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Reach Localexcessive charges, no customer service

Company promises advertising on Search Engines, as stated on their website:
"Technology To maximize the value of each advertising dollar, our patent-pending technology intelligently selects media, then tracks, optimizes and reports results for local advertising campaigns".

YET DELIVERS - far less.

Company does not follow advertisers written intstructions as to search phrases to use, charges excessive rates for the ads, fails to provide minimal customer support.

Company also attempts to charge for campaigns beyond the contract terms and fails to deliver minimal customer service.

Representatives are argumentative, obnoxious and refuse to admit to well documented mistakes and over charges.


  • Mi
    Micolina Feb 16, 2015

    I worked for Reach Local's Plano office, a suburb of Dallas, TX. There is a lot of truth to the negative reviews and a little truth or these people just got lucky that had the positive reviews. Having worked as an Inside Sales Rep., I can tell you it's a bit shady in the Plano office; I can't speak to any of their other offices. I think C-Level management means well, but the level below them, down to the Sales Managers are low-rent and frankly don't know what they are doing. If you do well selling there, you will get moved into management at that's a fact. The turnover there is really quite something. I worked there for 6 months and saw management and salespeople turnover from one day to the next about 4 times! My manager was clueless, being about 24yrs. old, of course, he had never managed anyone, just got lucky selling a couple of large clients. The CEO stepped down just after I left, and that was a bit odd-- no one would or could talk about it or they'd get a 'talking to'-- personally, I'd stay from any company that requires a contract for an Adwords campaign longer than 3 months. That's about how long it should take to tweak the words until you find the right ones to bring you a return on your investment. If they promise the moon, RUN. Responsible companies are thorough, transparent and never, ever set incredulous expectations with customers. If it's good to be true, then it probably is.

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  • Mr
    Mrbizzy May 23, 2013

    I disagree with the positive comments about Reach Local. I have run my own google adword campaign more effectively than Reach Local did in the past. Reach Local claims that they are experst in setting up campaigns. The why is Hades werent they able to set up the territory I was targeting. Why did they take forever to fix this simple fix? Why did they tell me that I would have a dedicated rep evalatuing my campaigns performance and yet I never heard from them? Why do they claim to have an algorithm that evaluates the campaigns performance and adjusts it to optimize the campaign and yet I saw no improvement. Blame it the client's website????????? I have one of the best website designs out there. Not only do I get compliments from customers but my competitors and other dealers continue to compliment my site. Easy for Reach Local to blame the site, as they service is a total SCAM. Oh and dont you love a company that charges a 50% cancellation fee? WTF? The money they spend on setting up and maintaining a campaign IS MINIMAL compared to the cost of the cancellation fee. NEVER EVER EVER sign a cancellation fee where the fee is 50% of the unearned revenue friends.. EVER. This company is a total scam. I wouldnt be surprised if it is run by the mafia.

    Am I affilated with another SEM or SEO company? NO. I am a small business owner who wants to educate other small business owners about being wise on who you work with and how you spend your money. Companies like Reach Local survice not based on their performance but based on fear. They sell fear. As a small business owner in this economy everyone wants to capture whatever sales they can. Reach Local knows the economy is bad. So they drill this fear in to you. The fear of overspending. The fear of targeting the right market. The fear that your competitor has a better campaign.

    Here is one test. ASK, no DEMAND that give you serveral references of customers that are satisfied with the campaign and customer service. Here is the response that you are going to get. "We protect the privacy of our customers. Would you want someone calling you?" HELL YES. If I am happy about a service or product, I have no problem having someone call me. SCAM people. A well coordinated Scam is what Reach Local is. I provide references for my work on a daily basis.

    Plesae do your research. Small business owners work hard for their money in this market. Dont give your money away to Reach Local.
    As far it being so good that it is going Public, ask yourself how many other "public" companies have scammed American investors and taxpayers! ALOT!!!

    Good Luck. I will pray for you.

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  • Re
    Reet G Apr 10, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No Company have right to deduct money from you credit card without permission. Its all about contact policy.

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  • Th
    Thinksmart Feb 11, 2011

    Man, we all like to talk crap don't we? Everyone that loves to post bad reviews about ANY company. Re-evaluate yourselves and think about how you would feel if these things were being said about you. Answer me one question, find me all your customers you "real business owners" have ever serviced and is EVERY LAST ONE 100% satisfied with what you delivered? Probably not. "you become what you think about all day long" start thinking positive and learn from your mistakes. Don't blame them on anyone else. Thanks!

