Rent The RunwayRidiculous


Rent The Runway is the worst company ever. And here is why:
I was told so many times: try this website, it's a great service, save the money and blablabla.
Ok, they convinced me to do it. So many friends of mine couldn't make a mistake. Or could?
I chose the dress to rent it and there was nothing suspicious to pay attention to. So I put it in the cart and paid for it. The most interesting things have started after I got a confirmation email stating that the chosen dress is actually unavailable, but the order can not be canceled, so they will send me a dress similar to what I ordered initially.
First, why is that I can't cancel the order? I paid for it, I can do anything I want.
Second, how come they decided for me what exactly dress I need? I don't trust anybody's taste.
As a result, I got a terrible dress. Well, it was fine for someone, but I would never put it on. It was different. I wasn't even close to what I ordered.
Of course, the customer service did nothing to improve this situation. They simply apologized and said they didn't know what to do, it's for the first time and so on...
So here's my bad review, [censored]s!!!

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