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L Sep 07, 2018

My disappointment and concern is I have purchased 1/2 chicken and chips from the Mornington store on two separate occasions receiving Luke warm chicken and chips. The chicken served in this manner is a health hazard.
On both occasions the chicken box is limp which is an indication that the chicken has been sitting in the box for sometime. I know this for a fact because red rooster has been my favourite takeaway for many years therefore I know after sometime the condensation causes the box to go limp, same with the chips.
On returning home from my drive thru purchase last night, 2 minute drive, the box was limp! I took one bite of chicken and almost had to spit it out, luke warm again.
I purchase red rooster at least once a fortnight and have never experienced what The Mornington store serves.
The drive thru sign is hand written, which made me think this store is unprofessional and the owner obviously does not spend money on repairs and maintenance.
I request a refund if the $15 purchase please.
I also request you investigate what Mornington's procedures are and possibly check their warming ovens are in order.
You will see from the photo attached the chicken skin is soggy

chicken and chips
chicken and chips

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