Purinafelix "as good as it looks" ocean feasts in jelly cat food

M Sep 10, 2018

Our two cats have been eating the above food for as long as I can remember - they are aged 6. I usually buy the 40 or 44 sachet boxes from Tesco in Burscough, Lancs.
The last box, bar code [protected], has for some reason been rejected by the cats. Each of the four flavours has in turn been tasted and then left uneaten.
Thinking that they may both be off their food at the same time I gave some sachets to cats belonging to a neighbour and some for my son's cats. All reacted in the same negative way as my cats.
Have you changed the recipe for the cat food? If not have I bought a sub-standard batch?
Rather than send a sachet for independent analysis I will wait for a reply from you

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