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Money Transfer to India — Atrocious Service and Pathetic communication

I wanted to transfer $ 25, 000 to India from US and since i had exhausted my limit in Remitly and Xoom, i had use Remit 2 India. I called the customer service (Relationship Manager) and it was answered by Abhiranjan Singh and gave me instructions for doing a wire transfer. I followed the instructions and sent the wire to Money Dart account for Weir Kansas from BofA account on 3/13/20 . I then got a call from the verification department on 3/14/20 validating my information and asked for additional bank statements to be uploaded. I did this on the same day. So far my experience was seamless.

My troubles started there after. On monday morning 03/16 the site showed that the status was pending verification which i didn't understand since the verification was completed on Saturday morning (03/14). Then on Wednesday a day after when my funds were to be in India, the status was updated as "Transaction cancelled as the send option days expired".

Since then I sent 6 mails and tried to call the customer service 20 times and have not received any meaningful response.

The behaviour of the company is extremely callous, atrocious and bordering on fraudulent.

I hope someone will respond.

Money Transfer to India

Initiated transfer on 16feb2020, yet not received by recipient. Simply holding funds stating recipient name does not match with account name. Provided all documents (including bank statement of recipient) yet no progress. Every day they start over from scratch & holding funds for no reason. Email trail is not read by any of customer representatives. Highly disappointed

refund after cancel a transaction

On 30/12/2019 we requested the Remit2India to cancel a transaction because we were unable to produce the document which they ask us to submit.Before they complete the document verification they already taken the money from our account .We submitted the bank statement which reflecting the the money has been taken to their company and they mentioned it will take only 2-3 business days and I am still waiting for the refund.Few times we tried to contact them but no results .
RTRN number is [protected]
Cancel ref no 6617077

money transfer

Money on hold after providing the required documents. False promise of transferring money the same day even after following their guidelines. Every single relationship manager comes with a new story contacted more than 10. Asking for 4 months of bank statement credit and debit which is weird. After a month email comes through as closed no instructions of how to get the money back. I guess they trying to frustate customers and expecting them to leave their money forever so they can use that money to lure new customers with fake offers

horrible customer service

Remit2India Customer Service is totally horrible and have decided not to use this as an provided for any of my foreign transactions. They take almost 10 working days to transfer funds and are switching between Guaranteed / Indicative payments based on their convenience when the exchange rates are High/ Low. While I have not selected the Guaranteed / Indicative modes for my payments, this has been set based on their convenience.
1) The mode has been set to Guaranteed when the exchange rate was low.
2) The mode has been set to Indicative when the exchange rate was high.

money transfer

I have made money transfer using Remit2India new app, normally my transfer completes in a day, however, it didn't complete the same day so i called Remit2India customer service. They told me it will credit in my account 2 hours, it never happened and I called remit2India customer service and they told me that the transaction went to the different path so it will credit in 4 to 5 days. After hearing that I have requested to cancel that transaction. They told me that it will be available in my account dashboard. However, it was not there and customer service updated me that it will update in a day at that time i can cancel.

If you call customer service if you are looking for a money transfer someone will attend the call quickly. For status updates or any other support, you have to wait for minutes sometimes hours.

I never have seen any cancel option, I have sent an email to customer service that too I got a reply after 4 days that they are looking at my issue. Long story short after 8 days still I am unable to cancel or money is not credited into my account.

I have called customer service again, the first department handover my call to another department and in the second department, I have requested to escalate the situation to his supervisor. That person said they don't have that option and they will call me back in 30 mnts.

Still, I am waiting for my money which got debited from my account a week ago.

online money transfer

Never use this Remit2india for money transfer. They were holding my money for verification purpose and customer can't contact verification team directly and live on the mercy on verification team. Their customer service is world, fraudulent on exchange rate and WORST verification process... Takes forever to complete transaction. They want to deal customer as per their need., I have recently been introduced by my friend and it was my worst experience of my life... Now me and other 2 friends have closed our account with them.

refund of funds

I have initaiated a transaction on Oct 1, 2019. The team said that the documents are under verification process. Remit2 india were not able to verify my documents as it was not uploading. After several times documents emailing, still they were unable to upload my documents .Meanwhile they told me to transfer the funds which I did. I asked them to cancel my account and refund my funds. Since one month they have taken my funds and yet returned in my account. Every day I am following but there is no action to return my money. Is this a Fraud company? Will have to seek a legal service to file against this company. My email address is [protected]

money transfer

I have sent $5000 and rate displayed to me was 53.70 RS per CAD on the same day Transfast was offering 53.60 and Remitley was offering 53.49 RS per cad. but I did transfer with...


