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horrible.created account to transfer $1500. I have a 10 digit account number but use part of it ( shorter 6 digit one) in general. Remit2india had no issues verifying the shorter 6 digit number and taking the $1500 for beginning of transaction. After i went back in and updated my account number to the 10 digit one, i called customer service explained everything. they assured me they have it all handled and i will not even need to call back. a month passed with no further response and the transaction still on hold. when i called after that, they asked me to create a new account with the 10 digit account number and everything. I did that, called them back (yes i have to call them every time they never do) and confirmed everything. they said issue is not fully resolved i wont need to call back again. A month later, status is unchanged my money is still with them. At this point i had already invested 15 odd emails and about 25 phone conversations with them wasting my valuable office hours. it has been 3 months now and i just want my money back. they still have my money held up. i have email proofs of all of this. Thing that irks me the most is how they were so easily able to pull money from my account and keep it but when asked to refund i have to run behind them constantly emailing and calling during my work hours where every call they assure is the last but it never is.
FYI i transfer money to India with Xoom every month no issues since past 5 years I dont even know their customer care number they are so good.
Please do not take this review with a grain of salt. i never write reviews and i had to let the world know of how horrible remit2india service is.

Jul 05, 2019
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  • Jc
      Jul 12, 2019

    If customer service is not in your country of residence then don't use overseas company services either be Remit2India. If CService is in India then forget customer satisfaction. Better look for alternatives when you call local CS agent and report. Alternatively go by lodging a compliant at financial fraud government agency of your country. I had a bad experience with Remit2India. Very bad customer service.

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