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An elderly friend of mine found "Privacy Matters" charging his debit card - and he has absolutely no idea how...

Be careful, you will get 3 identification numers you have to cancel them all

I signed up for Privacy matters 1 2 3 becasue of a strange letter I got in the mail. I got the basic information, however I found their complaint process pretty useless. I decided to get my "truly" free credit report from Experian directly. I got the problem resolved and decided to cancel the service before my 1 week free membership was up.

When I went back and looked at my e-mails I was shocked to see that not only had I gotten signed up for the free credit report thing, but two other "one week free trial memberships" for identity monitoring and some discount club, all had different membership numbers. When I called, the rep was nice when I went to cancel the first one that I had signed up for, but tried to rapidly get me off the phone. I halted her long enough to rattle off the other 2 membership numbers for cancellation as well.

Bottom line, be really careful and pay attention to what appears to be redundant e-mails, they all offer different services and if you get signed up for all 3 somehow like I did, make sure you cancel all of them. Or you will start getting charged for things you didn't want in the first place.

  • Ka
    Kay Misenheimer Jun 12, 2009

    What this company is doing is down right wrong! They took my credit card number from I wonder if Classmates knows about this? Well... They will now!

    Scam, scam, scam!

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  • Co
    conan75 Jun 12, 2009 is a rip off plz do not buy from them they get your money the the ### run you around you never get your item

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  • Co
    conan75 Jun 12, 2009

    gameim is a scam and rip off do not buy from them

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Unauthorized charges

I regularly check my balances PayPal account to see what transactions have been processed and found a transaction listed as IK9*PRIVACY MATTERS [protected] CT Debit $29.95 still pending for that day.

I called their number to find out what the charges were about and to find when the actual authorization was supposedly made so I could track down how they got my card no. The automated voice service was unable to verify any memembership. So I scouted around on the internet to find out who in the blazes they are and landed here at complaintsboard looking over countless reports.

Good news is that I was using a PayPal Debit Card so it is fairly simple to cancel my debit card and have a new one issued. From now on I will ONLY use PayPal for any of my online shopping. From what I understand they have saved me a great deal of hassle. Canceling any other cards would have been a nightmare.

  • Valerie Feb 18, 2008

    I signed up for privacy matters 123, within 24 hours hours i canceled. i have since been charged 2 more times. Each month i have to check my bank statements. They are hoping people don't check there accounts. I know have to call again tomorrow and get a credit refund again. This has to stop!!!

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Unauthorized charges

I contacted Privacy Matters through a pop up ad for a 'free' credit report. I saw the $1.00 charge...

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Unauthorized credit card charge

I noticed two charges on my credit card statement last month, both for $19.95, one from Privacy Matters 123 and the other from Home Savings Mall. I have never done business with either of these companies. When I called to inquire about the charge the Privacy Matters rep informed me that the account had been set up through (I've never done business with them either), that it had been set up just last month and (the kicker is) that the address used was an old address; I haven't lived there for over a year. They've obviously had MANY complaints because when I told her about the complaints I had read online she immediately stated she would credit my card, asked if I needed anything else, then stated her name and ID number before hanging up. I don't know how this company obtained my credit card number but I'm watching it VERY closely and will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

  • Dw
    D.W. Apr 21, 2009

    I had the same problem. I got charged on my credit card for more than half year ($19.95 monthly). They claimed I signed up their service thru some third party website. But I never receive any communication (email or post mail) from this company about this membership. I am not aware I have their membership and never used it.

    When I asked them for the refund they only agree to refund the most recent charge, not the other six charges of $19.95! I'll fight back to get all the charge back!

    This company is totally a rip-off!!


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  • Sh
    shodan Nov 22, 2009

    The people behind "privacy matters" are theives . It's a scam and regulatory agencies should be working on closing them down. This is out and out fraud. Is there anyone we can esculate this matter to?

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Unauthorized debit

We found a charge in our account for $19.95 and found that neither my husband nor myself made this charge. Called the 877 number and they said it would be cancelled. When we found it it was still in the pending part of our account, but now today it has cleared. The bank said they could not do anything about it, however, am going to call again. I recently became a member and will NOT be renewing my subscription after the 3 months is up. We have cancelled his debit card at this time. Still waiting to get the charge removed.

  • Vb
    V Belov Apr 11, 2009

    They have stolen $29.95 twice (2 month fee) and then 1 more dollar from my cc. I did not get any credit report ever or any email from '123'. Never the less my First National bank (visa provider) is not very cooperative with me. Will drop it.