I have initiated a transaction with remit2india a week ago, submitted all the necessary documents. Whenever i try to call them within the week they are saying transaction is with the compliance team. Collected all my personal details and cancelled the transaction after week on today. They have stolen my personal data with the name of money transfer and finally cancelled the transaction. Since the exchange rate reduced from the day i booked the transaction they intentionally put that on hold and finally cancelled the transaction. This is world's #1 worst service provider.


The most horrible customer service ever.

Not sure why they are not already closed down or sued by some one.

Only thing they are spending on is marketing, advertise better rates than other providers to attract customers. Once you fall into their trap, you are stuck!

I initiated a transfer on 6th August, and every single day till date( 23rd August) has been a night mare and I'm yet to receive my money back. Their is simply no way to reach them. Have spent hours on hold on the hotline with no body to receive the call. Emails to support hotline dont get responded to. I have now managed to request for cancellation of the transaction and request a refund. Dont know when that will be actioned by them

worst ever online money services on this planet

Please please please please please please please listen everybody bothers and sisters don't send your money through this Remit2India. My RTRN is [protected]. Recently 4 days before i made a transaction of AUD8383 to India. Still it in pending and showing KYC process even though i submitted my passport copy and Australian address proof more than 8 times. im trying to get contact them through the phone the number is not working. If i could i give MINUS 10 stars out of 5 stars to remit2india. Can anyone please tell me how get them in contact. Please tell me solution as well. Thank you.

money is held up by remit2india

My remit2india trx no is RTRN2810537002.
It is in status 'pending KYC' although I have already provided my passport details.
Now let me know when will the transaction be processed ?
In case you cannot do it in 1 day, I am asking to cancel the trx and refund my money to my bank

I have sent multiple emails, but to no avail.
Everytime I send a mail, I receive a genetic reply.
Also the customer service is very poor. No one ever receives the call

money transfer

I initiated a transaction to transfer money to my Indian account on Jul 22, 2019. I was asked to submit my passport info, which I obliged and sent immediately. The money was supposed to be transferred to my account before the end of the month. However, its been more than 15 days, not only did they delayed the transfer of the money, they are not responding to my emails or call back requests. It seems like a scam to me and I am worried about my money stuck there forever. My trans ID: [protected]

money transfer not processed

RTRN No. [protected]
This complaint is regarding remit2india money transfer business. I have done money transfer online on 5th july 2019 and the beneficiary still has not received the money. Not much information is given about why it is not approved. All the required documents were provided but still no money either in beneficiary's account or refund to my account. Very hard to contact them.
Transferred amount 2000AUD.
Beneficiary name: Paras Kalra.

fund transfer to india

I booked a transaction to send to India via remit2India, a day later told me there is an issue with bank. When i asked what went wrong. They did not tell me, i got email stating that KYC documents incomplete. When i looked at the portal, there is not listing of documents to be submitted. I contacted again, they said they can't proceed with the transaction. Two days later, i asked Remit2India to cancel the transaction and refund. Bloody 8days now, I have not received my funds yet. Firstly, asked to provide the bank details to credit my funds. When i send the details, Remit2India said these details are not matching. THen i send other bank details. They said, we will process it. It is 8 days now, i did not get my money back. HOw horrible is this. We send money for maintenance purpose for food and medical needs. If these people give such harsh treatment for refund. Like bloody wants bribe to get my own money. Is there any place i can complaint to authority. REMIT2INDIA IS WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. I read the other peoples opinion. Everything is good untill you go through the difficult situation. Remit2India is a very bad customer service. To test what i have gone through try ask for refund see how they will treat you.


