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Primericaterrible experience

I think you need to educate your reps. Stop telling people you are hiring them. Instead they are hiring you because they are paying the company money. Be honest with your clients when you are recruiting. I am not looking for a boss when I start my own business. And if I get a job, I am certainly not going to pay my boss to get started. So now I am weary of this business, because my niece referred me and did not get one red dime for it. What's the point?

What's the real deal about primerica.


  • Valerie Sep 29, 2008

    LET'S MAKE IT SIMPLE for those who cannot read all of this expose at the present moment. Would you work in the following scenario? You go to work in an office after being told "you really fit this position. And it will be easy work, you will have lots of time with your family and you will make a tremendous amount of money". Firstly, you are told you will NOT be paid until you obtain a license. You say "nothing was said that you have to have a license to work here. And, you already have my SS number". Well, you were finally told AFTER the sleazy one got you all excited about making 50000, 100000 or even more less than .005 do. Secondly, you must "recruit" other workers so you can be paid. "What? What if I get five; they all get five; they get five? Where will all these workers fit? There's very limited space." You only hear: you must recruit, recruit, recruit. Thirdly, AFTER you pay out of your own pocket for this license, you cannot earn money yet.

    "Why? You said I can collect commissions and recruit after I pay for this license, pay for the preparation, pay the fee and pay all of my expenses to get it. I'm having to go to the homeless shelter because I cannot meet my house payments" or "I cannot pay my rent". You hear a bunch of lies. This is to cover up the fact that you are not allowed commissions for a while. You see, your superiors superiors? NO ONE whom is dishonest is superior to I. NO ONE. - this upline - knows that you are going to hear the truth about Primerica. You will become very discouraged, very, very quickly. So your "superiors" have to hold something back to insure you remain in the trap that they have placed you in.

    Fourthly, you are told or may be NOT told and all the implications of that! that YOU MUST HAVE $25 STOLEN FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT EVERY SINGLE MONTH!!! WHY??! This is such a great opportunity and you are in a 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 billion dollar company that you are in, depending upon how large of a lie your rvp told to you. You haven't seen a check for well over a month now, but you have to allow Primerica to STEAL - that's precisely what it is - from you. And they do not tell you up front. This means that you will be clubbed for $25 to Lord knows how much, depending upon how many checks you wrote that bounced as a result, how dishonest your bank is and the fee your bank charges per returned check presented.

    Fifthly, you are NOT vested in any profit sharing plan after one year of employment in this supposed 500 billion dollar corporation. Sixthly, you are provided with NO life and health insurance after two or three months of employ, not even one with a large deductible. you are told that you MUST buy an insurance policy with this 500 billion dollar company!!! You must buy this policy as an EXAMPLE to all of your prospects, even though you supposedly have this secure job in an office where you are supposed to be making this huge salary and not have to waste $80 in gasoline per day trying to sway prospects and lying to potential recruits to get this downline!! You do the "hiring" for your superiors and they don't have to go to the expense of finding good help. But even though it's their fault, YOU still get the blame if your downline doesn't sell. And, in addition to that, it's not even the cheapest of policies!! Matter of fact, when you compare to other companies, you find that you are paying one of the

    highest rates!! Further, you receive no discounts!!! You pay retail in this $500 billion company that should be insuring you and your family in gratitude for you putting in 80, 90, 100 hours/week worth of work attempting to get more "recruits" for the company!! Worse, you may already have a whole life policy that you are trapped in. It does not matter. You are told you MUST buy a policy with Primerica to make a good impression on all these customers you are going to get. No lead sheets from a professional marketing firm nor anything a quarter of the way convincing is presented to you that you will have good possibility leads. WOULD YOU GO TO WORK FOR A COMPANY LIKE THIS? READ ON.

