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fatal defect in the brake system

Dear Sir / Madam,


Name/ Alaa Abdel Mohsen Abd Elhaem
Position/ Graphic Designer
Age / 30
Nationality / Egypt
Title / 10 of Ramadan, Cairo, Egypt
Mob./ +[protected]
Car Chassis Number : 37276 - Gen2 2012

I'm trying so many to call your customer service in Malaise but i can't to contact you, i want to explain all details, please try to contact me.

This is the fifth time I sent you my big problem on my car, ,

Every time I send you this problem the agency in Egypt (Ezz Alarab) responded to me, and tell me If I sent you a hundred times in Malaysia, you will benefit me in solving the problem, Knowing that you are car manufacturer.

I bought my car on 02/05/2012.
I found fatal defect in the brake system, and i went to the service center to repair, and i took a report that said the problem has been resolved and after the repair ten days repeat the same defect, and caused me in an big accident.

I went to the service center in Egypt (Ezz Alarab) to show the problem, and they didn’t replace the car, and the insurance company covered the cost of reform.
After the reform, the same defect repeated for the third time, I went to reform and i took a report that said the problem has been resolved, and after the passage of time emerged the same defect for the fourth time, and I went to the service center in Egypt (Ezz Alarab), and I was very angry, and decided not to repair the car again and asked them to replace it, because this car caused me a lot of trouble (financial and psychological) and a lot of trouble in my work.

The branch in (Ezz Alarab) Egypt bring problem to the administration, and they decided not to replace the car, and they offered several offers is the ( one additional year in warranty, and three free servicing).

Of course i rejected these offers, and left the car at the Service center, and I went to my lawyer and I had all the reports reform.

I informed the Consumer Protection Agency in Egypt, and they decided to forming a technical committee to examine the car, after that the Service center in Egypt (Ezz Alarab), change the brake system completely, because it contains manufacturer defects

lying to clients

Now Picture this. you finally found the car you always wanted. You go into the dealership and the following is told to you: "Ye Sir this is a second hand car, but its been for a proper check by specialists, the brakes is brand new, the air-con has been re-gassed, the wheel alignment and balancing has been done, the car is as close to brand new as you can get. plus there is an extra safety feature in the car. the previous owner fitted an extra I'mmobilizer into the car and this is fully functioning..."

you buy the car and for the first few days you are as happy as you can be. BUT THEN. you drive on the highway, going past 100km/ph the steering starts shaking...mmmmmm wheel alignment and balancing - NOT DONE
a few days later it rains, you turn on the back window water squinter...mmmmmmm NOT WORKING AT ALL.
you notify the dealership of the problems and all they say is bring the car in to us again, but we wont be able to give you a loan vehicle while we work on your car. Please note i live in Pretoria, so traveling will be on my account.

without getting anywhere, you drive your car for almost a month. more or less 2300km and what happens...you need to replace brake pads. mmmmmm...how can this be i was told they were new brake pads.

i end up taking the car in for repairs on it. surprising the following were faulty:
1. Need new Brake Pads
2. Back Window water squinter is broken
3. Left back door needs new rubber as it leaks water into car
4. Wheel alignment and balancing needs to be done
5. The suspension has got 5 lose nuts - completely lose
6. The "extra" I'mmobilizer that i was told is in the car is not an I'mmobilizer but rather still the previous owners tracking device and this is causing my brand new battery to go down
7. Need to replace battery on vehicle

as you can understand i wasn't happy about this. i contacted the DP on Proton Edenvale. not being happy and understandably in a bad mood, i explained everything to hI'm. and instead of hearing I'm sorry for this and ill sort this out for you. the DP told me that he doesn't like my attitude and that I'm lying.

so now for the 3rd day in a row i still don't have a car to drive around with. and not even all the problems has been sorted out yet.

so if you want some advice from me.

quality, sub-standard

The Proton Saga and Proton Persona are 2 recent Proton models that have similar door handles. The problem is that the handles tend to break easily.

The bigger problem is that the i-Care / customer service at Proton only responds with an automated reply AND to date has yet to address my request for responsible action. Seriously, the quality of Proton has never stooped this low before.

Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Tahir should take a personal interest since his i-Care is turning out to be i-DONT-Care.

quality, sub-standard

rude treatment from proton edar branch at juru autocity

I visited the Proton Edar branch at Juru Autocity on 26 January 2012 to view the new Proton Exora CFE and I'm very disappointed with the attitude of a particular sales advisor.

1. When I first enter the showroom with my family, no one attended to us even after we check out and look around the car for 15 minutes. As I had a flight to catch at the Penang Airport, I approach a sales advisor to ask for a test drive. He took my driving license and IC, photocopied, and filled up some forms which I subsequently signed.

2. During the test drive, I drove the Proton Exora CFE around the compound of the showroom to exit to the main road. As I was approaching the main road, the sales advisor suddenly operated the signal stalk to signal right and tell me that I can't drive to the main road because the car has not registered and I'm only allowed to test drive within the compound of the showroom.

3. While driving around the compound, due to the confined space, I can't really feel the power of the newly improved engine. So I slot the shifter from D to L in order to feel the acceleration. The sales advisor immediately grab the shifter from my hand and put it back to D and said I can’t shift to L because according to him, L is “Lock Gear”. I said L is “Low Gear” and I was driving only at 20km/h why can’t I shift to L? He insisted that it cannot be done and I can’t shift to L while driving.

4. Regarding the first issue, why didn’t the sales advisor tell me that the car cannot be driven on public road? And why did the car cannot be driven on the road? Even if the car has not been registered, I suppose as main Proton Edar Branch, they will have trade plates to be used. As for the second issue, the sales advisor is being very rude to me as he can tell me nicely rather than having his hand all over my controls and to snatch the shifter from my hand. Thirdly, how come a senior sales advisor does not know the function of the L in the shift?
5. Unfortunately I do not know the name of the sales advisor as he was not wearing his name tag. But he is a Chinese male in the late 40s-50 of age. And all this happened in the Proton Edar Branch in Juru, Autocity at around 1.00pm to 2.00pm on 26 January 2012.
6. I’m extremely disappointed and frustrated as the sales advisor wasted my precious time. Worst still, I've bought a Saga BLM and a Persona Elegance from this very Proton Edar branch and this is the kind of treatment they give me. I hope this issue will be look into and stern action will be taken.

  • Ch
    Christoper_Tan Mar 07, 2014

    Hello Proton Victims,

    This is normal reaction from Proton! I faced the problem for my Exora CPS type and asking their help to rectify. Final answer from them was this is characteristic of the car, so could not do anything !

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  • An
    AngeliaLee May 10, 2015

    Wow point no. 5 feel so much similar to the agent my brother faced at this branch as well. We act paid a booking fees for Proton Iriz but wanted to cancel in the end and it has been 3months back yet we still haven't got back our booking fees. :/

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proton satria neo

From the time I bought this vehicle I have had numerous problems and am disappointed that you have not heard of this...through continuous nagging and persistence I have managed to resolve some of my issues...but through new management all the time it seems at Proton SA... I am still not able to resolve all my issues.

My car does need the steering rack to be replaced...this being discovered at 61 000 kms;(seems that they wait for 60000 kms and then discover faults on your car)..thinking that due to the fact that I have not been satisfied with this car from day one and all the problems I have not being able to resolve; that Proton will assist me in order to re-assure me that all that is said on the Web site...all promises that assure...quality...integrity etc..
Considering that I am just out if my warranty...and the fact that it is specified 3 years from Proton for all cars and the fact that my car had been problematic from day one of purchase and delivery. Proton would assist me to resolve this query.

I then strongly suggest that you change all your promises and re-look at your quality claims and try in the future to improve your integrity...oh and also try to make quality cars it is the least you can do.

I am now left to drive and inferior quality car; falling apart at the seams and from a company that does not have any integrity at all. I drive a car made by international liars.

This is the third e-mail I am sending and still have not received a response yet.