I will give them less than zero rating, absolute [censored] service
Start being transparent and stop wasting others time

Today I called remit2india in afternoon spoke to servicesales team and did a aud2000 transaction (you call it instant transfer)
After six hours they came back asking me to provide documentation, I have done several transactions with remit2india couple of months back and my questions:
1.) why I was not told upfront, before initiating that transaction, that I need to upload documents
2.) why you need documentation every other month, last I did my transaction in march
3.) nobody know the minimum number of days or months when you are required new documents
4.) stop selling this [censored] service in name of instant transfers
5) I was told refund will take three days, you kidding me, I paid you right away and you will take 4 days to return my money, this is not fair
5.) start being transparent and stop wasting others time

Stop taking money out of peoples pocket and actually start working for it

money transfer

horrible.created account to transfer $1500. I have a 10 digit account number but use part of it ( shorter 6 digit one) in general. Remit2india had no issues verifying the shorter 6 digit number and taking the $1500 for beginning of transaction. After i went back in and updated my account number to the 10 digit one, i called customer service explained everything. they assured me they have it all handled and i will not even need to call back. a month passed with no further response and the transaction still on hold. when i called after that, they asked me to create a new account with the 10 digit account number and everything. I did that, called them back (yes i have to call them every time they never do) and confirmed everything. they said issue is not fully resolved i wont need to call back again. A month later, status is unchanged my money is still with them. At this point i had already invested 15 odd emails and about 25 phone conversations with them wasting my valuable office hours. it has been 3 months now and i just want my money back. they still have my money held up. i have email proofs of all of this. Thing that irks me the most is how they were so easily able to pull money from my account and keep it but when asked to refund i have to run behind them constantly emailing and calling during my work hours where every call they assure is the last but it never is.
FYI i transfer money to India with Xoom every month no issues since past 5 years I dont even know their customer care number they are so good.
Please do not take this review with a grain of salt. i never write reviews and i had to let the world know of how horrible remit2india service is.

  • Jc
    JCL123 Jul 12, 2019

    If customer service is not in your country of residence then don't use overseas company services either be Remit2India. If CService is in India then forget customer satisfaction. Better look for alternatives when you call local CS agent and report. Alternatively go by lodging a compliant at financial fraud government agency of your country. I had a bad experience with Remit2India. Very bad customer service.

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cheating on exchange rate

When I booked transaction with remit2india (customer id : 2666522)transfer rate USD to INR was showing as 74.1 INR, so I was little impressed with rate as it was 10-15 paisa...

payment not received

I have made transfer one week before and I was told that my money will be received by next working day which was 4 days ago. But so far they did not do any transfer and I even asked to credit back my money. No response from their team. There is no toll free number outside India and I cant access my account. Though I can access sometimes, no status updates actually under My Transations. Worst experience I ever faced with any of 3rd party service providers. WOULD NOT recommend this Remit2India to ANYONE

money transfer

Remit2India. Has the Worst customer service and False Claim of amount being remitted same day. I emailed & also called Toll free and waited for 26 minutes to reach reception then he put me on hold to connect customer service rep which did not happen. They employ all means to escape on customer service WORST SERVICE.

I have made a transfer of 1900AUD $ with RTRN no [protected] Date of Transaction 04 Sept 2018, from My Bank account to Bank account both accounts verified ages ago still awaiting funds to be remitted. With out any means contact customer care. I need a Refund ASAP If you cant make the remittance by Today.

money transfer
money transfer
money transfer

remittance of funds from us giving false promises

Remit2india belongs to times of India. Now lost faith in toi group. My son has availed service of remit2india for express transfer on 31st august 2018 being 1st transaction after...

online transfer

7312 I had transferred money an amount of AED 3700 from my Rak Bank account to UAE Exchange for remitting to my Indian account in ICICI Bank . It has been 5th days and I have no clue...

transfer funds

Remit2India failed to transfer the funds in the promised time frame. When my father did not receive money after so many days I called Remit2india only to be told that they are waiting for me to update my phone number. They failed to inform me that they were not going to process the transfer until this happened. They even failed to inform me that they even wanted me to update my phone number.
i believe that they were holding the funds deliberately to benefit from it and their intention was to delay the transaction.

remitting money

friday 29 june 2018 - compliance team - wring information
30 june saturday - wrong status + wrong emails sent
1-4 july - various people couldn't help - no one senior available - gaurav most senior cover? called again - he was talking call ? confuse supervisor or agent
call waited - on mute and hung up
still problem with transfer
wrong information given every single call POOR POOR Customer service

money transfer service

Let me start by saying that i've used this dreaded company for over 5 years now, (was just complacent to find someone else, thought why fix it when it ain't broken). So here it is these guys suck @ whatever they do.

