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Hilton HotelsDeceptive promotional vacation

I filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs and the BBB following my recent experience with Hilton Hotels.

As a Hilton Honors member, I was solicited and purchased a promotional Hilton Grand vacations 2-night, 3-day stay in Park City, UT. I made my purchase and was told at the time of purchase to call back to book my stay. The terms of my purchase were $200+ tax for 2 nights, 10, 000 Hilton points, and a $200 gift certificate to use for another Hilton stay in return for attending a 2-hour sales promotion.

On the sales call, I requested that I be permitted to book in February due to the favorable snow conditions that time of year. I was not at any point told that there would be additional charges for booking that time of the year. After purchase, the sales associate when through a long, scripted statement of the terms and conditions, which were to include a clause of “additional charges may apply”. There was no mention of under what condition additional charges may apply, or what the dollar range of those charges might

I called recently to book my trip in February, and was told that I would be charged an additional $100 for booking during “peak season”. This is abhorrently dishonest not to disclose this charge at the time of purchase. It is a violation of consumer protection laws that I was not given the opportunity to make an informed decision about my purchase. Blanket statements such as “additional fees may apply” are not an appropriate disclosure of the fees associated with purchase.

This is all beside the fact that this is simply dishonest of the Hilton Corporation, and is a risk to its reputation if it continues to deceive its customers. I have contacted Hilton Hotels and await their response.
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Hilton HotelsFalse &Best Rates Guarantee&

DON'T BELIEVE HILTON'S "OUR BEST RATES GUARANTEED" PROGRAM. I am an HHonors VIP with hundreds of Hilton nights to my credit. Yet when I wrote to Customer Service complaining of a lower rate offered on all travel agency sites than on the Hilton site, they denied my claim because I didn't already have a reservation at the bargain arte. Catch-22; the bargain rate wasn't available on the Hilton site. Two months ago I wrote the CEO, this guy. He never bothered to reply. I knew some other chains played games with these guarantees but I never thought Hilton would stoop so low. DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR BEST RATES GUARANTEE.

Hilton HotelsAdvance Purchase

I am a Gold Honors member and recently made several bookings via the advanced Purchase rate on Hilton.com.
They now offer a refund less $25.00 on the Advance Purchase Rate if you re-book at the same time and a refund will be posted to your credit card in 2-4 weeks.
Well it is now SIX weeks since I cancelled and re-booked, I have contacted Hilton by email ( no one answers) anf by phone, every operator gives a different story, first it was 2 weeks then 4 weeks, the 5 weeks and now five weeks. I also heard that the delay was because of the weather, staff shortage and a back log of refunds.
They refuse to investigat with their accounts department and tell you you must call back, but when you do there is another excuse for the refund not taking place. This is preposturous, they charge me nearly $1000.00 and then another $1000.00 and will not take my calls. What is one to do when you cannot complain to anyone, yes I also left my number for a manage r to cal within 3 days, but 8 days later still no call. Shame on you Hilton

  • Ur
    Uriel98 Dec 13, 2012

    I was booking a room for a conference online. I inadvertently entered the wrong code for the conference. The reservations page did not indicate that no such code existed. If it has, I could have entered the correct conference code. The reservations page instead provided several other options. I then thought that the block of rooms have been sold out, so I went ahead and chose one with the lowest price, which is still $20 more than the conference rate. After a week, my colleagues informed me that they are still getting the conference rate. That triggered me to look back at my reservation and realized that I entered the conference code incorrectly. I called the hotel directly in which I was informed that there is nothing they can do but provided me a number to the advance purchase customer service. CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Please don't call it such! The person that took my call was rude and will not even listen or even pretend to listen! She just kept cutting me off and telling me "...but you booked an advance purchase rate." No kidding! I did because I made a mistake and yet your website did not flag it! If it was flagged, I would have gone back and checked my code! I was hoping that I would get the conference rate but even if I couldn't, I would have appreciated if this rude animal called a Customer Rep placated me by taking this opportunity for improvement and present it to her superiors. Even if she had lied, I would have been satisfied. Hilton, where do you get these people? You better be training them properly on what a Customer Service should be for they are representing your company.