    Don't chase good money after bad! Have you taken a long time to mull over that? Had I done so when I was younger, I would've saved a little bit of money that is for ever gone. Defenders of the pyramid multilevel marketing fraud are posting because they do not want their downline and future downline to know they ghastly trap they are being enticed in to. ALL who get in to pyramiding do not know what they are getting in to. ALL who sign with Primerica do NOT understand the IBA that they are signing, nor do they go over with their attorneys. Some do not even understand that it is a sales job with NO base salary. Questions? Arrange for me to speak. I will doom pyramiding surreptitious, fraudulent, fleecing, abominable multilevel marketing.

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  • Ma
    Marisol Nov 24, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The rep. from Primerica that we bought life Insurance from slept with my husband and now I can't even cacel the policy.

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  • Me
    MeToYou Dec 12, 2008

    Oh come on. It's not that bad. Well, maybe where you went it was. I got involved with Primerica because I was desperate for a job as is probably fairly common right now and it did sound like a good opportunity. I will probably not stay with them because indeed it will take a while to get paid anything, and it isn't really my thing. But frankly, they did give an indication of what it would take early on and I chose to think I could do it. I probably could if I was willing to do what they say is necessary. It probably would be a good thing to do ultimately, but yes it does take work and when you get serious there it will take serious work. As my RVP (owner of that particular office) said, it's not a get rich quick scheme. It's about providing an opportunity that may me much harder to ever get anywhere else that can eventually have big rewards, not about being easy. How coachable are you really? Are you willing to understand what your leaders tell you about how the business works and then do it? I'm not so sure that I am. Maybe it's not even as good an opportunity as they say, maybe it is, but I can see now that indeed if you plan to never go full time with it, you shouldn't probably bother. You can do part time to see how it is and see if you want to "really" try it out which means going full time and getting down to serious work. So, they make it easy to start out and give you freedom and flexibility, but that leaves you to be the one to decide if you are going to do it or not.

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  • So
    someone_who_cares Feb 22, 2009

    If we were to get paid off every person we recruited that would make it a scam. A pyramid. That is illegal. The only way you get paid is if you make a sale, get an override or get residual income. Don't give up and don't try to reinvent the wheel. A system has been in place for 32 years something must be right about that!

    If the leadership is horrible in your office be your own leader. Primerica gives you all the tools you need to succeed. If you don't even just make good part-time money it is because you are really not trying.

    We sometimes lie to ourselves and say we are trying but we don't do anything to be productive. Who cares if you lie to your upline!! When you should care is when you lie to yourself.

    hope this helps.

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  • Jp
    JPM Apr 04, 2009

    The Girl Named "Marisol" is so full of ###. You can cancel any Life policy you have, nobody can make you keep something you don't want, next time you want to create a lie, create a good one at least. Life Insurance companies are monitored by the state, so just think about that.


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  • Co
    copernicus2009 May 23, 2009

    We don't get paid to recruit others. Also, trainers do not get paid out of their recruits earnings, they get compensated separately by PFS. The monthly cost of $25.00 is for YOUR business. Small business owners pay a heck of alot more than that for someone to operate their business website and MOST of us pay more than that for a tank of gas. The whole point is owning your business and becoming independent. Ask any business owner, and they'll tell you how expensive it is to start your own business. The $25.00, compared to the outcome that I have had and many others have had, is minuscule and totally worth it.
    Thank you for your time.

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  • Ge
    Gerald Dunning Jun 08, 2009

    Why do you say we own our business? You don't own a business until you sign the RVP contract and can open your own office. Until then, you are still an independant contracted employee. Let's be truely honest with the folks now.

    The one thing that gets me about this Primerica business is the constant masking of what things really are in their most simplistic form. We are employees. A portion of our work gets paid to middle men and women who have come before us. We recruit for free; we train others for free. If your lucky to make enough, you are self-insured. If you don't, you can buy a policy through your direct, or you can say no and wait until you get licensed. Hell, no one stops you from doing business with another insurer. Not that I have seen.

