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Foundation Repairshoddy work and illegal practices

This company does horrid work and leaves the property in a mess. They threatened to put a lean on my house when I tried to cancel the contract and we had to take them to arbitration to settle the claim.--WE WON. The cracks that they created in the house were over 1/4 inches in width and some were over 3 feet in length. When they were doing the work they kept dropping the house at each piller driven (they should have lowered the house gently). Their workers stood in out back yard, unzipped their pants and pissed on the shed in the back yard in plain sight. The concrete that was replaced on the driveway and porch areas was the cheapest available and has crumbled. They lied about the cement holding and that the dirt would not erode from under the cement causing a hole and indentation. I am looking into other companies that can fix their mistakes and shoddy job, but most will not even touch someones elses work. This company's (Best Foundation of Richardson Texas) "life time warantee" is garabage and only as good as the company and therefore horrid.

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    FoundationRepairDFW Dec 08, 2011

    Check out - I had similar issues and they corrected many problems caused by a shoddy foundation repair company in Dallas.

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    tdp1 Oct 25, 2012

    If you are a contractor, make sure these guys pay in advance. They owe my plumbing company over $14, 000 and refuse to pay. They use delay and avoidance tactics and lie to your face. They are very arrogant and from what I understand, are in major debt and are teetering on bancrupcy. I would not put much faith or validity in any warranties or guarantees they claim to back. They now use only plumbing companies that test for free in hopes of getting the job for any repairs of leaking systems. How many plumbing tests do you think the plumbers will report as failed, since getting the repairs is the only way they make any money? Can you say, conflict of interest? Very corrupt and dishonest business with no moral integrity or ethics what so ever. DO NOT trust Perma-Pier Foundation Repair Company. You ll be sorry if you do!!!

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    tdp1 Oct 31, 2012

    All issues have been satisfactorily resolved and closed between myself and Perma-Pier Foundation Repair Company. Please delete this review.

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Foundation RepairMonthly payment amount!

Basement Systems (Michigan) installed foundation repair in my home. There have been a myriad of problems throughout the process including three different price quotes and the attempt to install a $10,000.00 job BEFORE financing was secured. I had told inspector Steve Ray from the start I could only afford to finance repair of the side wall without excavation. The job was finally completed with many misunderstandings along the way. The employees like to call this "bad communication". I was also assured that my monthly payment amount would be $87.00. However, GEMoney Bank tells me that my payment will be $150.00 a Month. Essentially twice the amount Basement Systems promised it would be.