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major service gone majorly wrong

I took in my car for its 60 000km service. The dealer adviced me to change the timebelt at this time. I did as adviced. When I went to pick up my car I noticed that it stuggeld to go into gear. But as a woman I did not think anything was wrong as they said that they tested it after the service and it was fine. So I drove of with my child. Half way home the gear jumped out and I almost made an accident as it was in the afternoon and the heavy traffic. I was ratteld and puld of at the nearest public location. When I wanted to drive again I could not get the car in to gear at all! And struggeld for about 2/3 min. When I got home I told my Husband about the problem. We tried to phone the grage but the lady at the switchboard said that there it no answer at the workshop. The following morning my dad took me back to the grage. I told them that the cars grears is a mess. The guy said that it is inpossible they did nothing near the gearbox! But after a will he said that the machanic will go home with me to check what happend. When he got in the car he confesed that the gears does not feel the same as when I brought in the car! He said that I should not warry they will fix it. The monday they phone and said that they are not capable to work on the car and I must take it to a Pta Branch at my own cost!!! I said that I will not as they messed it up. He said that I was childisch! I phone Proton Cus complaints. The guy there said that the defenitly did something wrong and that they have to losen the engin and gearbox to change the timebelt. And that I should not take my car. And that they will sort everything out for me!! I have hear nothing from them since then. I am without a car for a week know. The owner of the grage said that we must try and proof that it was them! How can they mess something up and not take resposibility for it???? My car only went for a normal service and know its all a mess!! Please help me!!!

bad services / poor quality

I bought my Proton Gen-2 in December 2007, and up to today my car is not up to 3 years. My car have been given me many problems since the 1st year of purchased. Every time sent to Proton Service Center, I'm upset of their service. Proton Service Center is not honest.

Recently it happened to my car. November 2009, I found out my car temperature meter up and down, so I decided to sent to Proton Service Center in Puchong, their technician just check and told me have to change the fan radiator. I refuse for them to change cause it cost me around RM1000. I took the car out, and my friend just check and see, is not the radiator problem. Is just a fius burnt, and after changing the fius that only cost me RM10, the meter goes normal again.

November 2009, my car break down and have to call tow truck to tow to Proton Service Center in Puchong. After the car been tow there, the technician told me that my car have to left for them to check due to electrical board problem, I left it there on 1st December 2009 until 4th May 2010 (almost 6months) the car was there. In between Jan 2010, the technician told me that they have to change the whole fius box, and they are still waiting for the parts. In the month of February, they called again and told me that there is no part available either I've to look for myself or have to wait, they don't know how long it going to take. I'm very surprised they told me this. My car is national car that made in Malaysia, and no parts available. Very disappointing and regret to buy national car.

I always called to follow up with them about my car. In the month of May, they told me that my car is ready and I should come and collect it. On 4th May 2010, I collected my car, in the evening itself, I found out that my radio is not functioning, my car air-cond is not functioning, the alarm system is not functioning, the temperature meter is at the red line (the highest). Before I took out the car, I aware about the temperature meter, the technician told me is ok..it will come down later. I called to I-Care to make complaint, they said I should sent my car back to Proton Service Center in Puchong. And I did, I sent back the next day. Very disappointed with their services. The car have been in with them for more than 5months and they told me to collect the car, and there are so many problem with the car. Have to resend back to them. The technician want me to leave the car to them again due to wiring problem. I left it there. They asked me to come back and collect the car in 2 days time. After 2 days, I went back there in the morning, I found out that they didn't do anything on that car. They just open the front bonnet thats all. They said I should come back in the evening cause they not yet check the car. Wow... is this the way they do their work?? Later I came with a male friend of mine, and spoke to the incharge person. And he told him seriously that we need the car, no matter what he have to fix it done. Not up to 2 hours time, he change the radio, and replace a radio that is functioning but is not a good one.

Due to the car been left there for long, I found out the radio have been changed to a spoiled one. The in-charge person did told me that the air-cond is not working due to the " issuel" under dash box have to change. And it will cost me RM1200 to change. And said the wiring problem, that they don't have a technician that is expert on wiring. Due to I need to used the car, have no choice. After a month using the car without air-cond, the car breakdown again in the night and have to tow the car to my friend's house. Due to I'm busy and out station. My mum went back to the dealer, and the dealer told me that I should make a complaint to their HQ complaint hotline. I did called them and complaint to an Indian guy, he said he have to investigate it and call me back. But he didn't call me back for almost 2 weeks. And I called that number, no one answer the call. Really disappointed!! I called to I-care, and the manager said I should sent my car to their Proton HQ Service Center due to the wiring technician is there to solve my problem. End of the month of August, I tow my car there. And Ms.Ayu told me that she will let me know on Monday about the condition, and promised me that my car will be out maximum 2 weeks. But sadly, after 2 weeks, she told me that is a major problem, suspect my car engine enter water. And the car will be ready after Raya, after Raya I sms her and asked her when is my car will be out. She called me and give me a quotation of a price RM5500 to repair my car.

