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7:56 pm EDT

Larry H. Miller Auto Service department is a complete and total rip - off

We’ve given two Larry H. Miller two chances and left disgusted both times. Never ever again. Here’s the pattern…

On two separate occasions we responded to recalls. In both cases, what should have been quick and free service, turned into opportunities for LHM to make money from unneeded and unbelievably high-priced maintenance and parts.

What was projected to take two hours, took four.

What started out as free, turned into hundreds.

Since then, an avalanche of junk mail from LHM (don’t bother trying to turn it off).

The last time we brought our vehicle to LHM we were pressured into changing fluids. This involved a filter that was not included in the original estimate that turned out to be over a hundred dollars, without so much as a phone call. It was explained to me that this was my fault for signing the service order. Between the filter and other hidden fees and taxes, we paid over $160 dollars above the LHM quote.

See, LHM never learned that you can shear a sheep many times but only skin it once. Not only will we never return to LHM, we’ll continue turning customers away from them until they get beyond this miserable business model that takes the stealership concept to whole new depths based on taking customers for any and all short-term gains that can possibly be made.

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4:15 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Larry H. Miller Auto BAIT & SWITCH SCAM!

Poor Business Practices- Shame on Larry H. Miller!

On April 6, 2009 I received a call from a gentleman at LHM used car supermarket; the gentleman stated that the dealership is in need of Dodge Neon’s (my current vehicle) for their new buyer program, and with the way the economy is, he would be able to get me into a nicer vehicle for the same monthly cost of my Neon, if not less. I explained to the gentleman that my credit isn’t the best and most importantly that I am about $6, 000 upside down in my Neon—I doubted that he could do anything for me. The gentleman said that he thought he could still make my situation better and that he’d be happy to pull up my credit to specifically state what he could do for me.

Within 30 minutes a man by the name of Doug from LHM used car supermarket called me to tell me the great news he had to report after looking at my credit. Doug stated that I’ve worked very hard on my credit since my last purchase with them three years ago, and I do qualify for not only a lowered interest rate, but a newer more reliable vehicle. I explained to Doug that I am not interested in getting a new car, but if he can better the situation that I was in [2005 Neon, $395 mo., 21% interest, $6, 000 upside down, no down payment for a new vehicle] I’d be happy to consider a new vehicle. Doug explained that Dodge Neon’s are used in their new buyer program, and they replenish their inventory by trade in’s—Dodge offer’s a higher payout amount on the value of these vehicles in this program and thus it would consume some of my deficit. Doug additionally explained that because of how bad the economy is right now, car makers are selling vehicles to dealerships for below their wholesale value and in turn, the dealerships can sell those vehicles below retail value and still make money. By selling the vehicle to me below it’s retail value I would immediately have equity in the car, which would also consume additional deficit.

Makes sense, right? What an amazing opportunity for me, right? Not quite….

I had some free time in my schedule and went down to the dealership to meet Doug a few hours later. Doug showed me two Volkswagen Jetta’s that would “work perfectly for me”—Yes, I loved the vehicles, but what were the figures? Doug sat me down at his ‘negotiating table’ and left to discuss my situation with his manager, “to see what he could do for me”. Doug returned with a printed offer that had a trade in amount of $8, 000 (my car’s value was nearly $4, 500) monthly payment of $420, $1000 down payment and an interest rate of 18%. Although the trade offer for my Neon was very generous, I reiterated that I was only there to be in a better situation than I was currently in—I confirmed that I have no money for a down payment (aside from my $400 car payment due on the 15th) and that I can not afford anything higher than the $395 a month. I also questioned the interest rate, as I thought it should be lower based upon his report of how well I’ve worked on my credit.

Doug left me again at his negotiating table to see if his manager could “make the deal work for me”. Doug came back with a new printed offer, this time, after a few small adjustments to the cost of the vehicle and adding my next car payment of $400 as a down payment- monthly payments were at $380, he explained that although he couldn’t lower the interest rate, having a vehicle fully paid off early on my credit would boost my score tremendously and after 6-8 months of making payments on the Jetta, I would surely be able to refinance at a lower rate. I accepted this offer and confirmed that gap insurance be included.

It was now 3:45 and I reminded Doug that I needed to leave by 4:00 for school. He assured me that he’d get me back into financing to sign all the final papers by then and mean while instructed me to clean out my Neon, while he had the Jetta spot cleaned. At 4:15, I found Doug to let him know that I needed to leave for school and could not wait any longer. He questioned the importance of school and tried to encourage me to stay longer because I couldn’t take the Jetta until the papers were signed. I insisted on leaving and said I’d take my Neon with me, and could come back later that night or in the morning. Doug then said to go ahead and take the Jetta and I could come back in the morning to sign all the papers, which I agreed on. I was just about to get in the Jetta when Doug came running out behind me with all the papers to sign. I told him that I wanted to read what I was signing and did not have time to do that. Doug argued and said the papers must be signed by law in order to take the vehicle—I replied and said I’d just take my Neon then and come back later. Doug backed down and told me to take the Jetta as originally stated.