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  • Ji
    jilliankz Feb 08, 2011

    Thank goodness for these complaint websites. I didn't bother to look at them until my company had several issues with A sales rep from reach local called last week to set up a meeting. I said ok, and immediately did my research. and everything that was listed in the above compliants was so true. They bad mouthed and several other advertising company. My company has a website through yellowbook. and the sales rep said he wanted to put a tracker with a number on there temporarily to track the number of "clicks". they said that they don't build websites. They wanted to charge $750 a month to get our name out there on the web and to get us higher up on the lists when you go to yahoo, google, and bing. He didn't seem to know a whole lot about what he was talking about. it was all [censor]. and he kept getting caught up in it. it was petty entertaining.

    1-Always do you research before you meet with a company.
    2- realize that depending on your particular company, there may be hundreds of buisnesses just like yours, so you may not be at the top of the list.
    3- these sales and advertisers are just about money, not about you or your company.
    4- when you do sign, always check and pay careful attention to what they offer and see that they follow thru.
    5- take an internet course or talk to somone who knows computers so you know what it is that they are talking aboiut

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  • Ju
    Juan Valdez Jan 27, 2011

    I own an auto repair shop. My complaint with reach local is they don't listen and they don't care. With my website I can see from the back end, I can see exactly what text people entered in the search engine to get to my website. In fact in most cases it will take me back to that exact Search page. Reach local kept putting me on the display network which got me nothing but junk clicks and guess what they spend zero seconds on my website. They also do not use negative keywords. For example someone typed in "auto repair manuals" I don't want that click. I repeatedly told them this. and then finally my rep said well just give us a list of the negative keywords you want us to use. I responded with "isn't that your job"... after 2 years with Reach local I would never use them again. I have been running my own adwords campaigns, I spend less, get I higher quality click, and a much higher conversion rate. It's alot of work, but it pays off. As for the product that reach local offers it works but you way way overpay for the few sales you get in return... think twice!

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  • Lo
    Loyd Ward & Assoc. Jan 25, 2011

    All that long winded speech tells us is your not in business, you probably work for them, and your very young. People like us have been in business for a very long time. These folks from the East are taking advantage of a very bad economy with business owners sweating hard for the money. We still have the same bills that add up very quickly. You can talk all you want. Fact is no one is listening because their scam artist and they are greedy at that. We are going to wipe these people out and put them where they belong once and for all. One more thing, , , it's a hand full of people not a big company. Just a handfull of New Yorkers thinking their doing something different. Give us a little more time. We have to show a paper trail to bring them down once and for all.

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  • Un
    unhappy business owner 2 Jan 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Ju
    Just ME c! Aug 26, 2010

    I don’t know anything about yext and I the only think I know about yodle is that they “stole” the business model from reachlocal but not the “technology”. I am, however, confused how anyone could say that ReachLocal is a scam. I’d be interested in what parts people think would make it a scam.

    Reachlocal offers a scalable, measurable, internet marketing solution.
    Any program with ReachLocal is 100% transparent. Advertisers have the ability to see exactly how their ad dollars are working and exactly what their ad dollar is doing for them. They offer a ppc campaign that optimized, they allocate the budget to the keywords that are converting to calls, emails or web events, they also offer display advertising with remarketing capabilities and “coming soon” is a social product that IS GOING TO BLOW YOU AWAY!

    Here’s what I think. I think there are a lot of small PPC companies that are loosing their best customers to companies like ReachLocal and they are scared because they don’t have the technology, the man power or the capabilities that ReachLocal has. I believe that these are the people who are post negative things about ReachLocal online. My suggestion to any advertiser out there is to do your own research. Call ReachLocal and have them come out and show you what they do. Remember is 100% transparent. You know exactly what you will be getting. Call Yodle and have them show you what they do. Don’t read bad reviews and automatically think that it’s the truth. ReachLocal was the 39th fastest growing technology company in 2009. They won the fastest growing technology company from deloitte in 2009. The only other internet company to win this award was google in 2004. I doubt they are a scam. Do you homework and I assure you that you will find that maybe some of the companies out there are scams or guessing but ReachLocal is NOT one of them.


    Happy Thursday.

    Oh, in case you want to research them.

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  • Hi
    hinkel44 Aug 04, 2010

    I used them for a 4 month contract in Sacramento at the end of '09. My company was promised a strong lead base and exposure for HVAC calls. I was continually harrassed by the sales agent for my monthly dues (up to 5 calls a day) and hardly recieved any leads. I paid $1200 a month and basically didn't get anything in return. The admitted that their campaign did not work well with my company and suggested that I might get a credit in form of more internet time but that never happened. I strongly advise people to invest their marketing money in another company beacuse Reach Local is a complete scam!!