I'm really really disappointed and regret to bought this car. I'm a student, and I've to pay my car loan every month, and most of the time, my car is in the workshop and I've to spend money for cab. Please give me a good explanation, and I want my car to be fix. Is it the responsible have to go back to Proton Service Center?? If they diagnosed the problem well, there will not be so many problems coming up after that. Change the fius box, then wiring problem, now making me to spend more and more... to change this and that... Is not fair to me...

I want compensation. I noticed something is, every time, I sent my car to proton for service, they will said I need to change
this and that... and every time it will cost me thousand Ringgit above.

Please take action...

Very disappointed customer.

production line sucks

This is the email that i wrote to the managing director of proton

----- forwarded message ----
From: mam_mam 1987 <[protected]@yahoo.com>
To: "dato' syed zainal abidin syed mohamed tahir, proton's md" <[protected]@proton.com>
Sent: tue, august 31, 2010 11:30:53 pm
Subject: re: inquiry of proton saga se white - to managing director of proton

Hi karthik,

Any feedback for my order so far?
I did replied your email last thursday, my order is proton saga se white auto unit, and my mobile is 016-996xxxx.

Hope i could get some good news from you.

Thank you.

Liew chen tieng

From: "dato' syed zainal abidin syed mohamed tahir, proton's md" <[protected]@proton.com>
To: mam_mam 1987 <[protected]@yahoo.com>
Sent: thu, august 26, 2010 8:18:10 am
Subject: re: inquiry of proton saga se white - to managing director of proton

Dear sir/ madam,

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience you have been experiencing regarding your booking. we will investigate this matter and please let us know if it’s a manual unit or automatic unit. at the same time please do provide us your contact number.

Thank you

Reach md

From: mam_mam 1987 [mailto:[protected]@yahoo.com]
Sent: sunday, august 22, 2010 6:26 pm
To: dato' syed zainal abidin syed mohamed tahir, proton's md
Subject: inquiry of proton saga se white - to managing director of proton

Hi sir,

I'm liew chen tieng from selayang. i booked a proton saga se white from prodon edar selayang branch which is jl99 stb sdn bhd, bo number 17835 at 27 may 2010. a sales girl called viven chia was my sa. booking fees rm500 and i got the receipt too.

Viven promised me that i could get the car within 1 1/2 month which is 6 weeks. well, i didn't suspect much from her promise. my loan was approved at the next day i applied. now is just wait for the car arrive.

At mid of july, her supervisor called roy contact me and said that viven was no longer work at the company and roy handle my order. at the next week of thursday, i went to the branch and looking for roy, he said the sales girl was involved a legal case and lock up for 2 weeks. roy promised me that the car should be arrived within 2 weeks. i have no choice but accepted it.

At august, i went to the office twice and ask roy about my order. roy said the factory is still working on the car. i didn't mean to offense the production line of proton, but roy pushed all the responsibility to proton. and he mention that the car have to check the 52 parts at authorized company which took 2 weeks to proceed. i was shocked and ask him about the actual date that i could get the car. roy said i might be can get the car before hari raya, which is one month to go.

Seems the supervisor roy didn't follow up for me for 6 weeks and i'm still waiting for the car for almost 3 months, the point from roy states that the proton production slow down the process. if roy was right about the process to check 52 parts take 2 weeks, i might not get the car before hari raya.

The purpose i wrote the letter to you is i wish to know when can i get the car. i hope i could get some important information from you, appreciate your reply and feedback soon.

Thank you.


Liew chen tieng

  • Mo
    mohammad bin endut Feb 06, 2011

    why proton Inspiracustomer late receive free baucer

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  • Sy
    sya Nov 10, 2011

    I booked a saga and paid full down payment, and i was told by the sales girls that the car is in ipoh ready to register and i have to wait for 3 days before I receive the car, so after 3 days, I call her and she tell me PROTON make a mistake in the system that your car is in K.L not in ipoh. Is this true? She blaim PROTON for the mistake.I really dissapointed about this matter.