The following day I went back to the dealership to sign the final papers as agreed. Doug was not in and instructed me to ask for Mike Gore. I asked Mike to review the final figures with me as Doug made me nervous and doubtful by his actions the previous day. After reviewing the figures, Mike believed my interest rate should be at 12.99% and quoted a $355 monthly payment. I felt very comfortable in my conversation with Mike and trusted what he had told me. Off to financing I went where I signed all the final paperwork that specifically noted the 12.99% interest rate on an 84 month term with a $355 monthly payment. Justin who helped me, stated that I would come back on Friday (3 days) to sign a final official paper that would replace the one I just signed because the interest rate may be slightly different but not enough to make a serious effect on the deal. I also wrote in gap insurance on the contract I signed, which seemed to bother Justin and he assured me that the gap insurance would also be on the final contract that I would sign on Friday.

I called Justin on Friday to confirm a time to meet with him—a message was left yet he never called me back. I called him again the following Wednesday (4/15) and spoke with his partner who advised me that he had been in meetings all day and assured me that he’d call me back later—to date I have not heard back from Justin.

Meanwhile, my husband and I paid a new and higher insurance premium on the Jetta, to avoid collection calls on my Neon, which was past due, I permanently changed my due date to the end of the month to allow time for the pay off to reach Prestiege Financial.

On Monday, April 21st I received a call from a Travis Johnson who said I was approved through America First CU at a 17.49% interest rate (not 12.99%) under a 72 month term (not 84 months) under a max monthly payment of $350. He stated that unless I had $3, 000 as a down payment, I would not be able to keep my Jetta. What? I’ve had this vehicle for two weeks, and both salesmen I worked with previously said nothing of the sort! I made it very clear with everyone that I’ve come in contact with at your office that I do not have that kind of money for a down payment. Without $3, 000 Travis instructed me to return my Jetta and he could “try” to find a different car that would work better with my financial situation, or could give me my Neon back.

I’VE BEEN RIPPED OFF, LIED TO AND MANIPULATED by LARRY H. MILLER USED CAR SUPERMARKET! This is not what I signed up for nor what was promised to me! This is unfair and unjust! Is this how your business prospers? By coaxing innocent young women to believe empty promises, and random lies? By MAKING us take a vehicle that isn’t really ours but believe it is and adjust every applicable measure of our life around it only to say it’s not really yours until you give us more many than we agreed on? Shame on you LHM! What poor business practices you run….

To make the situation worse, when speaking to Travis Johnson on April 21st, he advised me to bring the vehicle back to their dealership on Saturday, April 25th (because of my work and school schedule that was the soonest available day I had). To my surprise, on Wednesday, April 22nd Doug and his partner came to my home very abruptly—handed me the keys to my Neon and demanded their keys to the Jetta. How humiliating! Not only did I then have to explain to my friends and family why I no longer have my new car that I believed to be mine, but now my personal life was displayed publicly to all of my neighbors and a hair client who was at my house for a hair cut.

I explained to the guys that I was about to do a haircut and did not have the time to clean out the vehicle…. Why did they not call me first to confirm the change in plans? How rude, unprofessional, and invasive! They said they were just doing what their boss told them to do and if I had any questions to call Travis. After speaking with Travis he informed me that his boss got my letter to the better business bureau and if I “complicated” the situation any more, he’d call the police.

How is this company even in business? I’ve never heard of such horrible business practices! Thanks LHM—I can’t believe I even considered doing business with you a second time! It is my goal to ensure that the public know how LHM treats their customers… no one should have to go through what I went through!

Most importantly, it should be noted that LHM is in breach of their contract signed with me—as written they had seven days to notify me of any change made to my contract… or in this case, to notify me of their inability to arrange applicable financing. LHM exceed this 7-day timeframe by 7 days. I have confirmed this legality issue with my attorney and will pursue the default further if needed.

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holladay, US
Mar 06, 2011 7:16 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

In September 2010 I went to Larry H.  Miller used car Supermarket. I was thinking of trading in my Isuzu Rodeo which was close to being paid off. My bank said it as a good time to sell because the high blue book was about $5, 000. I was offered a 09 Dodge Nitro. My credit score was in the 800's and I was told I qualified for an interest rate of 3.99%
 I told Doug Webb the sleazy salesman what I could afford. He talked me into about $80-$90 higher than I wanted to pay. On to financing with Justin. He went through contract and when I questioned the higher interest rate than Doug promised and my bank said I qualified for he said because it was a longer loan and the rate was higher. I asked was no one said anything till I happened to see the paperwork. Of course no response. He also tried to sell a warranty that would add more to my monthly cost. The car had less than 38k miles at that time plus I can't afford more on monthly payments. I said I don't think I'm making the right decision buying the car and want to back out. Justin got very rude and said I was making a mistake to back out. When I was ready to walk out he offered me a check that would make up the difference in the promised interest rate and the actual one.