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  • Ma
    mark7626 Jun 17, 2010

    I don't have much time to write what i would like to write but to be brief here i know for a fact that adwords is about the worst service if you want to call it that, i have ever used. They should provide some kind of help for all the money that they steal from customers. I have been charged for invalid clicks i tried to get help for weeks i wasted so much of my time i wont even say cause it's imbarasing, its impossible to get any help!, They must like ripping people off too in order to continue such a bad customer support program for adword service. I am sick of trying to read their lousy and pathetic help forums and other peoples problems trying to see if i can solve my own! If they want to continue to rip people off don't you think they should at least give a little rip off support!!!

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  • Ch
    chrismu May 04, 2010

    Interesting that you keep defending reachlocal huh reachlocal employee.

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  • Ad
    advanced auto works Apr 21, 2010

    I believe they have good customer service and did not have any kind of high pressure sales. They were very nice and explained everything to detail.

    What I do have a problem with is that the customer leads are 99% junk calls. I feel as if they have people going down call lists to rack up the calls. If this service was $5 per call I would feel that it is more worth the cost. But the majority of the calls are $20 and it is nothing but people asking just the right questions to flag as a "qualified call". We are very good at getting customers to come in, but our of 60 yext calls we only had 2 come in (and those were 2 oil changes).

    I would stay away from this company. Unless they change it to $5 per call its not worth it.

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  • Er
    ErkHtr Apr 19, 2010

    I am reading many of these complaints and a majority of them are from the same people over and over again- competitors, or past employees. I own my own web marketing company and have used reachlocals PPC services for about 4 years- I signed on as an authorized seller back before they had a local sales force. Out of all the companies I have used, reachlocal has brought my customers the best results.

    Its a shame then everyone believes what they read.

    I looked up Superpages, at&t, and yodle-- and they all have awful reviews. What people need to realize it is impossible for a company to please 100% of their clientel. Its a shame that people have to go on these "complaint boards, " and try to ruin a companies reputation.

    You have to ask yourself- ReachLocal is such a bad company...
    Why do they have an 85% campaign renewal rate?
    Why are they getting ready to go Public?
    Why do they have an A+ with the BBB?
    Why were they just named #1 Fastest Growing Technology Company in N America?

    1st off- Reachlocal does nothing with SEO. Its SEM.
    SEO and SEM are completely 2 different worlds. In no way does SEM(ppc) affect your SEO (organic/natural listings) on the page. You can contact Google directly and they will say the same thing.

    -3rdly Reachlocal has over 300, 000+ campaigns running right now. You simply cannot please 100 % of your client base. For any business owner- you know this is IMPOSSIBLE. As Im sure you have experienced-- you always have that customer here that will complain and you can't please NO matter what you do.

    4th - If your pay-per-click campaigns isn't getting the call volume you would like- WHY don't you take a look at your website. If you have an AWFUL website- why is anyone going to call you??? You cant Blame that on ReachLocal.

    5th- People talk about exoborant fees. They are a business- you are paying them for a service so you dont have to deal with the headaches of trying to set up an internet marketing campaign across 5 different search engines- then try to manage them all! The mark up is minimal.

    Do you own your business to run a profit? How much did you make off of replacing that garage door spring or the bathroom remodel you did last week?

    6th you have the ability to sit down with your rep and monitor your keywords at anytime. Are they going to disclose their entire keyword list? No, that is all of their hardwork. Why would they hand the entire keyword list over to you?

    If all the keywords are correct and you are getting visits to your website-- HOw can you blame Reach local for customers not calling you????? Fix YOur website!

    I don't advise The GOOGLE adwords EXPERT to switch to reach local. You know your business better than anyone.
    But if you are not a Complete expert with setting up an online presence on Google, yahoo, bing Etc then ReachLocal is the place to be. You could be wasting thousands of dollars if youre running campaigns on your own.
    They are an adwords Qualified company- they have been through the google testing.

    Nothing is 100% perfect, but if you have a great product and a great website- ReachLocal will do an amazing job for your company.

    Reachlocal is not a perfect fit for every single business- the business model does not work for 100% of all businesses- but 85- 95% of the campaigns run very well.

    If someone is Upset they run and tell 20 people. If they are happy, you'd be lucky if they told 1.
    This is the sad thing - WHERE IS THE PAGE FOR THE 10'S OF 1, 000'S OF HAPPY CUSTOMERS???!?

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  • Er
    ErkHtr Apr 19, 2010


    Get a life people- you cant please everyone 100% of the time.

