Red Rooster Foodsrooster roll

A Aug 11, 2018

Dear Sir / Madam,
I've been a fan of Red Rooster for years and never sent a letter of complaint like this to a company, but after last night I really felt I should.
One of your products has been steadily declining in quality for a number of years - I'm talking about the simple Rooster Roll. It's not what's contained in the roll, but
how it's prepared.
I was driving back to Melbourne last night and stopped in Cranbourne at about 10.00pm get get some long overdue dinner. I ordered a Rooster Roll. At least I think
that's what it was. What I received was a hot, soggy mess that looked and felt like it had been dipped in a bucket of boiling water. I promptly threw it out.
At the risk of sounding naive, could I suggest that Red Rooster invest in a number of those "fast toasting" units that they use in "Subway"? I understand that a
Rooster Roll probably goes from frozen to microwave, but another 15 or 20 seconds in a "fast toasting mating" would make it actually edible. I'm sure grateful
customers would endure the extra waiting time. On the plus side, I'm also sure that you could use it for other items & it would increase sales substantially.
Just a suggestion.
Thanks for your time.

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