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  • Ea
    EatnTravel Apr 30, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been told to wait more than ONE month just to wait the parts to be deliver to the service center for a replacement. I just don't understand how come national car need to wait that long, still awaiting their management update on this issue

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  • Pr
    proton victim Aug 08, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I took delivery of my Proton Preve premium on 11th June 2013. After detecting the following defects are as follows, I send it to a Proton service center in Rawang :
    1) Rear left top side bumper is not fitted properly and showed signs of paint touch-up. After bumper was dismantle, it was noted that a small part is broken. I called the salesman and he tried to help lodge a complain to the "HQ" to enable me to have the bumper replaced. He was told that I personally need to make a report and send the car over to COE at Shah Alam to check and to verify, then if the defect is genuine, the make appointment for replacement. I asked the Proton Service center to help out ~ same answer. I asked them to take a photo c/w report and send to COE, replied received "no we cannot do that, Proton HQ will not accept it" What crap??? It would probably take me a few trips of not less then half a day each time, these people in Proton probably think that I don't need to work to make a living. Finally I took the car to my regular workshop, ask them to dismantle the bumper and just used silicon to glue it back. Could it be Proton's strategy to test our patience and time so that we repair or replace it at our cost?
    2) Rear left brake light ~ bulb is not in the holder, it has dropped out and the edges of the light cluster has touch-up paint on it. Probably this car have been involved in minor accident before delivery. The salesman acknowleged this fact but can't do anything. Come on Proton, I paid in full and in cash for a new car, not a "touch-up" car.
    3) The front brake rotors faulty as confirmed by the Proton service center ~ made to wait approximately 10 days for replacement. Because need to request and order parts from "HQ" Meantime I am driving around with defective brakes ~ is it not that brakes are a critical safety item??? Or our safety is not important after we have brought a Proton car??? In this time an age, ordering and delivery of a common part from Shah Alam to Rawang takes 10 days???
    4) The front windscreen is not even fitted properly ~ not aligned in a straight line. Guess I will have to live with it since it's "Proton Quality"
    5) On the 7th August 2013 morning (the car less than 3 months old, with just 2, 640km on the meter) the battery is flat, I called the salesman, replied received "so sorry I will try my best to help out, will call you back" which he never did because he cannot do anything. I went to the Proton service center in another car, explain my problem, reply received " you have to bring you car here (they can't understand that I am trying to tell them that I cannot get the car to start up!!!) we will charge the battery for 8 hours and test and if it's faulty, we will order and replace, it will take at least a week " ~ wow seem that the battery comes from Mars. "Also due to Hari Raya tomorrow, today we closed at half day and for the next 4 days" So I will not be able to use the car for at least 10 days due to a faulty battery? Definitely NO, In the end I called my mechanic and he replaced the battery at my house.
    6) 8TH August 2013, 8.15am ~ I start up the car, drove off happily and after 15 minutes later, got gearbox problem ~ gearbox faulty symbol showed up at instrumentation cluster.
    MAYBE IT'S JUST MY BAD LUCK OR IS IT JUST "PROTON QUALITY" I have told myself that when I purchased my Satria Neo highline 5 years ago, it will be my LAST proton (Neo spend a total of approximately 40 days at Proton services in Segambut, Taman Bukit Maluri, COE and lastly back to Tanjung Malim Proton before the defects were rectified, which in detail will probably take another 3 pages) Well I have a short memory and now I have to bear the consequences.

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  • Pr
    proton victim Aug 22, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Further to my dissatisfaction as voiced out on the 08th of August 2013, I wish to highlight that the parking assist reverse sensors are faulty which I have replace at my own cost.
    After 15 days, my comments has been ignored completely by Proton. I guess their policy is that after the car have been sold, the purchaser is liable for all defects and inferior components. PERHAPS AS ADVISED BY THEIR ADVISOR ~ DR. M???????
    What happen to the statement by one of their former top brass "To built Proton into a world class company with world class service" BS!!!

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lambat dapat kereta di beli

Saya adalah pembeli kereta proton jenis exora 1.6at telah didaftarkan di jpj selangor pada 2.8.2010 no...

technology failure

I been buying a brand new proton satria neo 1.6m in the july 2009.. Sending back to proton heqadquarter for...

faulty car / poor after sales service

1) All door handles are stiff and cannot be easily opened 2) Boot stiff difficult to open 3) Oil leak on...

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