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Sun Valley Animal ShelterUnprofessional Adoption Procedures

Our young small dog died suddenly leaving us, as well as her best dog friend, devastated. We decided to look for a new dog to keep us all company. I looked on line at to see if we could find a dog that looked like it might be a fit. I found one and it led me to Petsmart. I called them and they said that Sun Valley Animal Shelter was going to have small dogs in the store on 10/29/11. We live about 120 miles from the store but we wanted a new friend. We got to Petsmart and the ladies there from Sun Valley said the particular dog we were interested in was at their shelter - 110 Avenue - so we leave there and treck to the shelter. Upon arriving we had to fill out an application before we could even see any dogs. After that we were directed to the area whete the dogs were and found one that we wanted to adopt. We told the person inside, who wasn't very friendly, and they sent another person with our application to interview us. He asked several questions and then said 'YOU HAVE TO BRING YOUR OTHER DOG IN TO MEET THIS ONE'. We told him out situation and that by now we had traveled over 150 miles from home, one way, to find a new dog friend and that our other dog was sad and we didn't want to traumatize her further by having her travel and we would have to make another 300 mile round trip on top of that. Also NO ONE HAD AT PETSMART HAD TOLD US THIS. He said he would have the manager talk to us to see if something could be arranged. He came back and said they would not change their policy. We explained our environment and we were prepared to separate the new dog from the other one until they socialized etc. and we have had many different pets over the years and were well aware of what needed to be done. He said No that wouldn't work and the manager never came to speak to us. We were very disappointed AND HAD MADE A VERY LONG TRIP FOR NOTHING. NO ONE AT PETSMART EVER TOLD US OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE NEW DOG TO MEET THE EXISTING ONE. If they had we wouldn't have made the trip to the shelter. We were exhausted and sad because we found such a great dog but decided to go to Maricopa County Care and Control. They had several nice dogs and the people were very nice and helpful. We were able to take one of the dogs outside in an open area so it would be away from the others even before filling out an application. We selected one and was able to adopt it. You should try there if you are looking for a dog. You will save a life. THE NEXT DAY I CALLED THE MANAGER AT PETSMART AND TOLD HIM IT SHOULD ALSO BE HIS RESPONSIBILITY TO SEE THAT PEOPLE KNEW THEIR REQUIREMENTS BEFORE THEY TRAVELED TO THE STORE. HE SAID HE WOULD BUT WHO KNOWS IF SUN VALLEY ANIMAL SHELTER WILL CARE. After reading the other reviews I would never go there again.

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    • El
      elizabetta57 Nov 03, 2011
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I understand where the animal rescue organizations are coming from in the sense that they want to be sure that they the animals go to a good home where number one, they can afford the care of the dog, and can safely shelter and confine it. When other pets are already in the home, they want to ensure that they will get along BEFORE the adoption so that the animal won't be further traumatized by being returned. Some organizations won't allow you to adopt a dog if you don't have a fenced yard, or a cat if you are going to let it go outside, you must agree to making it an indoor cat and actually sign a contract. I don't agree that a cat would be very happy living indoors it's entire life. Dogs can be kept without a fenced in yard as long he is walked twice a day and have an outdoor run available for short periods of time and plenty of interaction with the owners. Cats should be allowed to be indoor/outdoor cats as long as you don't live near a busy road or live in the country. These organizations can be so strict, that people give up even trying to adopt from them and the animals suffer because of it, so many could have gone to a safe loving home, but instead they'd rather have them live in a cage for God knows how long, then to relax some of the unrealistic requirements they have. I know I wouldn't be happy living in a cage, I'd rather be put down. I have two dogs and two cats...all rescues. I was fortunate enough to have a couple of acres of land and 1 1/2 of it fenced in for my dogs. I told them the cats would be indoor cats, but I only said it to apease them. One place said that they would stop by and check on the dog I adopted from them, but no one ever came, not once, and it's been 5 years. My cats are happy indoor/outdoor cats that are always in the house before I go to bed and that's they way it should be.