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  • Bd
    b,,d Apr 13, 2010

    Reachlocal is a very poor company that claims to look out for their customers.
    But the truth is they only care about selling to new accounts.
    The company looses more business out the back door then they gain.
    I have worked for them and it was probably the worst company I ever worked for.
    Shame on them and their CEO.
    They are a disgrace to the industry!
    If they call you RUN FOR COVER!

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  • Ve
    Verticallogic Mar 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    YEXT uses high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign up. I ended up signing up. I was out and about and not near a computer to check them out while they were talking so I thought it sounded ok and went for it. I am not in need of more jobs but the reason I wanted to be a part of them is because of the exclusivity for the 50 mile radius I would have. Plus I like to be into the next thing because I don’t want to be left behind in the new types of advertising that come out. But then when I did finally get near a computer to check them out I came across this page and a couple of others. So I said the best way to see if they are a reputable company or not was to call them back and test them.
    So I did by starting off with I would like to end my account. The account manager on the phone would not end my account at all. It was like he pretended not to hear that part. He kept saying he wanted to know why and I told him that I didn’t need their services. So he asked again why I wanted to end my account. So I explained in more detail that I have enough jobs and decided not to do this YEXT thing. So he says why do you want to end your account so I said I just told you. So he repeats himself again. This went on for about 20 minutes the same exact stuff and question. Why do you want to end your account. This guy would not end my account for nothing. He was rude and belligerent. All in all a half hour goes by and I finally just said I would report them on the internet and not to worry Ill cancel my credit card and get another. I feel that no matter how long I stayed on the phone with them My account would have never have been ended. All in All that is probably a little over an hour of my life that I can never have back. They stole that hour of my life from me so Ill repay in kind by posting this complaint in as many places as I can find. One more thing, I hate typing so for me to sit here and type all of this means that I am really ticked off. I don’t lodge complaints unless I feel extremely strong about something so by me typing this it means I think this company is definitely crap. YEXT I feel for you. You're going to rip off the wrong people one of these days and its going to get ugly for you!!!

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  • Co
    Connor2342 Jan 14, 2010

    From my experience with Yext, the complaint above is incorrect. They only charge for the first time the customer calls you, and if that customer calls you more than once, they automatically flag it as not billable. I have had a good experience with them, and mostly because I stay on top of my calls and my account. If you don't monitor it, than you will have a problem. You don't turn on the faucet to fill a pot and not watch it!

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  • Pi
    Pinkkrocket Dec 02, 2009

    I JUST FINISHED REPORTING YEXT TO THE BBB..They are rediculious. The customer service should be shot. They over charge and stole over 500.00 from our company. They closed our account and did not tell us why. When I called back they had closed the account because WE WENT BEHIND THEIR BACKS and reported their behavior to the BBB. They never answer with customer service and you can leave as many voicemails or emails you will never get an answer. They only thing to get them to move an inch is to report them, which just makes the charge you extra and say that they "resolved" the issue. I will report on them again since I just checked my account and I have been recharged more than my amount and have all the paper documentation.

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  • Pr
    Private 4973493 Nov 22, 2009