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  • 1a
    1angrycustomer1 Apr 26, 2018

    Well, after reading the comments above I am glad and sad that I am not the only one who has dealt with this disaster of what they call "advanced purchase". I booked a hotel for a baseball weekend and after I had done my advanced booking our team was able to negotiate a better rate at the same hotel for an additional 10 families. So naturally I wanted to cancel my advanced purchase so that I could get the group rate. I called the first time to advanced purchases to be told that the hotel would have to approve and a form would need to be filled out and the money would be refunded within 30 days...ok fair enough. I then get a call from the hotel a day later to be told to call advanced purchase again because the hotel was told that's not the procedure. So I call again, I get a "supervisor" who tells me that the hotel was wrong and there is no way to get a refund because that the "policy". I can only do a change fee and need to book another hotel within 12 months. I tell him that is not what I was told from his department yesterday and he says "well, I don't know what you were told but it was wrong" wrong? how can you be wrong in your own department? He also said the hotel didn't know what they were talking about so now I have someone who tells me everything I was told is wrong including their own property!! I then proceed to tell him that I am still staying there that weekend and nothing has changed, only that I want to cancel one reservation for another and he says he can't do that. I am a HiltonHonors member..really? I then proceed to tell him that I might as well have the other 9 families cancel if that is how we are going to be treated. His response was astounding. He told me "well, if that is what you need to do". So you would rather lose 10 families and thousands of dollars instead of cancelling my advanced purchase for a hotel that I am already staying at? Advanced purchase is a scam and they should figure out how to better handle their members. This will be my last stay as a Hilton member...Hello Marriott!

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Hilton HotelsStay away

I am very unhappy having to write this letter. Our Room was simply not clean, smelled of smoke and canine, both the love seat at the end of the bed and the couch had stains and were covered with what appeared to be dog hair. Bath tub had rust stains and scratches. Air unit was dirty and full of dust, one of the units in the room had the entire vent cover missing. One of the electrical outlets was not properly installed and dangerously had wires exposed, lamp had a broken bulb with element exposed. We do have photos if you are interested. The Front desk staff was not hospitable, appeared irritated when addressed and was neither helpful or provided any assistance when the issues were discussed. Customer service was not their strong point. We Discussed issues with the room and was told there were no other room available, furthermore, no one ever came to the room nor were the issues ever resolved during our stay. We were never given an audience with the manager. Elevators were not clean and several had daily malfunctions. The Business center had one working computer with its very own set of issues. The courtesy vans were not reliable and seldom available. Fortunately, the property was close to the bus route and metro station. We have never experienced such issues with customer service or cleanliness at any other Hilton property and were very disappointed with the unsatisfactory stay.

  • Do
    douglas wilson Jan 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After choosing hilton hotels for the first time and booking a 3 night break on the internet for over the christmas period 2017 at hilton hotel gateshead newcastle upon tyne uk .
    I was only able to stay for 1 night due to a bad case of flu i had to go home to scotland ,I paid for my one night as requested by hotel staff and was told no more monies was due by me.
    Monies £300+in total from my account was held in transit for two weeks by hilton hotels for services not delivered, As a result i was not able to access monies from my account when i inquired at my bank they told me that it was hilton hotels was where the problem lay.
    No appologies have been recived or reasons why this had happened has been forth coming from hilton hotels

    I think this is very bad working practice

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  • He
    heyyitsbriana Feb 21, 2009

    When you provide your credit card at check in, the amount for your ENTIRE stay is considered pending in the FULL AMOUNT. If you canceled early then your money would still be pending until the bank dropped it. This is all hotel policy and not just Hilton. Welcome to the World.

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  • Wo
    wolfgang239 Sep 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Letting us know what brand of hilton this is (garden inn, homewood suites, ect) and where it is at would be helpful to others.

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Hilton HotelsNot very honorable

May 4-9 I paid for 5 rooms for 5 nights and asked that the this be reflected on my HHonors account. As of today, June 8, 2010 this is not reflected on my HHonors. I have sent two request that this be posted. I don't think I will be staying at any Hilton affiliated hotels in the future. I have rewards from other hotel chains that don't seem to have the problem of accumulating the points I earn.

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Hilton HotelsReschedule refusal

I had accidentally made an on-line reservation for the Hilton Hotels. A couple of weeks before my stay I checked my confirmation and noticed the error. I contacted Hilton Honors (who I made the reservation through) and was told to contact the advanced reservation number. They indicated that could not change the reservation even though I had contacted both Hotel Managers involved in the two stays and they said if reservations would "open the reservation" they would gladly make the change.
Again I was refused. I spoke to managers of managers to no avail. I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau who tried multiple time to get a response from Hilton and had no luck either. I have submitted a complaint to the Governor of California (home office of Hilton) regarding the situation.

I have now been billed over $ 800.00

  • Cu
    CustomerServiceDept Oct 05, 2009

    How do you accidently make a reservation. And accidently type your credit card into the computer?