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    • Gravitytheseducer May 04, 2012

      The person at Petsmart may not have known that current pets need to be socialized with the pet to be adopted. They don't work at the shelter so you can't blame them for not telling you. Also, the rule does make a lot of sense as animals are often returned when the owner realizes the animals does not get along with their pet at home. Maybe you should have called the shelter before you drove all the way down there and asked what the procedure for adopting is. Your error in judgement!

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Sun Valley Animal ShelterHorrible Experiance

    I wanted to let you know of an experience that I had on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Sun Valley Animal Shelter. Coming in with my two children ages 2 and 3 we were greeted promptly by a very nice man (I wish I recalled his name) and was given two coloring books for my little ones. We were guided back to view the dogs that were able to be adopted at the shelter. Once we were back there for about 20 minutes trying to figure out which dog to see first (since there were several that seemed GREAT) we were told by a not so kind lady named Doris (funny how I remember her name). She informed me that because I have two children that there where no dogs in the shelter for us to adopt at this time. I found this rather odd since my two babies had their hands in the gates with several of the clam dogs at the shelter. We were not even given the opportunity to see how the dogs would interact with the children. I have been told by that organization that it is best to bring your children in so there can be interaction and make sure the dog is a good fit for my family. If I would have know that I would be discriminated against because I have children I would have never come to that specific shelter in the first place. I am obviously very offended by the way my family was treated. Doris could easily see how upset my children where as they where crying out the door. I would have to say I was so angry and can't believe that I was discriminated against for having small children. I would like to say I will never recommend this shelter to a person again. I will also never donate money to this facility again. I have never been able to donate much since I am not rich but I have always tried due to the fact I thought that this was a great organization...I was mistaking.

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      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Sun Valley Animal ShelterInappropriate questioning, too strict of guidelines, impossible to adopt

      This animal shelter will never let you adopt a dog no matter how great of a dog owner you are. I left the shelter crying because they would not let me adopt a dog. They tried every way to persuade me that I am not a good candidate for adoption. I have two small Bichon mixes, I have been wanting to adopt an additional dog for a long time now. I have never given up a dog, or moved, I've lived in Arizona in the same house, with fence, forever. My dogs are indoor dogs. I get them Vet checked regularly, they are healthy, they are sweet friendly dogs. I saw on the news that shelters are overfilled with the economy now so I went down there to try and make an adoption. Immediately when I entered they didn't approach me or help me. I had to get someone's attention to know what to do or where to go to see the dogs. They told me to sign in. Then finally someone told me to follow the red paw prints to the dog kennels. Other people were being taken with guides but I was ignored and not helped, although I had a specific dog in mind from that I had told the front desk I wanted to see. No one helped me find the dog, despite asking, they would say "She's in there somewhere" Finally I found the dog and fell in love. She was sweet, and perfect and exactly what I had been looking for for my other small dogs. I asked to see her, and they said I had to fill out an adoption form, which I did, and they still wouldn't let me see the dog. They started accusing me that I would move and give up the dog or not have someone to take care of it. I said I had never given up a dog in my life and had no plans of moving. They said my other two dogs were way to big and would attack this dog, which my other dogs are small bichons and have never attacked a dog or a person in their life. So they said I would have to bring my dogs in to meet the dog, which didn't matter because then they said the puppy I planned to adopt would require too many medical problems since its a small dog and I wouldn't be willing to take care of it!? Which I would. My dogs are in perfect health with one at 10 yrs old. They found every way possible to say I wouldn't be able to adopt the dog, in summary accusing me of moving in the future, not being able to handle its health in the future (it was a 2 month puppy), that my other dogs were too large, etc. not allowing me to adopt a dog for no real reason! Other than what they accuse and make-up because they apparantly do not actually want their dogs to be adopted.

      My friend also came in attempting to adopt the dog, and they refused her as well. She lives in a house, with her fiance, and they have no dogs. They forced her to first fill out the form, then still would not even let her see the dog. They wanted her fiance to come in first so they could see if he was a 'good match' and after all the interviewing of his job, her status, etc, they said the dog was 'on hold' and she couldn't have it anyway. She asked if she could be on a list to have it on hold as well if the other potential owner didn't follow through and they wouldn't let her.

