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Been fighting with PBP since November 2008 regarding a $299 unpaid invoice for an unsolicited and never received publication called "What's Working in Human Resources". Regularly we receive faxes and menacing phone calls from Cynthia Thomas at International Credit Recovery, Inc. The last time she called she said all conversations are recorded so I asked her to play back the conversation we allegedly had about me ordering this publication. She said they already recorded over it. Cynthia Thomas of International Credit Recovery swears I ordered the item because after all "they have0 my date of birth". Well anyone with a half brain knows no one will ask for a date of birth and anyone with half a brain would never give out that information when ordering an item. Second it was the wrong date! The last time Cynthia called she asked if I was the President or Owner of the company. Although I'm in upper management I told her I was just a peon answering the phones every day. She totally was taken back! The phone calls and faxes claiming I owe them $299 have stopped for now so I think I found the answer to get them to stop! We also reported them to the BBB and Missouri Attorney General's office.


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      Dec 10, 2009

    Thank you! We have had the same experience.

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      Mar 07, 2013

    Please send your complaints about fraudulent conduct regarding International Credit Recovery Inc. and Progressive Business Publications to the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, E consumer .gov, the Better Business Bureau, and/or your local General Attorney's office.

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