    When it comes down to it, your upline is trying their best to get as wide as they can. If you want to play the game, do it. If you don't, then get out of their way.

    Like everything in life, we like some and do witout the other. There are things I don't like about Primerica and there are things I do like. It is all a learning experience for me so who cares what others think.

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  • Co
    copernicus2009 Jun 10, 2009

    Gerald, I'm assuming that since you're apart of PFS that you've filled out and completed an IBA. That makes you a business owner. Also, yes, we are independent contractors, however, we are not employees. We cannot get "fired" from PFS.

    I'm not quite sure why you got involved with PFS if you seem so irritated with some of what we do. Aslo, what I make does not go to my trainer or my recruits. We are compensated SEPARATELY. And it doesn't have anything to do with "Luck", my friend. It has everything to do with hard work. I've seen a lot of people come and go and sorry to say, they have the same attitude that you have. And if you don't care what others think, why exactly are you on here?

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  • Kn
    knar7 Jul 14, 2009

    Hi I'm Evelyn (kanr7) I what to know what happen whit my complain that I made the last week I 'm still waiting for a answer from you about the problem whit Julio Salazar (0E05021) probably I need to look for another source of help I can't belive that you support what Julio salazar did to me first Rvp rafael mejia now you why you can answer my email and tell me what happen to you to you company whit people like Julio salazar represent a big company like Primerica this is a shame for primerica this a shame that someone use your name just for recruit people then steal the money from them like happen to me.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: [email protected]
    Sent: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 23:53:42 -0800
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: kanr7
    Hi I'm Evelyn Kanr7 - again I want to know if you really take care of my complain if you have trobles to talk whit Julio Salazar (0E05021) about my complain about all this try to reach him to this phone #[protected] sorry if I bother you whit this but I need I want a solution to all this you can try to talk whit Julio salazar or Rafael Mejia RVP

