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Retriever Towing... put my vehicle on the lift at my own apartment complex when parked in a spot that I was told to park in by their employee! They demanded that I pay them on the spot or they would not release my vehicle. I have submitted several forms on their website with not one call or reply.

They need to be arrested or fined dearly.

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Jun 04, 2017 11:26 pm EDT
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My car was illegally towed by Retriever Towing in my own apartment complex. I was not parked in anyone's reserved spot. I was not blocking any fire lane. I did not break any municipal code. I parked in the barkdust next to a wall adjoining to Bullwinkle's Family Fun Center. I broke no code, there was no complaint call. The Retriever Tow-driver took it upon himself to make the call as he circled our lots to tow vehicles. This was 15 minutes after I arrived home from work at 11:00pm. They charged me $392 to get my car out of their lot! Highway robbery and predatory Crooks! They should be put in jail for their continuous business practices. These people are criminals


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