Recent experience : tried to send money a week back and lo and behold they wanted all kinds of new information starting with my income (don't know how that matters), year's of stay in remitting county (again doesn't matter), sex, occupation etc.. (all immaterial) and finally driver's license # (intrustion of privacy) and here is the fun part that they want a scanned copy of it. Now I try uploading it almost every format they accept and unable to do it and keep getting error message of incorrect file format. So as a regular use I write to 'em 'bout it (I include a copy of my license and a screenshot of the error message) and they send a response of 48hrs time to fix it (also that I communicate with them using the registered email) and then respond stating they are trying to contact me on my phone # and it goes into voice mail and that I need to provide a working # (this seemed [censored] as they could leave me a voice message but didn't understand why though), so I replied back to 'em stating why do u even need to talk to me as you ask me to communicate thru the mail and also that you have a copy of my driver's license and the screenshot and why don't u just upload it yourself in the background and save me the trouble. I even called and spoke with some [censored] who was a condescending [censored] why didn't have a clue on what I was talking (guess they don't put notes) and so after I explain the whole ordeal his response was that I have to upload the needed document in order to proceed when I was trying to tell him that i'm unable to upload and hence I was calling and still he insisted on me trying to do it again (which i've tried multiple times and failed), I kinda got tired of speaking to him after realizing it's they don't understand the sense of urgency as he didn't even offer to give me a solution or put me to his supervisor and then I hung up asking them not to call me ever. Next I get a response to my email a fourth time from the same guy "augustine lobo" saying "we regret the delay in our response and the inconvenience. We are following up on your case with the appropriate team and shall update you at the earliest. Your patience and trust in us would be highly appreciated." I realized they copy and paste pre determined responses, nobody absolutely cares or has a clue when you call 'em as you have to repeat the whole issue again, and the person who replies to the email probably is instructed to keep buying time. What I didn't understand was...

1. They have a copy of the required document (emailed it twice as attachments 2 diff ones.)
2. Common sense made me think can he/she get with a supervisor or it dept and just upload that rather than asking me keep trying to upload it inspite of me getting an error message.
3. Not one time I got a feeling that I as a loyal customer was not appreciated for my business, apologized to for their incompetence an lack of internal communication.
4. It's been a week and they don't seem to get the sense of urgency that a customer is trying to send money overseas and it could be for a medical emergency, some dire need, a family catastrophe and all we are doin' is asking the customer to wait and keep buying time.

Afer all this I looked up online for remit3india's reviews and saw a 2 star and understood that the company sucks on every aspect, customer service is terrible, no escalation of any sort. I had to write this detailed reveiw so that another person doens't get blinded and brainwashed in using their services.

I hate to give 1 star as they don't deserve even that and there is nothing worse to give 'em. They are a bunch of [censored] useless [censored] who are getting paid to dilly dally, pass on the buck and repeat their non helping responses and make you run from pillar to post. Please do youself a favour and use other services like remitly etc... Who actually give you a better rate and faster deposit time and better customer service.

An extremely disappointed customer.

transferring money

I did book two transaction with remit2india it was on 8/11/2017
it was cancelled coz we was register with facebook account and passport name is not same. That customer id is 2601652.
Then after we ask money back and we got call from remit2india make new account and do transfer on 9/11/2017. We make new Customer ID: 2602499
Remit2India ask me my tax return. It was my privacy details so I was not agree to provide it. It was not advice by agent.

Now they saying that they will take charges $ 10 from each transaction

  • Cs
    CSR2I Nov 20, 2017

    Hi Tinu,
    Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. As a part of our regular security monitoring process, all customer accounts and transactions are run through internal compliance and monitoring controls. The transactions are processed only after proper due diligence. We regret to inform you that your Remittance request could not be processed due to compliance controls. We had initiated a refund to your source bank account on November 10, 2017.
    We value your relationship with us and look forward to serve you in future.

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completely unprofessional

I am frequent remitter from US and used remit2India for first time, Its always good to have verification check done at receiver end, below is my story. My Aunt was hospitalized...

transaction from australia to india

I transfer AUD2000 to my indian bank account (state bank of india) on 17th July2017. I called customer care becauee i was using remit2India first time and asked for instant transfer. As i follow him and made my first transaction but uts been 3 days I haven't receive my money. Everytime i call customer care they give me an excuse sir wait till 8pm wait for next 4 hours, we promise your money will be delivered by tonight but actually its not. My customer ID 2582574. I am really frustrated could you please help me to refund my money if they cant transfer my money so i can use Westernunion at least they are good at their services.

Pankaj sharma

  • Cs
    CSR2I Jul 21, 2017

    Hi Pankay,

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. We have investigated the matter and confirmed that the funds were credited to the receiver’s bank account on July 20, 2017. Please be assured, we would take all corrective steps to ensure such delays does not recur.