    thanks for your time

    Primerica []
    1038 N Maclay Ave
    San Fernando, CA 91340
    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: [email protected]
    > Sent: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 18:03:47 -0400 (EDT)
    > To: [email protected]
    > Subject: Re: kanr7
    > Your complaint has been forwarded to the Office of General Counsel and
    > you will receive a response within 7 business days.
    > Thank You and have a nice day
    > CallAtlanta Billing
    > AS
    > ---- Original message ----
    > >Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 13:29:17 -0800
    > >From: "JULISSA J. V" <[email protected]>
    > >Subject: Re: kanr7
    > >To: [email protected],
    > [email protected]
    >> Hi my name is Evelyn Juarez (kanr7) I worked in
    >> the office of Rafael Mejia 1038 N Maclay ave,
    >> Suite A San Fernando CA, 91340 The reason for this
    >> email is because I want to file a complaint with a
    >> person working at this office located in
    >> California was a recruit of Julio Cesar Salazar (
    >> Insurance Lincese # 0E05021 ) I was working with
    >> Julio Salazar group, He asked me for a favor to
    >> make a loan of money which came to the sum of $
    >> 2723.00, but also I made another thing, he need a
    >> computer for work in the office so one more time
    >> he ask me for another favor because he don't have
    >> good credit to buy something to credit so I we
    >> decide to buy a computer for work in Primerica
    >> using my credit. I lend my credit to him to
    >> purchase a computer on my name to assist in the
    >> work in Primerica first and decide to help him
    >> once more time with the agreement that he going to
    >> take full responsibility for making all the
    >> payments on the computer with the company Dell.
    >> unfortunately he did not do his part and the
    >> company where we bought the computer call me that
    >> I was late with all the payments. I talk whit him
    >> about this why he don't made the payments for the
    >> computer when we made a agreement to lend my
    >> credit but always make the payments, and several
    >> time actually I see myself obliged to put money
    >> for my pocket to pay some money for the computer
    >> because the company Dell always told me that they
    >> going to send me to collection, but I can't afford
    >> more this situation I don't have the money to pay
    >> this bill because is not my bill I know is my
    >> credit but I just trying to help him whit this
    >> favor to work in Primerica I was really upset whit
    >> Julio Salazar asked him for my money That borrow
    >> him before and also for the money that I put for
    >> pay some months for the computer and the most
    >> important thing to be serious whit that agreement
    >> that we made whit all the payments for the
    >> computer and my money back .He refused to do his
    >> part whit our agreement, So I decide to put my
    >> complain to the RVP Rafael Mejia Rafael he ignore
    >> my complaint whit the problem of the money and the
    >> agreement that we have whit the computer saying
    >> that the problem was between Julio Salazar and
    >> myself not from office I explain him why I decide
    >> to all for Julio Salazar my purpose just want to
    >> help him specially whit the purchase of the
    >> computer that was good to work in Primerica for
    >> the whole group Of Julio S ( Dragon's Team)that
    >> the name of the group of Julio's, Rafael Mejia
    >> understood all this problem but he still ignored
    >> my complain because I decide not to be part of the
    >> office after all embarrassment situation could not
    >> continue in the company of Primerica, Julio S ruin
    >> my credit send me to collection missing to his
    >> oath whit the agreement that he made to take
    >> responsibility to pay the computer and also to
    >> return my money back that I borrow him, I feel bad
    >> because Rafael Mejia decide practically support
    >> him because I decide not work whit them and Julio
    >> Salazar still whit him. Now you are only source
    >> that I have for me because you cannot be possible
    >> to allow people like Julio Salazar continue using
    >> Primerica to recruit people to work whit him in
    >> Primerica pretend to be a good person ask for help
    >> and them ignore this favor swindling a recruit and
    >> don't pay his debt, and also to allowing him to
    >> use Primerica your name in court in front a judge
    >> of his hypocrisy I have letters signed for him
    >> that he would be responsible for paying all the
    >> debt including the computer payments and the money
    >> that I borrow him but he just ignored never pay me
    >> I'm still waiting for my money back, he never made
    >> the payments to dell company he ruin my credit and
    >> send me to collection for lack of payments to
    >> Dell. I feel desperate about this you as an
    >> organization and big company have to do with this
    >> person working in your company that you are
    >> supposed to help those across it represents like
    >> Julio Salazar give a bad representation to the
    >> name of Primerica he use this name to the laws of
    >> this country to lie saying to a judge that we
    >> never made an agreement, because I don't have
    >> another option to take all this problem to court
    >> because RVP Rafael Mejia he decide do nothing with
    >> Julio Salazar, and my friend that also work in
    >> Primerica told me that I can put my complain whit
    >> you the headquarter of the company my friend told
    >> me that this is not allow the someone nobody can
    >> ask for money to their recruits I didn't know
    >> about this I just want to make a favor, and Julio
    >> Salazar he knows about the rules that you have in
    >> your company and also RVP Rafael Mejia. Please
    >> don't ignore my complain too please help me whit
    >> all this situation please tell me if I can trust
    >> in you. is a shame for Primerica that people like
    >> Julio Salazar represent your name in front to a
    >> judge in court and pretend that nothing happen
    >> that all this is nothing whit someone who worked
    >> in Primerica that not only ruin my credit and