I took the car against my better judgment and drove home. The next day the engine light went on. I took it back and demanded a loaner. I was extremely angry and Doug promised to make it right even if it meant getting me into a different car. Doug Webb is a liar and didn't have the authority to even offer this since the paper work was finalized.

I have had nothing but problems with the Nitro and LM. I told him I'm afraid I gave up a good vehicle and will be stuck with something much more expensive and potential costly repairs. He said, “well used cars can have problems”. I said told him I can't afford costly repairs because my payments were more than I budgeted for. He ignored my emails & calls & referred me to his manager. The 2nd time the engine light went on they fixed it again. The 3rd time time the engine light went on it had to be towed away. All this within a couple months of the purchase.

I'm a single parent with one income caring for a child and an elderly father. Missing work to deal with car issues has strained an already very tight budget. I've now paid more in repairs than in car payments. The 4th time the engine light I went to Firestone to fix it and it was the same part LM fixed twice. The car is a piece of garbage! I'm now making cuts in food and living costs to pay for repairs. I'm scared to drive very far because of the continuous mechanical problems. Why can't someone make this right and follow through on Doug's promise? I hate this company and now have an unreliable car with a 17k loan. This car was the biggest purchase I've made in my life and it has been the one I regret the most. I traded in a car with a blue book of $5, 000 that I owed $1800 on. It ran well with almost no out of pocket costs. The Nitro I've have since late September & I've had more costly repairs than I have with the car I owned for several years put together. I want my other car back! Shame on Larry Miller to put commission before clients. I hope Doug made good use of the commission. There are a lot more problems with the car like the bad smell and tires but it's not even worth going into. I tell everyone I can about my experience to hopefully prevent one person from buying there.

This last engine problem I left a message for Trevor Roberts, who is the manager, on his cell. He never returned my call. I sent 4 emails demanding a response. Each email I sent had a “return read” receipt (all I've saved as proof) so I know they were being read. Finally on the last email I demanded a name of someone who can help me since he refused to. He said that was the first message he got. Again, Like Doug Webb, Trever Roberts is a liar! I explained I have receipts and "someone" read the emails I had sent. He said someone must have got into his email and deleted them. I asked about the voice-mail message on his cell, again he claims he never got it. Funny because my cell phone records show the date, time and number I called.  For someone to access my email and voice mail they must have my passwords but I guess Trever must give his out because "someone" deleted my voice mail and email after reading them. BUY FROM THESE THIEVES AT YOUR OWN RISK!

West Jordan, US
Feb 13, 2011 7:50 am EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I have never been treated the way I was treated by Brandon at Larry H Miller Used Car Dealership. This self proclaimed "manager" smelled of cigarettes and alcohol. When he sat down to show me pricing, he showed me a price $2000.00 above what we had been talking about all night. I immediately stood up and handed him back the keys. Rather than saying "thanks, have a nice night." He said "Is this how you always are?" Wow, I thought I was the customer. I looked him right in the eyes and said "Yes".

I have been in professional sales for 15 years. This dealership doesn't have a clue as to how valuable a customer truly is. Apparently the economy has hit the car industry harder than anyone thought because you'd have to be in dire financial circumstance to hire someone as unprofessional as Brandon, especially into a management role. How disappointing.

Farmington, US
Aug 21, 2010 10:00 am EDT

Same thing happened to me. They let me drive off with the car and then called a few days later saying I needed a "co-applicant". As soon as I said that I would not do that, they started calling and harrassing me to bring the vehicle in immediately. I had no problem doing that but I was working, had previous plans and I also needed to find a ride home. The letter they sent out to me said I had 14 days from the sale to find other financing or to return the vehicle. After more than 20 calls from them that day, I agreed to have them pick the vehicle up from my house.

I originally put down $2000 for the vehicle. They charged me for miles used AND $150 detail fee (to clean a clean car). I think they added the detail fee just to be jerks. I lost $400, as well as my time, endured humilation (because your neighbors do notice when you have a new car) and was completely stressed out and harrassed by these people.

When I went to pick up my refund check from the dealership, they gave me the cold shoulder.

I will never do business with these people ever again! Nor will I ever recommend anyone to buy from Larry H Miller.

Lesson learned I guess. And at least I didn't end up giving them a big commission because the vehicle was returned to them. I have his feeling I got taken on the original deal anyhow.

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