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  • Pa
    Pankaj1166 Jul 21, 2017

    @CSR2I Thanks team
    As I already mentioned you must regularly check when IMPS reverse the transaction. I'll be happy if customer representative explain the situations in correct manner and resolve the issue

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  • Cs
    CSR2I Jul 26, 2017

    Hi Pankaj,
    We appreciate your efforts in providing us your feedback as it is of utmost importance to improve our services. We have made a note of it and will certainly evaluate the same.

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money not refunded

Not a good company to deal with. Avoid at any cost.

Here is my experience with these people:
1. I booked a transaction with them on a Sunday 7th Feb.
2. The money was taken from my account the very same day through bank to bank channel. 3. There was a verification error on Monday morning and I had to cancel the transaction.
4. I was told to send a request through email to their "team" along with my bank details and that money will be returned to my account in 48 hours.
5. I did that and again there was no reply, I called back and they informed me that I did not use the registered email address.
6. I send them another email and call back to find that there is an account mismatch. Since my wife is the primary account holder I now have to provide her details.
7. Its been over since that conversation 72 hours and I have not seen the money. Every time I call, I get the same answer that I will get the money back soon.

I feel sorry for the call centre guys, they are the ones dealing with enraged clients. I have lived in Australia for over decade and I have never had to deal with so much bureaucracy. Everything is instantaneous and done via mobile apps here. Why do I need to give them a call everyday to get something as simple as reverting a transaction.

My advise to you guys will be that's its not worth the hassle. You may have 10 smooth transactions with them but trust me if you are stuck on the 11th their bureaucratic process will enrage you like nothing else.

I will stick to my bank. They charge a premium to transfer the funds, but at the end of the day it gets done. All I will need to do now is use my banks phone app.

Lesson learned.

  • Cs
    CSR2I Feb 23, 2017

    Dear Reviewer54360,
    I am writing of behalf of Remit2India. To enable us to assist you, pelase write to us at [email protected]

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  • Ra
    Raj_mehrotra Jul 17, 2017

    I also have been facing similar problem. The compliance verification is taking for ever. I am transferring only $950.

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  • Cs
    CSR2I Jul 21, 2017

    @Raj_mehrotra Hi Raj,

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. We understand that our service representative got in touch with you and assisted you to process the amount against a new transaction.

    We look forward to your continued patronage.

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looks how they cheating

If the rate shows on Remit2India Rs 60.83 for $10, 000, check the below math how much you will get at the end..You will get only Rs 60.67 Below is the calculation of the amount...

cheating / customer fraud

Remit2India money transfer service is actively involved in money exchange fraud with dubious assurances and cheat customers like me for the money with their fraudulent mechanism...

Remit 2 Indiafraudulent withholding of remittance

I used the services of remit 2 india to affect a remittance to my account in india on the 7th of june. As per the procedure provided on their website I completed all formalities / uploaded all necessary information for the transaction and thereafter transferred funds to their local bank in singapore and uploaded the details of the trasaction on their website.. This transaction was carried out by me on the 7th afternoon and the funds would have been transferred within three working days i. E by 11th of june assuming that the day of the transaction was not counted.
As of today i. E the 14th of june the status tracker fro my transaction on their web site still indicates - money awaited. This is after numerous calls to their toll free customer care numer (singapore no. [protected]) and even forwarding of the tranfer and payee details as requested by the customer care to track the transfer. Further no reasoning for delay has been provided and justification for the request for the statement inspite of the details of the transfer including account no. Being entered on their web site has been provided.
The toll free number provided by the company also seems to have been manipulated whereby one is never able to get through to a customer care executive if one choses the option of being an existing customer. However if one exercises the option of being a new customer wishing to make a fresh trasaction the call is connected immediately.
The actions of the company provide ample evidence of fraudulant benifit from withholding remittance funds until the exchange rate is favourable to them (the sgd to inr has changes by over 2% since the transfer of funds).

  • Ro
    RohitShe Jul 01, 2013

    They do same here in USA, they keep transaction pending until they get a good benefit out of it, customer service is only for news customers or new transactions. I am customer of remit2india since last 7-8 years, their transaction rate were never good but at least they used to do transactions in 3-4 days but now it has became worst, they take 8-10 days and my recent transaction is under compliance verification since last 10 days, I have called numerous times but nothing is done till now.

