R. M. Williamsreplace zip for my boot

O Jul 30, 2019

Around 11/07 or 12/07 of this month, I took my pair of RM Williams boots to replace the puller on the zipper on one boot.
I was given a written quote for $25.00 to replace the zip. I accepted the quote and gave the boots to the shop assistance. I was given a receipt that clearly shown a $25.00 for the zip replacement. I told the shop assistance that I will be back the next Thursday to pick my boots and also to order another pair.
When I went in on 18/07/19, the male assistance that attended the previous week on unavailable. A lady attended to me and she checked her logbook for my repair order. She then said the boot is not ready but the price will be between $220 to $250. I ignored what she said because she was not the person who originally quoted me.
I got a missed call from the shop the next day and a male on the phone told me that the repair cost is $250. I asked how can it be when I was quoted $25.00 and now you demanding $250.00. A ten fold increase. I told him that I'm not going to pay $250.00 to change a zip when I paid $500 when I bought new.
I again received a call today(30/07/19) saying that my pair of boots are back in the shop and or me to retrieve them.
My questions now are
1) can a shop not honoring a quote that was agreed upon.
2) what is my consumer's right?

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