Red ONE Networkunbarred issue

A Jul 11, 2019

my name is amirul adha b abd malek. im currently redone telco subscriber. my number is [protected]. my issue is unbarred line rejected after making payments. in month of may i received payments notifications as usual to make payments as instructed according to the date given. redone will send notification updating amount and new date to settle the bill. i have made payments based on the last notifications sent to me and called up redone customer care. The rep who answered updated me saying my line will still be suspended untill i make another payments for the month of july as it is being charged every 1st of every mnth.. i am informed that those bills will be notified to be paid either end of the month or next following month. however the last and latest update of notification clearly stated i need to settled my outstanding bill by 15th july. i made my full payment by 11th july, yet according to rep.. i havent and need to makecanother balance payment of rm71++ to unbar my line. the rep informed that all notifications is updated and i should follow as the notified updates..
herewith i attached my proof that shows redone has misrepresents its chargers in a very technical profound way that confuses its customers. i may be 1 of them, however i assume i am not. others may kept silent due to "its the company's policy".. but i cant. i see unjusts practises to confuse consumers. i hope the right agency will look at this matter seriously as this would build up hidden charges, overcharge and such that consumers are not aware of..i refer to latest notifocations as each updated notification overrides previous ones especially about making payments. i have sent this same report to [email protected] and [protected] to look into this matter

unbarred issue
unbarred issue
unbarred issue

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