QuikTrip Corporationa man being allowed into the ladies restroom while I was in the ladies with my pants down

P Aug 01, 2019

I went into this quick trip on Thursday, August 1 at approximately 5 PM. I went into the restroom and was in the far stall with my pants down sitting on the toilet. someone else came in the restroom and was in the stall next to mine and I realized that they were standing there like a man would be to use the bathroom. I hurried and pulled my pants up and was running out of the restroom and a guy was walking out in front of me was a younger black boy maybe early 20s. I asked him what are you doing in the ladies restroom and he said that it was an emergency and he had to go and that I couldn't tell him where he could use the bathroom and where he couldn't and did I want him to just use it right there in the floor . So I went to the register and told the guy that was standing there as a cashier his name is flipped and I told him can you please call the police this man just walked in the restroom on me. This guy ignored me he glanced at me one time and turned around and started right back talking to his customer I said excuse me could you please call the police this guy just came in the restroom while I was in there using it. He handed me the phone and said here you can call them. I said so you don't care that this man just walked in on me in the bathroom. He said he was not getting involved and asked me if I had been violated and I told him yes I had and he acted like it was not a big deal. I live within walking distance from this Quiktrip and I have been a customer there since it opened for mini mini years. He had no right treating me like this and I am still very very angry about My privacy being violated! What can you do about this to make me not so angry anymore?
I really hope to hear from somebody from corporate tomorrow August 2

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