    >> never pay me back my money he ruined my
    >> perspective about the people the recruit people to
    >> work whit him in Primerica and for the other
    >> people that know about this problem whit his
    >> irresponsibility of our agreement .here I send you
    >> a example of the copy of the paper that he signed
    >> to me and you can give you a idea about all.
    >> Thanks for your time I hope that you can
    >> understand my difficult situation thanks
    >> ----
    >> Example Letter
    >> To whom it may concern :
    >> This letter is to notified Mr. Julio Salazar to
    >> take full responsibility for the payment for the
    >> computer which he ask me as a favor to help him as
    >> a
    >> co. signer duo to his financial negligence my
    >> personal credit is been affected there for Evelyn
    >> Juarez demand of Mr. Julio Salazar full financial
    >> responsibility of payment or I will take legal
    >> action against him. I will also write a letter to
    >> Primerica Financial Service head quarters letting
    >> them know about Mr. Julio Salazar behaviors whit
    >> his recruits.
    >> Julio
    >> Salazar .
    >> Evelyn Juarez
    >> __________________ _________________
    >> Firm Att.
    >> Julio Salazar Loan
    >> This letter is to notified Mr. Julio Salazar that
    >> I Evelyn Juarez demand to him full payment in the
    >> amount of $ 2, 723.00 as a personal loan that I in
    >> good faith lent him, which he gave his word to pay
    >> me back by January 2007 which as of today it
    >> hasn't been paid not even a single payment.
    >> I Evelyn Juarez give to MR. Julio Salazar the
    >> option to pay me in one lump sum or 3 equal
    >> installments stating July 11th 2008, in case that
    >> Mr. Julio Salazar refuse to agree to this terms, I
    >> will take legal action to Primerica Financial
    >> Service, the unprofetional behaviors of Mr. Julio
    >> Salazar whit his recruits.
    >> Julio
    >> Salazar.
    >> Evelyn Juarez
    >> ______________
    >> __________________
    >> Firm.
    >> Att.
    >> -------------------------------------------------
    >> > -----Original Message-----
    >> > From: [email protected]
    >> > Sent: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 19:58:29 -0400 (EDT)
    >> > To: [email protected]
    >> > Subject: Re: kanr7
    >> >
    >> > We apologize for the inconvenience. Can you
    >> please send your request in
    >> > English. We currently do not have a translator.
    >> If you have any questions
    >> > or concerns please call [protected], press 1
    >> for billing, and 0 to speak
    >> > to a representative.
    >> >
    >> > Thank you
    >> > KV, CallAtlanta Billing
    >> >
    >> >
    >> > ---- Original message ----
    >> > >Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 16:29:45 -0800
    >> > >From: "JULISSA J. V" <[email protected]>
    >> > >Subject: kanr7
    >> > >To: [email protected]
    >> >>
    >> >> Hi my name is Evelyn Juarez ( kanr7 ) I worked
    >> in
    >> >> the office of Rafael Mejia 1038 N Maclay ve,
    >> suit A
    >> >> San Fernando CA, 91340 la razon de este email
    >> es
    >> >> porque quiero poner una queja con una persona
    >> que
    >> >> trabaja en esta officina localisada en
    >> california
    >> >> era una recluta de Julio cesar Salazar estabajo
    >> con
    >> >> el grupo de Salazar el me pidio un favor que le
    >> >> hiciera un prestamo de dinero el cual llego a
    >> la
    >> >> suma de $2, 723.00, tambien le preste hice
    >> presatmo
    >> >> de mi credito credito comprando una computadora
    >> a mi
    >> >> nombre para ayudar en el trabajo de primerica
    >> acepte
    >> >> y decide ayudarlo un vez mas con el acuerdo que
    >> el
    >> >> iva a tomar toda la responsabilidad de hacer
    >> los
    >> >> pagos de la computadora quese le hizo a la
    >> compania
    >> >> Dell. lamentablemente el no cumplio con su
    >> parte, le
    >> >> pedi el dinero que se le havia prestado tambien
    >> que
    >> >> terminara de hacer los pagos se nego hacerlo,
    >> por mi
    >> >> parte me queje con Rafael Mejia el RVP Rafael
    >> ignoro
    >> >> mi queja diciendo que este problemas era entre
    >> los
    >> >> dos no de la compania Primerica cuando sabia
    >> que se
    >> >> havia hecho bajo un acuerdo que era para ayudar
    >> con
    >> >> el grupo de Julio Salazar por motivos que yo no
    >> pude
    >> >> seguir en la compania primerica por este
    >> problema
    >> >> con Julio Salazar rafael mejia decidio apoyar a
    >> >> julio Salazar, ahora estamos llevando este caso
    >> a
    >> >> corte, decidi contactarlos ya que ustedes son
    >> una
    >> >> esperanza para mi porque no se puede ser
    >> posible que
    >> >> permitan que personas como Julio Salazar siga
    >> ab
    >> >> usando de su nombre de Primerica mitiendo ante
    >> una
    >> >> corte ante un Juez de su hipocrecia tengo
    >> cartas
    >> >> firmadas por el de se haria cargo de pagarme mi
    >> >> denero mas haria los pagos a la compania Dell
    >> de la
    >> >> comtadora, no a pagado la deuda tambien aruino
    >> mi
    >> >> credito mandandome a colleccion por falta de
    >> pagos a
    >> >> DEll. me siento desesperada ante esto ustudes
    >> como
    >> >> una organisacion tienen que ver con las
    >> personas que
    >> >> trabajan en su compania se supone que ustedes
    >> estan
    >> >> para ayudar atravez de quienes lo representa
    >> mas sin
    >> >> embargo el Sr. Julio Salazar perdica su nombre
    >> de
    >> >> Primerica ante las leyes de este pais, por
    >> favor
    >> >> digamen si me pueden ayudarcon esto y hablar
    >> con
    >> >> Julio Salazar y con Rafael Mejia de como pueden
    >> >> permitir que pase esto dentro de su compania de
    >> >> Primerica es un verguenza que personas como
    >> Julio
    >> >> Salazar reclute personas solo para
    >> >> estafarlas.gracias por su tiempo
    >> >>
    >> >> loan. $2723.00
    >> >>
    >> >> Dell computer now. $2046.22
    >> >>
    >> >> total; $ 4769.22
    >> >>
    >> >> phone [protected]
    >> >>
    >> >>
    >> ------------------------------------------------
    >> >>
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  • Fr
    Frank H. Sep 06, 2009