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This is a fraud company. They take longest time for remittance. But in between in they get lower rate, they complete the transaction. Their motive is to give you minimum possible rate. Please try for yourself. The exchange rate which you will get will be much lower than their advertised rate on their website, . They lure you by showing good rates and then give you 30-40 paise less for every dollar. Stay away from them. Also, they are the only ones whose telemarketers will call you repeatedly to convince you to transfer money. No one else does so. They used to offer fixed rate money transfer also but they stopped because its in their blood to cheat. They cant play it fair. Try them 2 times and you will know for yourself if you pay attention.

  • He
    Hemantc Jun 05, 2012


    Dont transfer money from remit2india. They are big fraud. They wait till the currency conversion rate come down and then transfer money. On the site it is mentioned that money will be transfer in 4 days and in my case they waited for 7 days and only on the date the conversion rate was the lowest in lall 7 days. They dont reply to mails when I made the complain. Use XOOM or statebank to do it.

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  • Cs
    CSR2I Jun 08, 2012

    Dear Customer,
    I am writing on behalf of Remit2India. We would like to assist you with your concerns.
    We request you to write to us at [email protected]

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  • Dg
    dgnet Nov 20, 2012

    I have same experience. They are cheaters. They transfer money when it is at lowest. They put false rates on their site.

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continuing fruad

I sent 15K Sing dollars through Remit2india to my Indian account and it took much more than normal. I completed all the required checks and verification within 3 days. Still they took 4 more days to credit my money, which they did on the day when the exchange rates are the least. And I got the lowest rate on that particular day. I lost around INR14000/- When I called them they had no proper answer.
I checked all my previous transactions with Remit2india and shocked to see that they did this every time when the amount of money is more that 5K
Surprised to see this is still continuing ...

  • Cs
    CSR2I Sep 18, 2012

    Dear Customer,
    I am writing on behalf of Remit2India. We would like to assist you with your concerns.
    We request you to write to us at [email protected]

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  • Ba
    Baby rani Jun 15, 2018

    I have same experience very disappointing

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delay in transfers for larger amount

I have been using remit2india for transfers to India for more than two years now. In the last 6 months, I have started noticing a pattern that whenever the transfer amount i...

big time fraud

I used remit2india to transfer $15K to India on Jan 25th, 2012.
Normally, takes 3-4 working days
When transaction was not completed, I enquired with remit2india and was told that the transaction would need another week, because of technical difficulties. but finally When the transaction was completed on 7th feb and the rate applied was of the day when the transaction was completed, (as opposed to 3-4 days from Jan 25th 2012).
This has resulted me a loss of about INR 20000.
They have stopped replying to my mails and refuse to remunerate me and to my surprise when i checked all my previous transacations the rate they offered was considerebly less than the rate which was prevailing on that day of teh transfer . These duffers not only delayed the transfer deliberatly and top of it transfered it at a much lesser rate . Ripping me of both ways.
plese do NOT USE REMIT2INDIA for transfer and top of it there is absolutely no customer service, no number to call and its all through emails and every time you reply you see one automated response and when i replied back i will take them to consumer forum that reply also stopped.

  • Cs
    CSR2I Mar 01, 2012

    Dear Customer,
    I am writing on behalf of Remit2India. We would like to assist you with your concerns.
    We request you to write to us at [email protected]

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cheated me

I used remit2india to transfer $10K to India on Jan 25th, 2012. Normally, takes a week. When transaction was not completed, I enquired with CS and was told that the transaction...


I have been using remit2india for past four years with minor problem. This time they just pushed the buttons. My two transactions never got compliance call and I tried calling...

this company cheated me off my hardearned money

I am not sure whose door I should knock to get justice to my hardearned money.

I transferred $45000 through this company through their new scheme of getting a higher exchange rate and was duped in the whole process. While the rate that was given to me was Rs.48.44/$, the prevailing rate for that day from their competitors where around Rs.49.40/$. In the entire context, I lost close to Rs. 43200 where they made close to Rs.0.96.

I have written to their escalation department on this issue. They dont seem to care or work out a decent deal on this. Inspite of providing proper documentation on that particular day's exchange rates from different banks, I have been given a ridiculous reason of time of exchange.

Please stay away from this company. I am really struggling to find a source who can fight this for me to get back my hard earned money. Is there someone who can help me with this that I can work with? I am not going to let go off this so easily.

  • Ss
    ss76 Nov 29, 2011

    yes they take lot of time. never use them and use some other service there are some other services transferring money same day and better rate.

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