      Additionally, some people have said they were not allowed to adopt from here because they live in an apartment. I and my friend each live in a house with a fence, and yet they gave the dog to someone in an apartment! Hypocritical, or the shelter was lying yet again to make an excuse as to why we couldn't adopt a pet.

      All in all, they make it impossible for you to adopt an animal.

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        Sun Valley Animal ShelterDog Adoption Complaint

        My boyfriend & I visited the Sun Valley Animal Shelter on July 5, 2009 in hopes of adopting a dog. When we arrived, we asked to see multiple dogs. The staff told us that 3 or 4 of the dogs we wanted to view were suited for us. They suggested we meet another dog. The staff explained that the dog they suggested was great with cats, loved water, and was very obedient. They basically told us that we would be fools if we didn't adopt this dog. They explained that this particular dog had been adopted out twice before but it was the best dog in the shelter. We went ahead with much persuading and adopted this dog. To say the least, everything the staff said about this dog was untrue. The dog terrorized our cat and chased it constantly. We were afraid for the safety of our cat. The dog was petrified of water. The dog chewed up everything in sight and peed all over the house. After 5 weeks of helplessly watching the dog chase our cat, we made the tough decision to return the dog to the shelter. My boyfriend & I had never returned an animal before, so it was a tough decision. When my boyfriend returned the dog, the shelter welcomed the dog back with open arms.

        3 weeks later, my boyfriend & I decided to try again. We visited West Valley Animal Shelter again on August 30. When we walked in, we received a cold grunt from the woman at the front desk. At the time, we thought this was strange but continued our quest. We again found 3 dogs we wanted to meet. We went up to another staff member and asked to view them. She said she would be right back & then disappeared. We decided to visit the front desk & requested to view the 3 dogs. After being told to wait again, the office manager approached us & began yelling at us. She said we were unwelcome in there shelter and would never be allowed to adopt another animal again from them because we returned the first dog. I explained that their dog terrorized our cat and it was not safe for our cat that we've had for 10 years to keep that dog. She yelled back at us that the dog was adopted for the 4th time & did not bother the new families cat. She continued to yell at us and explain that it was explained to us when we adopted the dog that we could not adopt again if we returned the animal. To say the least, we were furious & embarrassed. Not only about how they treated us, but also about the continuous lies that they preached.

        I highly recommend that this shelter be investigated for false representations of the animals & the unprofessionalism of their staff.

        Multiple complaints can also be found about this shelter at:

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          • Ga
            Gay Resposible Dog Own Aug 05, 2011

            This shelter is discriminates from non-white and GLBT couples from adopting which is federal offense under their 501(c) 3 status. I am pursuing legal actions against them as my partner and I heard the staff joking about their unethical practices. Their lack of integrity will be covered in an AZ Republic newspaper edition coming up soon. I contacted the paper today. Please watch the papers and do not support this shelter! Danger possible scam

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Sun Valley Animal ShelterInappropriate questioning

          My purpose to visit Sun Valley Animal shelter was to find a possible dog to adopt for my family, I had brought my dog into the shelter with their permission by phone to do a meet and greet if their was a potential dog that was compadible for our family especially my dog. Right away when entering the shelter a couple of the staff welcomed us and mentioned that a certain dog would be so good with our situation asked me a bunch of questions about if we would allow the dogs in the house, do you have an area for the dogs to keep cool, etc. In which I graciously had given them the information. After finally entering the shelter to look at the dogs a staff member walked us to the area and kindly gave us information about another dog at the shelter. I was given a paper with clipboard and was told to complete the application for review on adopting . Then the staff member left us to return to the front office and then came back to tell me that our dog would need a much older dog that what they had right now would not be compatible and questioned my dogs health, had mentioned we might need to wait for my dog to passaway before adopting another dog. It was almost like interigating at that time, feeling very uncomfortable about the way I was questioned and told what I need and also making me feel not welcome.

          I understand that Shelters want to make the right choices for the dogs in question, and I appreciate that, however there is a much tactfull way of handling potential adopters. I will not return back to that shelter unfortunately and I hope that the dogs there find there long awaited families. They should never judge a person or animal without really knowing what is going on.

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