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DO NOT do business with any of Guthy-Renker's products, you will either experience charges on your Credit Card that you did not authorize, will receive mailings a few times a month trying to get you to buy their products, or continually receive phone calls from their sales department.

I have had so much trouble with Proactiv Solution ($30s worth!) I ordered it and couldn't use it, allergic to an ingredient. So I sent it back, received my refund, but had a problem. I called SO many times to be removed from their mailing not avail! It took about 10 months of calls to their "Customer Service, " of which each time the agents kindly said, "We're sorry for the inconveniences." Yeah right! All Guthy-Renker wants to do is SELL A LOT OF PRODUCTS! I spoke with over 20 people in that 10-month time, trying to stop the mailings and phone calls. Many of the agents were very RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL!

Finally, I called Guthy-Renker's Corporate Office at [protected] and spoke with a few people. The first two people did nothing about it, all they did was talk about what they "Could" do. It's been 2 months, and this deal of receiving mailings every month appears to have finally STOPPED! Each time I called the Proactiv Customer Service number [protected]) and asked for a supervisor or manager, I got the run-around and never spoke with one! These people known as "agents" don't seem to care at all for the customers!

Here are some tips:

1) If you need to speak with a manager or supervisor, don't even bother to ask, you won't get to speak with one. And if you do, they will probably be really rude! Save yourself the hassle, don't even ask! (Seriously!)

2) Call Guthy-Renker's Corporate Offices at [protected] or toll-free [protected] and dial 0 (zero.) I recommend that you call the toll-free number at [protected] and DIAL EXTENSION# 5517 for Renee Miller, a VERY helpful Representative that has really helped me with this inconvenient matter. Her office hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday Pacific Time. I hope this helps!

3) File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This company deserves to hear your complaint through the BBB. Guthy-Renker is located in Palm Desert, California. You must call the LA BBB at [protected] or visit The address for Guthy-Renker is: Guthy-Renker, 41-550 Eclectic Street, Suite# 200 - Palm Desert, CA 92260. Phone [protected]. That is all the information you need, plus the product name.

4) Keep trying until your voice is heard and something is done about the problem, small or large!

Thanks everyone, I hope this information helps!

Business Contact Info:

41550 ECLECTIC ST, STE#200


  • P
      Jan 31, 2010

    I am STILL getting trashy ads in the mail from Proactiv! THIS GUTHY-RENKER IS SCREWED UP AND SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI FOR HARASSMENT! Yes, I am speaking with Renee at the main office, but she really hasn't helped any at all either! I'm really pissed off!!!

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  • L
      Dec 23, 2010

    I ordered proactive and I wanated to return it, the mall kios I purchased it at told me he was not able to take returns, not sure why. He gave me a card for customer service and that I should speak with them. I did call them and I had no luck. When I purchased the product there was no problem with them taking the money, but now that I want my money back no one wants to be bothered. All I have to say is unbelievable. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY FROM THIS RIDICULOUS COMPANY. They are all phony sales people who smile in your face and try to sell you overpriced skin care.

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  • J
      Sep 24, 2011

    WORST company ever. i am disgusted that ive spent 6 hours over the last 2 days for charges made to my account that i did not even know about, causing my account to be overdrawn and have overdraft fees. and they will only fix this via fax, not having a fax machine meant spending more time and money doing this at kinkos. they make me sick. i hate them and wish they would all go to jail for being horrible people.

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  • S
      Sep 29, 2011

    I was just at the castleton square mall, an the man at the kiosk was so rude, and very unprofessional. He almost knocked me down, while i was holding my 6 month old daughter. Not only that, he was not in dress code and was on his cell phone at work. He did not even look like he worked for Proactiv. I love there products but never will I buy any products from this location again.

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  • M
      Nov 28, 2011

    ordered the proactiv product through phone. they kept on charging my credit card . I sent them back their product for 2 months they claimed that they didn't receive it. When they told me to fax the proof of shipment receipt to them, they gave me a number that doesn't work. When i called back to tell them, i gave them the tracking number and finally they told me the truth that they did receive it. they said they would give me back my money on my credit card, it has been another 2 months and i still haven't received my money. Order proactiv solution at your own risk, it ruins your skin, it sucks. Don't even try it because when it comes to refund, they will not be willing to return money! This has been dragging from june 2011 till now end of nov 2011 still nothing .

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  • V
      Aug 24, 2012

    I ordered Proactiv in March of 2012 after seeing their TV add. I repeatedly told the lady over the phone that I just want to try it for right now and if I like it I will become a repeating member. She continued to tell me she understands but that she prefers me to become a member to receive it every month because it will work better. I had to keep telling her, "No!" Two months later I receive a statement from my bank stating that I went negative in my account and was being charged for it. Come to find out Proactiv charged me twice and I have not received any product! So then I call to see what was going on and why I was continued to be charged and the next lady on the phone said I was a "valued member." So I cancelled. It is now August 2012 and they are still charging me for something I never wanted in the first place! DO NOT EVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! THEY WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE YOUR MONEY! EVEN AFTER YOU TELL THEM TO STOP!

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  • M
      Jan 24, 2013

    I have been a customer for over 3 years. One address change and everything went to hell. I have been lied to, overcharged and still trying to get the billing cleared up. An excellent product but the worst customer service I have eve dealt with.

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  • W
      Oct 27, 2015

    i have just had a really really bad conversation with Susan Metcalf who claims to be a manager she called with a very loud shouting voice then during the call she called me a liar and said i didnt deserve the products that i had paid £29 they didnt send my products so i was expecting an apology instead of that i got this very angry manger saying it was my fault that i waited before complaining they hadnt turned up i even contacted them by email 6 times so she was incorrect but she said i was a liar!! then told me to shut up whilst she was talking threatening to end the call if i didnt shut up!! end eventually this passive agressive susan metcalf hung up and said ive got other people to call do not buy anything on -line they take your money and don't send the products and use bully to scare you not to complain well guess what proactive im not scared of you or Susan aggressive Metcalfe!!
    shame on you !!!

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  • S
      Aug 18, 2017

    Proactive did not work for my daughter. She has sensitive skin and it made her face red and did not help with acne. She started using the Citrus Clear organic products about two months ago, and her skin has gradually improved month over month. My husband uses Citrus Clear as well for his adult acne, and they both rave about Citrus Clear. After trying so many other acne products unsuccessfully including Proactiv +, it was relief to find something that actually works.

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