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  • Ti
    tina johnson Apr 25, 2009

    i was checking my bank accout online and found two charges debited from my account. I had never heard anything bout this company nor did i authorize them to debit my account, i called and spoke with three different people and none of them could tell me how my account was charged because they did not hav any record of me having an account . And the drafts caused me to have overdraft charges of 50.00 dollars they told me that i would have to send them more paperwork from my bank and then it would take up to 2 weeks to get my money back.
    Comments United States Unauthorized Charg
    Tina Johnson

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  • An
    angryaztec Mar 01, 2010

    Last month I was reviewing my online bank statement and noticed an unauthorized debit withdrawal from my account from Privacy Matters 123. I called my bank and informed them of this and they went right to work. While on the line with them, I saw that the unauthorized withdrawals dated back to November 2009. Well, now my "membership" with Privacy Matters 123 is cancelled. But something has to be done to companies like this for doing these illegal transactions. I hope one day I tune in to the news and hear that this company is under federal investigation and that all businesses with tis company is halted.

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Unauthorized charges

Recently, I checked my automated teller line with my bank to see if a recent store purchased had been ran...

internet fraud

Beware of all 3 of these companies. They seem to be run by the same outfit.
I recently did a internet People Search on Intellus and shortly thereafter another company called ValueMax charged my debit card for $19.95 for a membership that I never signed up for. They also charged another bank account for a membership to PrivacyMatters. When I called to complain, it was the same person who answered both phone inquiries.
Privacy Matters offers free credit reports, then continues charging even if you cancel.
And a year later they charged again. They also try to sell you an identity theft protection package, which is REALLY ironic since that seems to be the business they are in--identity theft.


About a month after joining I noticed an unauthorized charge of $19.95 on my bank statement. I neither requested a credit report on a trial basis or paid basis. I am unsure if this is in any way related to joining I have contacted my bank to prevent any further charges and they will be taking action to get my money back. I also posted a query on my profile on to see if others have had any problems with fradulant charges.

  • Lv
    lvmyguys Jan 21, 2009

    Same here! What's going on?

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  • Da
    David Herrle Feb 04, 2009

    I don't know whats going on but now it's a monthly charge. They charge me & the the banks serves the credit notice and the cycle repeats itself. It has gotten so bad that I canceled my card today.

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Fraudualant Charges/Stolen card info

It doesn't appear I'm the first! I have filed a police report, reported all agencies and will prosecute.

  • Ro
    Roberta Irwin Aug 16, 2008

    I canceled the same day I joined which was 6/1/08, On 6/2/08 they charged my card. I called my card company. They said to see if it was taken off on my next bill, which I did check. It was not taken off & I was charged another 29.95 in July. So my card was charged for 2 mos. after I had canceled. I am referring this problem to my credit card billing dispute dept. This company is a rip off and should not be allowed to use the internet!! PLEASE inform everyone of this rip off, so noone else gets taken by DEALMAX!!!

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  • La
    Laurie Nov 21, 2008

    You gave them account number when internet shopping and failing to read all the disclosures.
    It was either a survey, money off current order - or missed unchecking the prechecked check box.

    They do disclose that you are signing up for a free trail and if you do not cancel you will be charged the monthly fee.

    Today show did a piece on this a few months ago. Investigating this same complaint - every website they investigated had full disclosure of the programs that everyone keeps claiming they no nothing about

    I have also seen it myself and carefully avoid the survey, money off offer and make sure that all check boxes are unchecked.

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  • Ra
    Randy Jan 21, 2009

    I just noticed our credit card had been charged monthly by AP9 Dealmax for a number of months. I thought they were my wifes valid charges. When we discovered neither authorized the charges I called. They said I had signed up somehow in connection with a valid online vitamin purchase. I never knowingly signed-up for this and have no idea what Dealmax does. They agreed to cancel last charge but refused to refund past charges. Our credit card company is issuing full refund and pursuing fraud investigation.

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  • Ra
    ray allison Jun 01, 2009


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Fraud, Unauthorized deduction from bank account

I recently logged on to Privacy Matters, Online People Search in order to find the latest address of a friend. They offer two choices, Just a basic info for the charge of $1.95, or a full disclosure package for $19.95. I elected the basic package for $1.95 and they immediately deducted that amount from my debit account at the bank. One week later on November 17, they deducted an additional UNAUTHORIZED amount of $19.95. I only visited that site once and only ask for the basic information @ the cost of $1.95. I have had to cancel my debit card to prevent further funds from being withdrawn and have filed an investigation with my bank. These practices are fraudulant and legal action should be taken against businesses that profit from these types of practice. The bank cannot deduct the debit until they investigate the situation which means it could take months to get it removed.

cannot cancel membership

Cencerning credit reports and scores. Was told this was free. There are 2 componenets. One concern...

Unauthorized billing

I had an unauthorized charge appear on my checking account via my bank card from this company. I never signed up for anything, just accidentally clicked on a link from which I then could not back up, finally having to close the web browser. I remember thinking at the time, "That makes me nervous. I hope they didn't plant anything on my computer", but wasn't too worried because I have a lot of protection. Now I have a charge and I can only think that they somehow mined the information.