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  • Re
    Really? Oct 05, 2009

    Really? You accidentally made a reservation. How does that happen? Please enlighten us...

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Hilton HotelsHilton enables terrorism & jihad on US Soil

http://www.foxnews.com/story/0, 2933, 533525, 00.html


The Hilton Hotel chain will be allowing the Khilafah conference be conducted in Oak Lawn, IL on July 19...two days from now. I am emploring true American Patriots to NOT SUPPORT THE HILTON BRANDS! Boycot those who provide aid or comfort to the enemy. These brands include Hilton, Conrad, DoubleTree, Embassy, Hampton, Hilton Garden, Hilton Grand Vacations, Home2Suites, Homewood Suites, and Waldord Astoria. To allow a conference to proceed that promotes terrorism, jihad, and the failure of our country is unforgiveable. The executive team should fire those involved with booking this conference.

Hilton claims that as long as it is legal and does not interfere with the safety and security of other guests, they are welcome. Nonsense. I would think this conference would present opportunities for violence, and I would certainly not want to stay there while the conference was underway. Not that I would support the action, but what would stop some nut from taking action during the conference? I think Hilton used excuses and greed to make their decision to book this conference. Even an Islamic school in Chicago wouldn't host the conference!

Hilton HotelsYoung US coast guardsman denied nights rest!

Recently my 18 year old son who is now an active duty member of the U.S. Coast Guard was traveling across the country enroute to his new duty station. Late one evening he stopped at a Hampton Inn in Illinois after a long day of driving. When he attempted to checking in, he was turned away by the manager for being too young to register for a room. He showed them his military ID and orders and explained that he was traveling to his new unit, but he was still shown the door and had to find another hotel.

I have been attempting for several weeks to get the Hilton Corp to answer why they would turn away a young military member, but all they do is thank me for bringing the matter to their attention but will not discuss it. I do not understand their rules where young americans can volunteer to serve their country and go into harm's way, but can't be trusted or allowed to get a night's sleep. He wasn't even asking for reduced rates, just a room.

I hope that everyone will consider during their travels not using any of the hotels in the Hilton line;




Embassy Suites

Hampton Inn

Hilton Garden Inn

Homewood Suites

Until such a time as they change their anti-military guests policies we should all boycott their hotels. After all there are enough other worthy hotels out there to choose from. If you have any questions on this please feel free to contact me.

CMC Bruce Bradley

bruce.bradley AT uscg.mil


  • Tr
    Tracey Apr 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just an FYI, the company itself has nothing against service personnel. My guess is that their check in age is 21. Some hotels are 18 some are 21. It doesn't matter who you are if you don't meet the age requirement they won't rent a room to you. Hotel policy. If you go online on the Hlton family website there is a link and you can e-mail customer service and let them know your opinion. As a former Hilton employee trust me they take those things very seriously and have been known to change a policy or two from guests contacting them. Please thank your son for doing what he is doing.

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  • Wo
    wolfgang239 Apr 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Every Hotel in every state has to follow the state guidelines for entering into contracts, and some states say you can be 18 some say older. Just because this hotel said no they would not rent does not make them all bad.

    I personally agree that all service personnel should be treated well, as they are putting their life on the line all the time and i thank them every chance i get.

    It also could be that the front desk person just flat did not want to do the paperwork to rent a room ( Ive seen this personally).

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Hilton HotelsTerrible experience!

I recently had a pleasant stay at one of Hilton's properties in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Due to that positive experience, I sought out Hilton on Feb 28 and booked a room in Portland for a conference in March.

On Feb 29, exactly ONE day later, I get a call from Hilton. I expected a "thank you" or similar. Instead, I get a FREAKING telemarketing call from them... and on my CELL PHONE!

(Call origin: [protected] at 6:09 PM AZ Time).

I chose Hilton because I thought they were a prestigious company. But now I know better. In fact, a friend who travels frequently told me that they've telemarketed him for "life insurance," if you can believe it!

Never again.

Hilton HotelsCustomer harassment

I stayed at the Hilton garden inn in October 06 and someone called posing as my husband. they gave him information about me and my stay. the problem is: I AM NOT MARRIED. I called the hotel and complained. They have been very rude about this situation. I am furious. They asked me not to call the hotel nor can I stay there. Please tell everyone to be careful when they stay at the Hilton. I have tried and tried to explain to them what they have done and they stated that my case was closed. I am in the process of contacting a lawyer so that I can get this guy for harassment. I need dates that this person called and what he stated. They stated my case was closed.

  • Ka
    karica4 Mar 17, 2009

    How did you know that someone called and posed as your husband if you did not know who the person was?

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