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I am writing here because I am one very unhappy Renault customer...
I purchased a brand new Sandero Cup from Renault Durbanvile in January 2011, two weeks ago we had our first rain in the Cape and low and behold I get into my brand new car and see that the ceiling above the steering is wet as well as the carpeting under the steering. I was totally shocked now I understood the strange odor in my car from day one. .. no new car smell for me
Their solution: they offered me a brand new car to replace the one I bought BUT I must pay in a further R8000.00 or they will fix it and hand my smelly car back to me.. Why?? I ask... I did nothing wrong? Well other than buy a Renault that is. Why must I pay for something that is entirely their fault, their shoddy workmanship? Should Renault not stand up for its reputation? They should give me a brand new non leaking car because that is what I thought I was buying in the first place. I understand it will come at a cost to them, but this is their fault not mine, I paid my R15000.00 deposit and unbeknown to me I was purchasing an inferior product.
Renault has now had my car for two weeks; they found that the front windscreen did not have a seal. They have also since then found that they needed to replace the clutch and also the flywheel… my car is not even 3 months old yet…
Renault South Africa, come to the party and do the right thing here. Trust me an unhappy customer you do not want…. As I feel now, I deeply regret ever stepping foot into a Renault dealership. Never again.

Julia Elliott


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    AshleyK Oct 21, 2012

    I agree Julia I bought a Sandero Cup and I regret buying it definitely. I had so many issue when I bought it last year and Renault Cape Town did not give a damn. I have the car since February of 2011 and to be honest it feels much older than what it is. Granted the clutch got messed up when it went for a service but still it's a cheaply made car. I will never ever but a Renault. And whats worse I get screwed with insurance because it's a French even though it's made in SA.

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  • Mu
    Musa Ndlovu Aug 19, 2013

    I am also one angry Renault customer, I bought my Sandero 1.4 on the 24th of April this year, last week Wednesday 14 /08/2013 after picking my daughter from school, when we got to the car, the steering wheel was locked, I stayed there for an hour trying to turn it round and round thinking it will unlock but to no luck until I realised that the car is not unlocking, then I called the AA and they toured my car to the nearest Renault Dealers .I actually thought it was a minor problem but to be told that "there need to replace the steering wheel and the amazing part being they don’t have parts in SA they need to order from France “ok I understand now get me a courtesy car while you sort all that” .You know its been 5 DAY today 19/08/13 I cant move to anyway, I Have my kids to school, I have work to get to, I attend night classes .And all I hear is we will get you a car, we are working on it . Very unhappy Musa

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    Kapuka Sep 03, 2016

    I residing in Namibia and I bought the car from Renault Namibia. Six months after buying the vehicle, it started overheating and the reef kept on going up and down. I reported this problem to Renault in Windhoek on many occasions and I have proof of this. One day this car was parked under the shade at my workplace around 14h00 after I pick up my kids from school.

    Around 15h00, I went out of my office to go pick up my wife from work, and when I arrived at the parking, I just saw water running under my car. Opened the boat, I just saw it came from my car. The car overheated again and the engine failed to function. I reported it Associated Motors Holdings in Windhoek. It was then taken there to be fixed. It was fixed and I was given a written guarantee that it was never to have that problem again, and that it was just a manufacturing problem and that AMH requested an expert from Renault South Africa and fixed the problem. But just two weeks ago, the water pipe got burst and the started overhearing again with a message on the display(Check Injection System) and this message has been there since the overheating problem started.

    I discussed this with the managers at AMH Namibia, and as well as the MD. I am afraid to use this car anymore, and would like to talk to the MD of Renault South Africa before I take this further.

    Kind regards
    Mr Frans Kapuka

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