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Ewc Payments Pty Ltdunknown charges

there is $39.95 a month being taken out of my account for something that i don't know what it is for and i would like it to stop

  • Ra
    Raghuraman Nov 24, 2008

    there is $39.94 a month being taken out of my account for something that i don't know what it is for and i would like it to stop

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  • Sj
    sjs222 Nov 25, 2008

    I am also getting charged 39.95 for something I am unaware of. I want it to stop - and I want a refund.

    Does anyone know where to go to stop this and who/what company is charging this? EWC Payments?


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  • Ch
    Chris P Nov 25, 2008

    I've had similar attempts made on my credit card, but the funds were not available.

    I also noticed that at the same time and day other companies are also attempting a charge, and that when a charge fails they re-attempt at a lesser amount.

    11/16 34.62 by EWC
    11/16 34.62 by ENET-CS.COM
    11/17 27.70 by EWC
    11/17 27.70 by WEALTH-CS.COM
    11/19 22.16 by EWC
    11/19 22.16 by WEALTH-CS.COM

    ENET-CS.COM had a contact number of 606 219-4469
    WEALTH-CS.com had a contact number of 719 966-0284

    I've not tried the numbers yet, just found them, but I will and post again what I find out...if anything.

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  • Jv
    J Velasco Dec 01, 2008

    There was an authorized charge of EWC PAYMENTS PTY LTD CO on my debit card of $37.00 and I want it return. I have no idea who this is and I nor my husband authorized this transaction. I was a refund ASAP

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  • Ti
    tiffany Dec 13, 2008

    I have also been ripped off by these people and similar companies to others that have been posted. I do not know if you have done a google search on this company or I should say these companies and a lot of people are angry. I have disputed these charges through my bank, has anyone found a number to contact these companies and what have you done? Did you get your money back?

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  • Ar
    arnie w chilton Dec 31, 2008

    I just found out today that a charge of $29.95 was charged to my account.I went back to last months statement and found out that the same amount was charged on it also.The company making the charge is enet-cs.com.I did not make this charge and have no idea what it is for.the banks is closed untill friday and i cant make a complaint untill then.

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  • An
    anand Jan 09, 2009

    THERE WAS A DEBIT ON MY CARD ON 09 DEC 08 USD 39.97 806-219-4469 GB


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  • Re
    reno Apr 28, 2009

    ENET-CS.COM is a adult intertainment site its what show on your report so it doesnt show as porn if you have a young boy in the house i would talk to them about it.

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Ewc Payments Pty Ltdfraudulant charges on my cc

im not sure how the bill got on my card from EWC payments pty ltd or how to contact any one as the number does not exist on my cc and when i try to find support online i was led to this site for complaints so here it is they started billing me at 39.95 each month and when it gets declined theyu try again at a lower amount i want them to stop billing me so how can i gtet that done can u help thanx

  • Ko
    kotuku engelen Nov 21, 2008

    i have been redirected to this site and have the same problem as the guy above... why the ### am i gettin charged on my cc for ### that i have never used.. how do i cancel it.. i want my ###in money back

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Ewc Payments Pty Ltd — Credit card fraud

EWC Payments Pty Ltd ACN: [protected] ABN: [protected] Formally known as Edelweisscard Pty Ltd., and i...

Ewc Payments Pty Ltd — Fraud

Hi, i just have a charge in my account that relates to EWC payments PTY LTD, so what happened i got surprised...

Ewc Payments Pty LtdFraudulent PayPal Charge

On 09/30/2008 my PayPal account was hit for a fraudulent $38.83 charge.

As of today (10/01/2008) the charge is "pending, " thus I'm unable to dispute it; when the charge clears my PayPal account I will immediately dispute it.

If you GOOGLE the company name, you'll find many similar reports of bogus charges by this company name and companies w/ similar names.

  • Ma
    Maggie Oct 16, 2008

    Hello, Early this morning I discovered that a "company" EWC Payments Ltd. Donoval deducted $38.83 from my bank account, that never should have been deducted. I've never heard of this company! This is yet another example of fraud. I did clear this up with my bank, and I will be filing a fraud claim. People, be careful.


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