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X Dec 03, 2019

Good day,

I am not sure if this is the right email address to use for lodging my complain, nonetheless I will proceed.

I am extremely disappointed with the service received from the Edward Hotel and the Prokard team as a whole!

Last month I was called twice to renew my card, to which I advised the call-centre ladies on both occasions that I am always in meetings so they are welcome to talk to my wife in the card renewal process.
I advised the lady that my wife is still awaiting for the actual Prokard, as she still has not received it, even after she has made a few requests to have the card sent through to her. The lady answered me in a very defensive manner, stating that she was not the one who was responsible for the account last year. I then told her not to be defensive, as I am not questioning her personally on the card, however the company, as she is calling on behalf or representing the company, which happens to be Protea Hotel as an entity, in this case.
Nonetheless, I advised the lady to speak to my wife, once agreed and confirmed, I will then make payments. On both occasions, both my wife and I never received any call back.

I urge that you listen to this call. Please pull details of this particular call using my direct cell number: [protected].

I then called the call-centre twice to make a follow-up on the card renewable, however still found no joy in this process! I then booked a trip to DBN where I used my 2019 vouchers, 2 days in Mhlanga Ridge and another 2 days in Edward.

Mhlanga Ridge - Had a pleasant time. They never disappoint. However Edward, on the service level -not really the best, taking into consideration the room rate I paid. On the 2nd day I was told that my card has expired, therefore I would need to pay full amount for breakfast. I then insisted that they send me an email stating this, so I can take this up. (Please see email below).

What really upsets me is two things:
1. I never received the actual 2019 card even after requesting it numerous times
2. My wife and I Never Received any further call back explanation on this and on way forward on card renewal
3. Why do I need to pay for full breakfast for a flawed renewal process on the Prokard side?

I really need someone to answer me on these detailed questions or I will escalate this even further!

Xolani Mathunjwa
ADP Operations Manager

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