Puget Sound EnergyDisconnect with no Notice

Puget Sound Energy disconnected my power without proper notification, cancelled my account, and then charged me $178 to reconnect services. They placed a notice on my door on October 9th at 3:30 but backdated the written notice to the falsely state it was delivered October 6th. WAC 480.100.138 states that the utility must deliver a second notice (in addition to mail) to the service premises and attach it to the customer's primary door. The notice must state a scheduled disconnection date that is not earlier than 5:00 PM of the second business day after the day of the delivery. There was no disconnection date indicated and they disconnected services immediately, NOT the second business day. I had been traveling internationally for work and had an $80 bill that was only 7 days overdue. Every single person that I've subsequently spoken to at PSE has been inconsiderate and uncaring; they certainly don't have any concern that the temperate dropped into the 30s and that we had a medical . Horrible experience.

Oct 11, 2019

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