At any rate I didn't sign up for anything, but have been charged. Grrr...

  • Zi
    Zigmar Jan 13, 2009

    Checked my bank account on line and found out that took $19.95 out of my account. How can they do that when I never heard about them before. When I first saw the amount as pending I emailed Washington Mutual and told them not to pay them but unfortunately they did not listen to me. I too just signed up at Funny that this would happen to two people right around Christmas when these companies don't expect you to check your accounts. How do I get my credit. I e mailed them, so that money better be in my a/c this week.

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  • Bo
    Bob Jan 26, 2009

    While checking my bank account online today I saw a recent charge for $19.95 to a company named Privacy Matters. As I had never heard of these people I Googled it and found out who they are. One of the other Google entries was complaintsboard which, when I went here, I saw others who had the same problem.

    When I called Privacy Matters and spoke to a representative and asked how they got my bank information they wouldn't tell me. They said I had enrolled, which I had not. I told them I didn't want their service and wanted a full refund which they said they would do.

    The only new service I have signed up for recently was and I see others have had the same problem when signing up for I don't know if is selling peoples info to PrivacyMatters but if I'm not the only person having a problem with them then they need to correct how they do business.

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  • Ja
    Janet Feb 20, 2009

    I checked my bank account online and noticed 4 charges of $19.95 from Privacy Matters. I had NO idea who they were, so I called customer service of my bank, Bank of The West. The man I spoke with found a phone number and asked to call to see what they would say. If I wasn't satisfied, I had to call the bank back and they would have to cancel my debit card, issue me a new one and file a charge against the company.

    I called the number that the Bank of The West gave me and the rep for Privacy Matters basically said she would cancel my membership and refund the last charge, but not the other 3. So, basically I would lose 59.85, which I really can't afford. When I asked how they are able to charge me, they said that I had enrolled through Classmates. com, which I never did! I told her that since they weren't willing to reimburse me, my bank would be filing a charge on my behalf.

    I called the bank right back and the woman who helped me canceled my debit card so that they will no longer be able to charge me, issued me a new card that I will get in about a week, and filed a charge against the company. I will receive an affidavit that I have to sign and return.

    This company is making millions, I'm sure. Some people don't pay much attention to their accounts. Someone should file a class action suit on this company. I had 2 overdraft fees on my account because when Privacy Matters took money out, other debits bounced so I am charged $32.00!

    It's ridiculous and I have no clue HOW they are still allowed to operate.

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  • Ch
    Chuck Mar 20, 2009

    In early December 2008 I purchased a reverse phone number lookup report from and without my knowledge I was auto enrolled with a credit monitoring service provided by Privacy Matters 123. This is a fact I did not realize until yesterday.

    I noticed a charge on my checking account for $19.95 from AP9 HealthPlan. I called my bank to have the charge removed (it was currently pending). I was told they could do that but it may be easier to contact the company charging me. I explained I didn't know who they where or how to contact them. My bank was able to provide the phone number for this company, so I called them. The number is: 877.993.6264. I first spoke with Kendra employee ID# 153528. I explained the current pending charge and that I knew nothing about it and without any further explanation she told me the charge would be refunded and my 'membership' canceled. I received a confirmation email confirming this. The email stated my 'membership' had been canceled.

    After I thought about it, I realized since it was a 'membership' I was probably being charged monthly. I looked over my bank records for the last 4 months and sure enough they had been charging me every month for 19.95. The charges began 2 weeks after I purchased the phone report from

    After seeing this I called Privacy Matters 123 back and demanded a refund for the 3 months worth of charges to the 'membership' I never had. I spoke with Ty employee # 154626. She told me she wold not be able to refund the previous charges and that refunding the current month was the best they could do.

    I complained and she told me I had to confirm my purchase by entering my email twice, insinuating I knew I was enrolling for this service. I told her; NO! I entered my email twice to confirm my phone report purchase, NOT a credit monitoring service. I then told her about all the consumer credit websites with complaints about being ripped off in this manner by the company she worked for and that if she wasn't going to refund my money I would organize everyone making complaints and file a class action lawsuit! With out skipping a beat she said; wait sir, I will process your refund for all charges.

    It totaled about $60, but when I think about all the people they have ripped off; I think we should band together and find a lawyer that will fight for us. Not for the money, because I doubt everyone would see a full refund, but it would shut this company down and keep them from ripping off other people.

    Other useful info:

    *although the pending charges where showing up as AP9 HealthPlan, when the charge went through it would actually display as Secure Home CLU.

    * Privacy Matters 123 did confirm that the 'membership' was purchased through, so anyone using Intelius beware that you will most likely end up a victim.

