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N Jun 08, 2019 Review updated:

Horrible customer service, David Barnes from Replicahause openly insinuated me of being "crazy" and forcibly cancelled my order when I asked for product change.

Extremely poor product knowledge and unable to answer questions for item SKU: RHNL2114 (Mont Blanc Timewalker Japanese Replica Watch) - As the dials do not correspond to any known Montblanc products. - All I needed was the model of an existing product that matches the rep.

I was suggesting a product change as the solution and I will absorb the Postage and Handling, he adamantly refused and insisted me to cancel the watch. Attempted to escalate to the manager and David claimed he WAS the manager.

With 10 years of eCommerce experience, I have never seen a manager insulting a paying customer.

After further correspondence, David refused to ship the Montblanc watch and forced me to cancel the whole order.

After agreeing, I asked for a refund receipt and was denied and got insulted by the customer service manager. Still waiting for the refund.


  • Updated by NeilYV · Jun 08, 2019

    Many unethical insults after avoiding questions, making defamation threats as well as resorting to blackmailing.

    David Barnes has been making threats to stop me from lodging a chargeback to the bank.

    "Will not be issuing me with a refund, unless I remove the complaints and negative reviews"

    "Registering me to indecent websites to apparently defame my real life reputation"


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      Dec 05, 2019

    As I see it, you ordered a watch, which you didnt like, and they said they could cancel the order.
    You could have done that, and then make an order for another watch, no?

    Later you say "you claimed a charge back at the bank, and that company did not refund you"???
    So what is it? you cannot have both a charge back and a refund

    I think you are just another guy who wants to be treated like a king, but when he doesn't get what he wants...starts crying

    poor poor you...go drink some milk

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