Today I discovered a charge to my debit card of approx $35. Someone created an account in my name with my email address. I don't know how they got all the information.


  • Jo
    Joeyonli Jul 25, 2011

    The same thing happened to me. When I called reelvidz they literally laughed at me and hung up on me. they said there were no refunds and about three times hung up on me. But I figured out a way to get your money back. Keep calling them over and rude, yell at them and just keep annoying them. After about 3 days of this, they gave up and refunded my money! Their number is 877-801-9072. press option 3, then option 1, then option 2 and you will be directed to a live operator. then have fun with them!

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  • Fe
    feathergirl44 Sep 24, 2011

    I'm having the same experience after watching a movie in late July and cancelling the trial membership. However, I've not yet received a refund, but wil keep calling.

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