    +++Here is how it works+++++++++++ReachLocal will proxy your domain name and replace your natural search engine listings with their own subdomain like this: Now, you are paying per click for your own listings. If you cancel, they will remove the subdomain and you have lost your search engine listings, especially in Yahoo. Good luck getting back in Search Engines.++++++++++ There are more things they do with Google Adwrods set up and I'm sure someone who used to work for them will come out and expose them. ++++++++There is now another company that runs a very clever SCAM...
    It's AKA the next yellow pages. Here is how it works with them. They target companies who have been in business for years especially. They let you track phone calls you can listen to online. About $4+ per call. What they do is create a page with your business name, their own VOIP phone number that forwards to your line. So, if you have regular customers who may not remember your domain name, who will try to look you up by your business name, now you have YEXT ad competing with you for your own name. Now, a customer calls to book and writes down their phone number, not yours... $4.00, customer calls back to make sure you are going to pick them up on time, +$4.00, customer calls back to thank you, +$4.00 ETC, ETC, ETC. You get the picture. If you cancel with YEXT, your customers now don't have your phone number. Those who wrote down YEXT forwarding number are trying to reach you to change a reservation can't get hold of you. All kinds of problems follow. +++++++++Suggestions:
    -----Pay only monthly flat based fee to those you find ranking in top 20 in search results for your keywords, get your own Google Adwords, see who is managing your competitors website (usually a credit at the bottom of a site) use them. Any SEO company that charges Ongoing Optimization Monthly Fee is a SCAM. Unless you have an extensively ever changing 100's of pages websites you don't need ongoing SEO fees. If you do, make your research on the company. In conclusion: ReachLocal Sucks, YEXT, SUCKS, YellowPages Suck, SuperPages Suck.
    +++++++YellowPages SCAM in the nutshell:
    1 Yr contract, up to $1600+ a mo.
    They ask for your Social Security Number, you ask why, they say to check your credit.
    You give it to them. You're screwed. Why did they need your SS#? So they could use it to sell your account to a collection agency for $0.50 - $0.60 cents on the dollar after 2 months that you realized you got nothing for it.
    They already paid the commissions to the sales person, and they will still make several thousand $ from your account. What you are facing is a harassment from Collection agency for the next 2 months, then they will report you to Credit Reporting Agencies, ruing your credit score.
    Now, you cannot refinance your mortgage, or get a new loan for your business, etc.
    +++++++SuperPages SCAM in the nutshell:
    Offer of a free website for a flat fee for advertising.
    Flat fee is not a flat monthly fee, it is a flat fee to replenish your account every time you have reached that limit. Ex: $500 flat fee, can be charged 4 - 7 time in a month as soon as your account has reached $500 worth of clicks. Try getting in touch with a billing department... Good luck! They fee will continue to accumulate.
    They only recourse is to call your bank and cancel your card and change your phone number.
    ++++++++Guaranteed top placement for 4 of your targeted keywords in Google Sponsored links for a flat monthly fee SCAM in the nutshell:
    Overpriced ad campaign, you never get the amount of clicks worth the money. Keywords are none competitive. Ads setting set to a limited 15 miles radius.

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  • Ac
    actionellen Oct 16, 2009

    The calls are recorded after an annoucement that comes on and says they will be. The training is 5 weeks long with weekly monday 2 hour training after that, company wide. You can see the adwords used for your account anytime 24/7 through your private website. It takes 2 days to make changes. The campaign is optimized twice a day based on actions (calls, emails...)
    The deal is sealed, 2 weeks later the rep comes back out and reviews how to access your reports and discusses your results. 6 weeks after that, the rep comes back out with the Reach IT guy and a review on optimization and success is conducted. Frankly, I have been in this industry for many, many years and have never seen the tracking capability, the time alloted to a sales rep to service and account, or the training and support these reps receive. I am very impressed.

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  • Al
    AlexC Sep 08, 2009

    I agree with this, I am a reachlocal advertiser and it was working ok for me, until untried calling to change some of my keywords. I have called 2 dozen times with no response. The funny part is that my rep was a really good friend of ours too, but I have tried emails calls Even complained 2 weeks ago, threatening to quit the ad. Still no call back and my contract has expired. I am all about customer service with my company and this is not acceptable with me.
    I hope this helps. Alex C Dallas tx

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  • Sc
    scammed Aug 23, 2009

    isnt recording a phone call illegal if the caller isnt informed before hand?

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  • Pa
    Patty Pettus Jul 25, 2009

    One reason your campaign is ignored is because the same person that sells the campiagn also manages the compaign. The representive is required to spend 60% of his time selling, and 40% of his time managing his campaigns. That's after a 1 week crash course to get google ad word certified. Reach Local also does not have a set fee to manage your campaign, instead they inflate the cost per click to build in profit for the company. You end up paying alot more per phone call because of the call tracking system they have. Most times they never release the ad word list to client either so the client can see what the real cost per click is.

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  • Sc
    scammed Jul 09, 2009

    they are a total scam operation! you can do more business on google adwords on a $50 a mo. budget than what they can do on a $2000 a mo. reach local budget. they raise the rates per click because their reps get a commision off of each click and their latest greatest state of the art software that takes months to figure out the best keywords for your campaign doesnt work either. they will be in court soon!

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  • Sn
    snarfalous Jun 14, 2009

    Reach Local have recently moved to the UK, and one of my client halted a very successful Adword campaign they had set up to go with Reach Local, my client (a cosmetic dentist) was getting between 5 and 10 enquiries per day with a spend of £1500, Reach Local advised a £2000 spend and in one month we have had a total of 8 enquiries, they ignored the campaign we had set up geared towards a specific aspect of cosmetic dentistry and launched a campaign based around the whole industry..

    We have now halted dealings with them and are likely to end of taking them to court for making false claims.

    I am an experienced organic SEO expert with 8 years organic and Adword experience and would advise anyone to avoid these 'cowboys' like the plague.

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  • Do
    Donald Jun 12, 2009


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