Rainbow Shopsservice

F Nov 06, 2018

Today at 6:09pm I was in rainbow where I was threatened and disrespect by the employee bc they did not like that I was returning something they called me every name in the book when I asked who to call the lady just pointed to a paper not saying nothing about her employee not once did they ask her to chill or watch how u talk to the customers my 5 year old child was there whern she walked up to me with a pole in her hand (hanging clothes pole) and threatened me and walk to me calling out my name saying how she'll hit me and put me out the store again no one said anything to her and the whole time my child was watching this I called the number talked to someone I asked for her name and the manager wouldn't answer me at all I called the cops and waited for them when they got there 2 talked to me and I said I wanted to make a report they waited till the 3rd officer came up from talking to them and said that I wasn't allowed in the store and I needed to leave did I understand that I said so u worried about that and not that I called and want to make a report because she threatened me in front of my 5 year old still no one care that I stood there in tears as my child had to watch I woman use a weapon and threatened me and the cops said well it's a store she was hanging up clothes no she was not I said so no one cares that I was mistreated and threatened ated in front of my child bc they said it didn't happen this is how stuff and people get hurt cops not caring is wrong employees threatened me calling me b words and mid treating me is wrong and to say there's nothing I can do about is even more wrong this woman walked up to me in front of my child and she had to watch her call me out my name disrespect me and threatenen me with the hanging pole

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