    The claim made by this person seems a little suspicious. He claims that he doesn't understand why he can't make money in his first month with Primerica. Hello !! in order for you to make money you need to obtain a license sanctioned by your state (goes to show that Primerica adheres to regulatory compliance.) Each state's requires that ALL insurance agent attend life insurance classes to meet that particular state's licensing requirements. Secondly, this person stated that Primerica is a sales JOB. I beg to differ. Primerica is an opportunity, an opportunity to build your own business, be your own boss and not have to worry about being laid off and control your own time. Have you heard that it is no longer a" W-2 world but a 1099". If you had stayed the course and followed the person that recruited you I am sure you would have seen a better picture of this company called Primerica. Get your mind out of the "job menatality" think outside the box. Jobs are not the only way to make money and live.

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  • Fr
    Frank H. Sep 06, 2009

    I agree with JP (minus the profanity) It's not impossible to cancel your policy. Have you you tried to call your local PFS office? Give them a call and ask for their advise.

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  • Ca
    California and Georgia Rep Mar 06, 2010

    I have read alot of these post and the comments are from people who have no clue what they are talking about. PFS is a great company. I have been a rep for 6 years and enjoyed every bit of it. I started part time for 1 1/2 years, and went full time after FOLLOWING MY PLAN getting out of debt (debt free for 3 years now), saved over a years salary, and became fully licensed. I serve over 600 families, and yes I recruited over 450 of them at one time or another. I make this point out because people misunderstand PFS purpose for recruiting. We recruit to give people an opportunity to learn how to properly manage their finances by giving them the BASIC understanding how financial institutions take advantage of them. Rule of 72, buy term and invest the difference, compounding interest, good debt vs bad debt, and Theory of decreasing responsibility is what EVERYONE needs to know and SHOULD know. Now it is true most people quit at some point, but when they do quit, they have been taught how to read their policies, contracts, and accounts when it comes to their money and can make the right financial decisions. Then of course you have some, like myself, who make Primerica a career and build a great business with it.

