Regal Cinemasmistreatment


Me and a friend went to the movie theaters on Chapman and Brookhurst, Regal Cinemas 16 . We bought our tickets. We were waiting outside for a little while the movie started, and I went inside to use the restroom. There was a security at the time working and he screamed at me asking me for my tickets but in a very rude way. I then told him not to speak in that manner towards me. He then continued telling me "So?" I told him I had my tickets but I urgently needed to use the restroom and he didn't need to be treating people like that and that I was going to file a complain against him. So then I went to a manager to tell her about what had just happened. She sided with him, giving me attitude, so I asked for our money back and after she gave us our money back she told us never to come back. I never spoke to her in a bad manner so I didn't think it was right of them to treat us in that manner. I will never recommend Regal Cinemas to anyone I know because it wasn't the only time me or my kids were treated unfairly. Sincerely, Maria


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    RACobb May 17, 2014

    I, m seeing this also here at Regal in Hillsboro OR. Regal is now hiring thug security to police their theaters. I, m a Montessori school business owner and father of 4. The concession stand forgot to give me a straw for my drink and I searched for one out in the lobby till I gave up. At this point there was no way to ask for one with the concession crush and now the movie had started. I went to sit down and then asked my 19 yr old son to see if he could find one. He had been looking to get a job there in the past. He walked up to the ticket taker in the lobby and asked where he could find a straw. At this point the concession line had blocked him out side the security fence at the ticket takers station. A security thug/### asked my son for his ticket even after employee, s and including the security had seen him leave the #10 movie room. Since I had the tickets they had to find me. I told this over zealous security ### that this never would have happened if the concession had been doing their job. As far as I, m concerned they are and inept in their performance of duty and ruined our experience here. Security even lied and told me that my son came from outside the building to gain access.

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