Renaultbad service, probable failure to follow official repair instructions

Limited liability company Himlux
The Republic of Belarus, Minsk
Dzerzhinskogo-Av., 78-123

To whom it may concern,
Dear SirMadame,
On March 30, 2017 our company (limited liability company Himlux, the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Dzerzhinskogo-Av., 78-123) bought a fully new RenautMaster 3 from an authorized Renault dealer in the Republic of Belarus "Avtopromservice LLC" (Minsk, Mashinostroiteley-str., 9). The car was leased through Raiffeisen Leasing (Purchase and Sale Agreement No. 00260Ю dated March 28, 2017).
The car's VIN VF1MAF4SE57492925, number plate АР 1439-7.

Throughout the warranty period, maintenance programs were strictly adhered to according to the maintenance and warranty card.

After the warranty expiration at the Avtopromservice LLC (the mileage was 145, 940 km) we continued to be serviced by another Renault official representative in the Republic of Belarus "Lozange LLC" (, Minsk, Dzerzhinskogo-Av., 134; contract No. 208/19 dated 24.04.2019). The car mileage at that time was 149, 654 km. We continued to comply with all deadlines for changing of oil, filters, auxiliary drive belts and serpentine belt tensioner pulleys. We replaced the coolant and brake fluid. We carried out current car repairs identified during inspections and checks, according to the recommendations of the service. We fully trusted the recommendations of the Renault official representative hoping this will extend the car maintenance-free life.

While driving on August 22, 2019, the exhaust gas error indicator illuminated on the dashboard. The car was stopped. There was no coolant in the antifreeze reservoir. The driver added coolant and the car was delivered to the service. The temperature position arrow was in the operating range. The distance to the service ("Lozange LLC") was only 1.5 km. The mileage was 173, 471 km.

After checking there was found out a leak of technical fluid in the water pump. The water pump was replaced, as well as a 4-pcs set of the alternator belt and its belt tensioner pulleys. The car was given back to our company. Nevertheless, extraneous sounds were heard during the movement, so the car was returned back to the service. Car service masters said that one of the belt tensioner pulleys had been badly clamped, but now everything was OK.

On September 3, 2019, the exhaust gas error indicator illuminated again at the mileage of 175, 782 km. The car was delivered to the service. During the inspection it was found out that the cylinder block gasket is broken and its replacement is required. This repair requires removing the engine, grinding the cylinder head and replacing the valves, replacing the mounting bolts and other spare parts, in other words, it costs much.

We would like to underline that when using the car, we fulfilled all the conditions of car operation and maintenance during the warranty and post-warranty period, nevertheless, it hasn't insured us against expensive engine repairs when the mileage was only at about 180, 000 km. We do not know what could affect the leakage of the water pump and the rupture of the cylinder head gasket. Perhaps was it necessary to replace the water pump previously and this would not have led to engine repairs? However, our company fully trusted the official repair service and strictly followed their recommendations. Therefore, the repair of almost all the engine was an unpleasant surprise for us, which we had previously hoped to avoid.

We believe that the incorrect actions of the Renault official representative in Belarus "Lozange LLC" during the first repair and its failure to comply with the official recommendations of the Renault Group for the repair have resulted in such serious damage. However, negotiations with the management of Lozange LLC regarding reimbursement by them of most of the repair cost did not lead to the desired result, since Lozange LLC does not consider itself guilty of failure to fulfill its obligations. We, in turn, believe that by following their recommendations, which must comply with the instructions of the manufacturer, we would have to avoid such an expensive repair.

Due to the fact that the negotiations have reached an impasse, we decided to write this complaint in order to ask to verify whether your repair instructions are followed correctly by the official Renault representative in our country, because we were always fully satisfied with the quality of Renault cars, but this incident with our car allows us to think that the Renault service center Losange LLC in Minsk do not fulfill its obligations for the correct post-warranty service of Renault cars. We hope that you are also interested in ensuring that the credibility of your brand is not undermined.

We are also interested whether we can continue to trust the recommendations of Lozange LLC or the post-warranty service of an official Renault representative loses all sense in connection with their incompetence and non-compliance with your recommendations.

That's why we would like to ask you to consider our complaint and establish the legitimacy of the actions of the official representative of Renault in Belarus Losange LLC, and also, if necessary, lower our costs.

Best regards,
Yuliya Anatska
The company Himlux, Minsk, Belarus

Oct 07, 2019

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