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J Oct 01, 2019

Our house is no longer under warranty. However, when cracks were first discovered your company came out and verified that it was not a foundation issue. It turns out this was not correct and it is a foundation issue. In the 1 1/2 years following the cracks have spread across the house. An engineer has found the left side of the house is sinking and will require 9 steel pylons to mitigate. He said steel because the pond behind the house along with the way the house was built on a slope the concrete pylons would not last long. I would like to see the foundation report by your company when you came out and said it was not a foundation issue.

The address is: 6528 Lincoln Hills Court, Frisco, Tx. Del Web community
You can reach me at: Janice Fueller [protected].

If you wish I can send you a copy of the engineers report.

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