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G Aug 15, 2018

My customer number is [protected] and today (15th august 2018) I cancelled this service, which was not realiable nor the speed promised anyway, and I had this awful surprise that I would have to pay 150 euro fee plus 156 euro clawback fee for a discount in a total of 306 euro for cancelling their service before the end, which was a 18-month contract.
What is outrageous to me is that this kind of information was NEVER presented to me in any moment. Nor did I had access to the contract they always mention. I would certainly would not have accepted had I this information before. I contacted them only by phone when I joined and didn't hear a thing about this.
Their customer service by phone said they would send the contract now, along with a bag for the modem to be collected. It's a shame this kind of information would be provided only now.
What I would expect is the contract to be cancelled without any fees, given they were not clear. And I would return the modem or any equipment provided.
Bad experience with Pure telecom!


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