    I also keep reading post how "expensive" our term insurance is, and I have yet to find anyone to tell me where I can find cheaper term insurance! I am NOT saying Primerica has the CHEAPEST insurance, but we are DEFINATLEY in the top 5 cheapest term insurance that is rated A or higher. Prove me wrong!

    I invest my clients money in Van Kampen, American Funds, or Legg Mason mutual funds. Last I checked (this week) PFS does not charge any charges. The fees associated with the mutual funds are set by THOSE companies and we earn a portion of those fees as our commission (which by the way is the same if you were to go invest with any other firm).

    I have Esurance for my auto insurance for 2 years now (through Primerica) and saved $89 a month from what I was paying with State Farm and have better coverage.

    Prior to becoming a rep with Primerica, I had a VUL with a so called reputable company. I was paying over $250 a month for $500k of coverage for my wife and I. I know have over $1 million in protection for my wife and I for less than $100 a month! And yes I DO invest the difference in a ROTH IRA.

    I do have an adequate emergency savings in a money market mutual fund that has served me and my family well.

    And last but not least, I have worked with a company prior to working with PFS that sold VUL's and EIU's. I have learned the concepts taught by PFS and they just make sense. I have became a believer in PFS's business and client philosophies and have build a great business with it. I am NOT finacially independent but I am free and make decent money in Primerica.

    One other thing, as I stated before, I was with a different company before Primerica and obtained my life license and securites license PRIOR to Primerica. I had to pay about $250 for my life license and $700 for my securities license (cost of classes and test). With Primerica, you pay $99 (which DOES NOT GO to the person who recruited you becase we don't make any money from recruiting) and if you follow the training system, ALL of your licenses will be paid for by Primerica and YES THEY ARE YOURS!

    FOR THOSE OF YOU CONSIDERING Primerica, do not make your decision's based on the things people are typing on these types of sites because MANY of them do not know what they are talking about. Even take my opinion for what it is, AN OPINION! Go to the library and read some books on the subject. My recommendations are Dave Ramsey-total money makeover and Smart couples finish rich - David Bach. You want to read more about Primerica itself, read COACH - the Art Williams story or does a pretty good job with the history of Primerica or just go to Primerica's public website, and review the concepts for yourself and see if they make sense to you. Also check AM Best (, and the BBB, just to name a few.

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  • Pr
    Proudprimerica Jul 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just started and getting my license soon, but I am making money now from car insurance, prepaid legal, credit card consolidation $2, 000 monthly is not bad for part time job.My group is making good money, for 1 1/2 hour of work making $1, 200.00, this is very good part time income. My RVP's doing 2x2 and set for whole month. mortgage payment, etc etc expenses. I am just tired of corporate world..getting up 7 am and training people without any compensation. Primerica is awesome you freedom

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    Trent Lagoria Aug 09, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I absolutely rescent this company, I started a blog to help spread the word about them please post your complaints there

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    Trent Lagoria Aug 09, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I absolutely rescent this company, I started a blog to help spread the word about them please post your complaints please

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    usedbyprimerica Dec 17, 2012

    I believe that Primerica could be a great company, however, greedy people get in the way. I joined primerica in 2011 and I was really excited to be part of a team who's ultimate goal was to make money along with me. Oh boy, it sure was a dissapointing experience I was used and abused by my RVP and those in between me. They stole the sales of people I recruited in the business. I brought so many people into the company but unfortunately they were as disappointed as me as soon as they heard negative coments coming form my RVP and his posee (Desi Torrez and Gloria Plascencia from San diego, CA) about me. I believe that people who are greedy are dream crushers. I am a stronger person now because of this experience. I hold back instead of quickly responding to others request. I wish averyone well and in the future I may join the company but not under greedy, disrespectful people. I am sking for caring leaders. good luck eveyone.

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