almost an hour and a half on their 'so called' customer service line. This is, to say the least, a shockingly poor service, I hope you will agree?
    I am wondering how much this call is costing me? From the out-set I was in queue position one. This is clearly meaningless? Also wondering if this deception could be a means of Comet making money from customers? At the very least this queue position one is a nonsense and is misleading. Giving you the impression your call will be answered reasonably quickly say, fifteen minutes? Therefore, would it be reasonable to expect to be compensated beyond this point? This should be investigated by Comet and either 'made good' ie. a valid queuing system, or removed completely, as customers are being mislead. Would this be classed as making money by deception? and therefore fraudulent? Not to mention the frustration and emotional distress this causes.
    Yours disappointedly, Matthew Hart.

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Cometvery poor Service

Just to vent some air about the incredibly LOUSY repair service Comet is offering. We reported our nearly 2 month old 37'' LCD TV broken two weeks ago and an engineer arrived four days later stating that the entire screen needs to be replaced, a part (basically the entire TV) that has to be ordered. A repair date was set for the 27th of April. On the 24th we received a letter of cancellation of the appointment due the part not arriving on time. Since then I have called a few times only to hear more and more sad excuses about the part still not being there and them chasing it (Yeah right!). I am told by seriously uninterested call centre staff that they do not know when it will arrive and that they'll have to give it 28 days before I am entitled to get a replacement should the part not arrive.
Not that we can't live without a TV for a month (because, of course they do not offer appliances as replacement during the repair period!) but this is seriously the worst kind of customer service I ever experienced!

  • Ra
    ratbags4 Aug 17, 2009

    Comet and I have been going round in circles for a week over trying to get a faulty TV of 6 months old repaired as they have to offer a repair first. Their words not my acceptance. Engineer diagnosed it faulty without even taking the back off, it has no picture. They are not sure what part to order, manager says only engineers can write it off, engineer says it is upto store, store now says only chief engineer can write it off. You cannot speak to chief engineer directly, customer services has requested he rings me but as computer system has not been updated they don't know what fault is as I will not let them inspect it!!!Dont know who visited my house last week then, obviously the pre engineer. I have now contacted trading standards. The customer care service is second to none although everyone has been very polite.

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  • An

    Same ongoing scenario with washing machine - am sure that there first visit is a waste of time and they use it merely to say they have been and order parts
    Great logistics - two parts apparently required aren't to hand - despite washing machine being their own make
    never again will I buy from COMET

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Comet — Poor Repair Service

Getting really angry right now, I used to work for Comet a few years back and while i was there I bought a...

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