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  • Ca
    candleinthedark Jul 28, 2009

    If those mystery charges hit your account within a statement cycle (30 days) the bank should have refunded you the money after an investigation. They also should have reversed any Overdraft Fees.

    Did you know if the bank puts a hold on a deposited check to delay funds until the check clears you aren't supposed to be charged Overdraft or Non-sufficient Funds Fees if items attempt to clear while the item is on hold? If the check doesn't clear (for whatever reason) than you are still responsible for all fees, including a Returned Check Fee. Most managers won't tell you this, but if you see fees resulting from a Delayed Funds Hold you can request they be reversed.

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  • Ri
    RitaD Aug 26, 2009

    I am also outrage. The exact same thing happened to me. When I called them the customer service rep. said that if you click on the advertisement they will automatically charge your card. How can these people get away with this!!! I contacted the Better Business Bureau. You may want to do the same. I am also going to contact

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  • Ri
    Ripped Off2008 Oct 01, 2009

    the same thing happened to me.. I signed up for a Free Trial on, cancelled my free trial well within the time frame, and today found a charge from Privacy Matters- I did not know who they were, but on the charge was a phone number so I called it... she said it was from when I signed up for the free trial on there apparently was a banner that she said I clicked on- I wouldn't have clicked on a banner- and that by doing that I signed up for their service- I got a little upset... she did cancel my membership and I am suppose to be getting a refund...

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  • Tm
    tmb65 Nov 01, 2009

    I went online to get a credit score. This company said they needed a dollar processing fee. OK, I stupidly gave them a credit card number. The next page informed me that they would be billing me 19.95 a month unless I called within seven days. I hit the cancel key. The cancel key worked just like the continue key signing me up anyway. So now I have to get in touch with them (they are only open in the mornings on weekdays). In the meantime I called the card company placing them on a dispute list for my account. But now I have the hassle of looking for the charges to show up before filing a dispute. With all the other complaints I see on this site I'm surprised the government hasn't closed these kinds of businesses down already. The only good thing to come out of this is that I've discovered this website. I intend to bookmark it and read it before doing anything else on the computer.

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  • In
    Intelius_Customer_Support Nov 05, 2009

    It sounds like you have accepted a third party company’s offer that is advertised on the Intelius website. If you no longer wish to be enrolled in that third party company’s service, please call 888-445-2727 Monday – Friday 4:30am – 9:00pm PST. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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  • Tr
    TruthWatch Oct 14, 2010

    SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! After purchasing the product UGLUE on line, I received a call from the marketer of this product (so she said) offering a number of additional products, one being the Privacy Matters 123. I declined the offer only to receive a membership number with a ton of small print explaining how I would be responsible for paying for Privacy Matters and all the legal ramifications if I do not. Pretty bold considering that I did not order the product in the first place - WATCH OUT FOR PRIVACY MATTERS 123 - SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!!

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Cancellation of Membership

On April 9, 2008, I requested cancellation of my account and the trial membership. Subsequently I have been...

Signed me up for a service without authorization

In April I used Intellius to get the email of an old friend. Cost was $4.95. Neither of the emails was valid. Sent an email to the company and never got a reply. Then, I noticed that my card was being charged $19.95 for PM Identity protection services. Quite ironic! After seeing all of these other complaints, I would have to call it a scam. I called and was assured by a supervisor that a refund would go out in two business days. I am not going to be holding my breath. I am going to go to war if I do not get it!

Online scam!

After signing up to use this service for the first time, I got to a screen that said it had to 'verify' my identity. It had 3 choices of questions, which involved my old loan accounts, credit accounts, and street addresses. A little too much to just 'verify' my identity. When I left the website and tried to go back to it, there was no member login anywhere. After putting my info in again, I thought I would be redirected, but no. Even with the same exact information going through their system, they started another account with my name on it. So I have emailed their customer service and am now waiting for a worthwhile response, which I'm really not expecting to receive.

Company got debit card information from another site!

I noticed $19.95 taken out of my checking account from a privacy matters. I called 800 number listed on my...

Fraud and scam!

I, as others on this website have experienced, thought I was going to receive a free credit report from this privacymatters website. I signed up and expected to receive the report. I didn't know I was going to be charged $45 a month. I never received a report AT ALL and was unable to catch the monthly charges until three months later. They only refunded me for the most recent month's charges because they said it was their company policy. I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO REPORT THIS COMPANY TO THEIR ATTORNEY GENERAL. Mine told me that more complaints received would lead to governmental action. This company is around solely to rip customers off. REPORT PRIVACYMATTERS.COM TO YOUR ATTORNEY GENERAL!

  • Ma
    Mary A Dixon Mar 21, 2011

    This also happened to me.
    I also did not sign up for this.
    I have been charged $29.95 for Feb.and March.

    Don't know where to go now.


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$1 credit card charge

This is an internet business called Privacy Matters ( On or around June 26 I tried to...